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Saturday, August 20, 2016

In Minneapolis left wing Fascist Brownshirt bullies sought to shut down free speech and right to assembly of Trump supporters by using violence, intimidation and fear, just as their role models did in Nazi Germany. Then the fascists used the common ploy of saying no, it's Trump supporters who're violent. This effectively takes focus off the guilty and puts it on the innocent-O'Neill

Above, 8/19/16, after Trump fundraiser, photo #2 of 15: "A family of Trump supporters huddled after being surrounded and yelled at by protesters following a fundraiser for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Minneapolis Convention Center on August 19." Renee Jones Schneider

"Leftist agitators employed fascist tactics at a Donald Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis on Friday night."
8/20/16, "Left Wing Nazi Brownshirt Bully-Boys," Canada Free Press, Jim O'Neill
"Trump supporters run gauntlet to get into Minneapolis Convention Center," Masked persons jumped on car in Trump motorcade outside Minneapolis Convention Center...."Some fundraiser attendees were pushed and jostled, spit on and verbally harassed as they left the ­convention center."

"As the above quote implies, left-wing agent provocateurs accompanied by their “useful idiot” groupies used Fascist methods to intimidate, frighten, and physically attack people attempting to exercise their right to free speech in Minneapolis yesterday. Nazi Brownshirt bully-boy tactics all the way.

This might be an opportune time to remind readers that Fascism and Communism are both big government LEFT wing ideologies.

Benito Mussolini is credited by most historians with creating, or at least coining the term “Fascism” (of which Nazism is a branch). It is not too far off the mark to say that Fascism is a nationalistic variant of global Communism. Both ideologies promote a strong central government—huge bureaucracies to implement their social engineering agendas.

One of Mussolini’s better known pronouncements is: “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state” (Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, niente contro lo Stato)—which in “Americanese” might read: “All is inside the federal government, nothing is outside the federal government, nothing shall stand against the federal government.” A right-wing conservative sentiment? Not hardly.

That my friends is LEFT wing lingo any way you slice it. 

Mussolini’s Fascist rallying cry is LEFT wing down to its tuttos. I repeat, and will keep on repeating ad nauseum until the truth takes hold: FASCISM IS A LEFT WING IDEOLOGY, AND THE NAZIS WERE/ARE LEFT WING AS WELL.

The term “Nazi” comes from Hitler’s political party “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”—the operative words being “Socialist Workers’ Party.” Does that sound like a right wing group to you? No, me neither. Fascism in general, and the Nazis in particular, are, and always have been, LEFT wing.

The Fascists and Nazis were never, and can never, be right wing—to claim otherwise is a blatant, scurrilous lie. A flagrant lie that is nonetheless accepted by the majority of people as “common wisdom” due to decades of disinformation and BS put out by the Left in a successful attempt to (1) disassociate themselves from the Nazi atrocities and, (2) saddle the right-wing with the left-wing’s crimes....

Why is it important? It is important because until we wake up to the fact that Fascism and the Nazis were, are, and always will be LEFT wing, then we remain woefully ignorant of the fact, the truth, the certainty that LEFT wing ideologies (e.g. Communism, Fascism, Nazism) are largely, almost solely, responsible for the horrific deluge of terror, violence, and bloodshed that the world has known for the last century

Furthermore, we remain asleep to the fact that Communists and Fascists (and their kissing cousin “Globalism”) are by their very nature diametrically opposed to freedom and democracy.

“We the people” stand on a precipice, and we are one slight slip away from permanently losing our freedoms. Our right to free speech, our right to bear arms, our right to freedom of assembly—all of these rights and so much more are frighteningly close to being lost to us and our children forever. Patriots/nationalists are not Fascists/Nazis—the globalists and media are.
The thugs who attempt to shut down Trump rallies are not “left wing protesters.” They are left wing Fascist Brownshirt bully-boys seeking to shut down free speech and the right to assembly by using violence, intimidation and fear, just as their role models did in Nazi Germany.

The nationalists, the patriots, in Germany and the rest of Europe, who seek to stop the destruction of their historic cultures by foreign “immigrants” are not “right wing fascists.” There is no such thing, can be no such thing as a “right wing fascist;” a “right wing Nazi.” It is used as a derogatory term to smear patriots/nationalists by political elites and their fawning media. It is a lie and “we the people” must stop believing that lie.

Accusing your enemy of crimes which you yourself are guilty of is an old (and effective) tool of the Far Left. This ploy accomplishes two important things:

(1) it immediately puts the opponent (the right wing) on the defensive, and 

(2) it draws attention away from the culpability of the Left.

Patriots/nationalists are not Fascists/Nazis—the globalists and media are. “We the people” must come to understand this truth down to our bones. Wake up, the watch on the wall is ours and there is no time left for delusion and lies.

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."


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