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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shell Oil execs joined by climate profiteers and parasites for hi-profile propaganda trek to Antarctica

Who but the richest business and political bullies in the world can put together a 70 person expedition to the Antarctic
  • with the intention of coming back with news favoring their side? Which of course isn't really about the climate anyway.
Oil companies will gladly go along with the political upheaval promised by so-called global warming, spending a bundle to add to the 24/7 Soros induced fake warming campaign. Carbon trading at stake perhaps? Or just a new political system. In any event, blaming the oil companies won't work because most of them
  • are for the political, economic, and social upheaval promised by global warming profiteers.
Gulf Times, 2/28/10: "Abdulla al-Misnad of Shell is going to Antarctica on a mission to help raise awareness in Qatar about climate change, and the importance of protecting the environment.
  • The Qatari national will join 2041’s ‘Inspire Antarctica Expedition’ from March 5 to 18. The trip will educate participants about global warming, conservation, and Antarctica’s fragile ecosystem.
Al-Misnad will be joined by Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Nuaimi of the UAE, a Shell envoy on the mission. The duo will be part a team of 70 people from 28 countries, who will be exploring the world’s most remote continent.
  • In 2041 the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty could potentially be modified or amended, thus opening up the currently protected land for mineral exploration.The 2041 expeditions aim to raise awareness of this deadline and build a global consensus that the moratorium on mineral development in Antarctica should be extended beyond 2041.
Shell’s executive vice president Qatar Andy Brown stated that the initiative aligns with Qatar National Vision 2030, seeking to preserve and protect the environment to achieve a sustainable future.
  • “Shell sees the Antarctic expedition as an opportunity to raise the profile of sustainable development both within the company and in the broader community, while focusing on local people in regions where Shell operates,” he said.
Al-Misnad and Sheikh Abdulaziz will explore the southern continent with a team of corporate leaders, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, and teachers.
  • Antarctica is the only continent without a native human population. About 98% of its landmass is covered by ice.Antarctica is known as the coldest, windiest, and driest continent. Its arid climate means that it is considered an icy desert.
Al-Misnad recently joined Shell as a commercial adviser and is working on Shell’s CO2 management activities based in Doha.

Overseeing the two ambassadors and the expedition team will be the founder of the 2041 organisation and its Inspire Antarctic Expeditions,
  • Robert Swan, a polar explorer, environmental activist, leader and inspirational public speaker.One of the first persons to set foot on both the North and South poles, Swan shares this experience to guide people toward green minded solutions.
“As Qataris we have the same responsibilities as other youth all over the world, and it is our responsibility to challenge the knowledge that has been handed down to us, from the way we use water at home, to the way we design gas-processing plants,” al-Misnad.

Through presentations, videos, and photographs the two environmental ambassadors will help raise awareness of environmental issues in their home countries.
In Qatar, al-Misnad plans to visit schools across the country to share his experiences and inspire youth as well as spread his knowledge with his colleagues in Shell.

Al-Misnad’s journey to Antarctica could be followed through his blog"
  • So they've already decided the results beforehand. ed. via Tom Nelson
photo of Abdulla from gulf times

Monday, February 22, 2010

Goldman Sachs at source of Greece financial crisis

  • Goldman 'debt-swap deal' is so bad it is now illegal.

A Goldman Sachs boss has defended the bank's 2001 debt-swap deal with Greece that may have allowed the country to mask the extent of its debt woes.

Gerald Corrigan, chairman of Goldman Sachs Bank USA, the bank's holding company, said it was "consistent" with the regulations of the time.
  • However, speaking in the UK, he admitted that "with hindsight" it should have been more transparent.
  • The debt-swap deal was legal at the time,
  • but has since been prohibited.
The complicated "currency swap" financial deal between Greece and Goldman Sachs is now being investigated by the European Union (EU) after it was discovered by the EU statistics agency Eurostat.
  • It is claimed that the deal enabled Greece to hide the extent of both its public deficit and national debt.

