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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Islamic State terror groups have tripled worldwide in past two years, now fully operational in 18 countries and growing in many others. US taxpayers are being forced to bomb Libya again in 2016 though this proved counterproductive when we did it in 2011-NBC News

As the U.S. launched more airstrikes Tuesday against ISIS targets in Libya — representing an expansion of the U.S. military operations beyond Iraq and Syria — NBC News has exclusively obtained a map showing the global expansion of the terror group.
The map is part of a classified briefing document received by the White House dated "August 2016" and prepared by the National Counterterrorism Center. It shows a stunning three-fold increase in the number of places around the globe where ISIS is operating. 

U.S. State Department documents indicated that in 2014, when the U.S. military began its campaign to destroy the extremists, there were only seven nations in which the fledgling state was operating. 

By 2015, according to the State Department's own numbers, there were nearly double that — 13 countries. 

The current (2016) briefing map shows 18 countries where ISIS is fully operational. The map also displays a new category— "aspiring branches" — and lists six countries where they're taking root:  

Mali, the 
Somalia and 

NBC News terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance said the U.S. has been successful in attacking the "ISIS core" in Iraq and Syria, but that the "heat map" obtained by NBC News "could probably be a lot bigger if they were to show all the aspirational regions where ISIS wants to operate and has carried out terrorist attacks." 

"It's fair to say that the whole battle space is expanding for ISIS," he added. 

In an election year in which the fight against terror has taken center stage, even the U.S. government seems to acknowledge the battlefield is growing.

Related: Italy ready to let US taxpayers use its bases to launch more gratuitous attacks on Libya though such a bombing campaign will only cost taxpayers millions a day and do nothing to stop global growth of Islamic terrorists.


Comment: The globalist US political class wants chaos. Chaos gives them freedom to operate without civilian scrutiny. The only option for America's survival is to make US borders a fortress. But globalists don't want American survival. They want a borderless world in which Americans are silent global slaves. As we are right now. The only battle that will save Americans is within its own borders against its own political class which has the only weapon that matters-the media.


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