The EU has given Greece until the end of February to give details of how it affected its accounts."...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

US drought has miraculous reversal--USA Today

  • Time for the Securities and Exchange Commission to get out the man made climate disaster shake down racket.
"What a difference a rain makes. The nationwide drought that had farmers, communities and entire states fighting to conserve water has reversed in the most dramatic turnaround since federal scientists began keeping records.
  • More than 92% of the country is drought-free — the nation's best showing since 1999.
  • "The lack of drought is extraordinary," said Douglas Le Comte, a meteorologist with the federal Climate Prediction Center.
At the worst of the USA's most recent drought — in August 2007 — almost 50% of the country was involved. Currently, about 7% of the country is in a drought, according to federal scientists. The only part of the USA in "extreme" drought is a small fraction of Hawaii.
  • In 2007, gigantic portions of the Southeast were in the worst drought in more than a century, sparking water wars among Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

"It was horrid," said Teresa Hammack of Mars Hill, N.C., whose springs ran dry in August 2007 at the height of the Southeast drought. Hammack's home relies entirely on underground springs as a source of water.

  • "Our springs are running rampant, with clean, fresh water," she said.

There have been less than half a dozen occasions since the late 1800s when drought has been as sparse as it is now, Le Comte said.

Even before this month's massive snowfall totals, relief has come in a number of different ways:

The West has been helped this winter by a Pacific train of storm systems laden with ample moisture. The storms, caused by the ongoing El NiƱo climate pattern, brought lots of rain and snow to the Southwest, including the normally arid deserts of Southern California and eastern Arizona, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

• The southern drought (across Texas, Louisiana and Florida) was eased by a very wet fall and winter, said David Miskus, a meteorologist with the Climate Prediction Center."...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Governor Chris Christie allows sun to shine on on corrupt New Jersey municipal contracts

"Let’s tell our citizens the truth—today—right now—about what failing to do strong reforms costs them.
  • One state retiree, 49 years old, paid, over the course of his entire career, a total of $124,000 towards his retirement pension and health benefits. What will we pay him?
  • $3.3 million in pension payments over his life and nearly $500,000 for health care benefits — a total of
  • $3.8m on a $120,000 investment. Is that fair?

A retired teacher paid $62,000 towards her pension and nothing, yes nothing, for full family medical, dental and vision coverage over her entire career.

The total unfunded pension and medical benefit costs are $90 billion. We would have to pay $7 billion per year to make them current. We don’t have that money—you know it and I know it. What has been done to our citizens by offering a pension system we cannot afford and

"Remarks of Governor Chris Christie to the Special Session of the New Jersey Legislature Regarding the Budget for Fiscal Year 2010,

  • February 11, 2010" via
As others have said, it is difficult to describe how deeply embedded the democrat machine is in the state of New Jersey. I am from NJ and most of my family still lives there. Only a few months ago, I said I didn't think a republican candidate could win in the state unless armed police were at every polling station. I was wrong and still consider it a miracle. Of course, it was a great help that the republican party itself does not exist in the state of New Jersey. Thank heaven. ed.

Above sign from NJ Garden State Parkway Exit 98,
leading to my favorite beaches on the Jersey Shore.
Thanks again to NJ voters.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Most of $2 billion US taxpayer dollars handed over to foreign firms for 'clean energy' jobs

(a) reduce energy dependence on other countries, and (b) create jobs domestically, taxpayer dollars to support the renewable energy industry
more than 80 percent of the first $1 billion in grants to wind energy companies went to foreign firms:

Since then, the administration has stopped making announcements of new grants to wind, solar and geothermal companies,

In fact, the largest grant made under the program so far, a $178 million payment on Dec. 29, went to Babcock & Brown, a bankrupt Australian company that built a Texas wind farm using turbines made by a Japanese company.
  • In fact, a new deal announced the same day as this report would give Chinese officials $450 million in stimulus grants to export Chinese turbines to a wind farm in Texas. "Dozens of jobs" would be created in the U.S. For China? "Thousands."

This report undermines the very justification for spending billions of taxpayer dollars on what was billed as a surefire way to kickstart the "Green Revolution." So much for that."

Sunday, February 7, 2010


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