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Monday, October 31, 2011

World HQ of global warming has record number of people freezing to death, UK says Met Office will issue 'weather alerts'-BBC

10/31/11, "Cold snap alert plan 'will save lives'," BBC, Triggle

People will still die because the UK Met Office has proven incapable of forecasting weather despite millions they collect for this purpose. In 2010 a UK resort cancelled the Met Office service for continuous inaccuracy..."Needless to say, the head of the Met Office is not even a weatherman. He’s a leading ‘climate change activist’ ."...

5/20/2010, "Bournemouth (tourist destination) launches own weather site," BBC

The UK Met Office itself said on 11/26/10 that the world had been
  • cooling for 10 years
  • but said this was proof of global warming:
"In the last 10 years the rate of warming has decreased."...

In the same article it said: "Ahead of the latest UN talks on climate change in Mexico, the Met Office analyses long- and short-term trends in climate and reveals that
11/26/10, "Scientific evidence is Met Office focus at Cancun," UK Government Met Office

10/31/11, "Cold snap alert plan 'will save lives'," BBC, Triggle

"Winter weather alerts aimed at helping vulnerable people during cold snaps are to be introduced in England.

Agencies such as the NHS and social services will get the Met Office alerts and will then have to take action to ensure people are safe in their homes.

An estimated 27,000 extra people die every winter - a fifth more than during the summer.

Extra cash is also being used to help people keep homes warm, but some question whether this will be enough.

Instead, they have called on the government to do more to tackle

  • the underlying problem -
  • the rising cost of energy.

England has a much higher death rate during winter than many colder countries,

  • such as Sweden....

A new fund, worth £20m, is also being set up to encourage councils and charities to come up with new ways of helping the most vulnerable.

The cold weather plan has been drawn up in partnership with the Met Office and Health Protection Agency.

Under the new arrangements, the Met will issue alerts depending on the severity of the conditions. In total,

  • there will be four alerts,
  • each of which will ask local agencies,
  • including NHS trusts and councils, to carry out certain duties.

For example, at level three, which would have been reached last winter, health and social care staff should consider daily visits to the most vulnerable.

In previous years it has been up to local areas to decide how to react to cold snaps....

A minimum of 21C is being recommended during the day and 16C at night,

  • as below that the risk of heart problems,
  • strokes and respiratory illness increases....

And chief medical officer Prof Dame Sally Davies added: "Keeping our homes warm is important - but it's not necessary to heat the whole house.

"We just need to keep the main rooms we occupy - such as the living room and bedroom - warm. Warm clothing and hot drinks should help prevent our most vulnerable people falling ill this winter."

But Mervyn Kohler, a special adviser for Age UK and member of the government's fuel poverty advisory group, said while it was pleasing the NHS was now recognising the problem, much more needed to be done.

"The extra resources being put in is not enough. We also have to do more to tackle the big problem everyone is facing, the rising cost of energy bills. We need action across government if this is to be achieved.""


12/28/10, "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows," UK Daily Mail, Richard Littlejohn"Airports, rail operators and local authorities all subscribe to the Met Office’s long-term forecasts. And over the past few years, the Met Office has become evangelical
  • about ‘man-made global warming’.
Every weather forecast is now extruded through the prism of so-called climate change, even when all evidence points to the fact that the Earth is actually getting colder. The Met Office’s predictions are based on a computer model which assumes ever-rising temperatures — so much so that it forecast that this winter would be significantly milder than the past two years. Even though
  • they were dismissed as ‘random events’.
  • The Met Office put the odds on a third harsh winter no higher than 20-1.
Those responsible for keeping our transport network running were stupid enough to swallow this bogus, optimistic forecast, and consequently failed to make proper provision for the blizzards which duly followed.
  • This, of course, was the same Met Office which
  • predicted a ‘barbecue summer’ shortly before Britain was hit by gales and widespread flooding.
For this wildly inaccurate and deliberately skewed service, the British taxpayer is charged a staggering
  • £200million a year.
Needless to say, the head of the Met Office is not even a weatherman. He’s a leading ‘climate change activist’ who buys into the propaganda pumped out by the fanatics at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) — exposed for blatantly suppressing evidence which contradicts their messianic belief in ­‘global warming’.
  • Back in 2000, the CRU’s Dr David Viner told The Independent that winter
  • snowfalls would soon be a thing of the past.
Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,’ he predicted confidently. Even when they are proved wrong,
  • which is how global warming morphed into ‘climate change’.
You can’t argue with them. That’s because ‘climate change’ isn’t a ­science, it’s a religion. Sceptics are trashed as heretics. ----------------------

Intergenerational Justice groups will say this is more reason selfish old people should be moved out of their houses or pay extra tax. "Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations," FRFG

UN and Europe promote legal means to expedite transfer of the environment

  • from seniors to young people.

above photo of flooded campers, North Side News 2009, Daily Mail

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Berkeley scientist Muller now says data show 'no global warming' after he told media reverse, Prof. Curry compares to ClimateGate, then retracts to AP

Update, 10/30/11, From AP's own ClimateGate celebrity emailer (July 23, 2009), Seth Borenstein, word that the Muller father-daughter 'climate' team can expect to be 'harshly treated' for their climate claims and that such 'harsh treatment' began with Judith Curry on Sunday in the Daily Mail. (Note AP labels 1 newspaper report of 1 disagreement with its own opinion as "harsh").
10/30/11, AP, Borenstein: "And that started on Sunday, when a British newspaper said one of Muller's co-authors, Georgia Tech climate scientist Judith Curry, accused Muller of another Climategate-like scandal and trying to "hide the decline" of recent global temperatures.

The Associated Press contacted Curry on Sunday afternoon and she said in an email that Muller and colleagues "are not hiding any data or otherwise engaging in any scientifically questionable practice."

The Muller "results unambiguously show an increase in surface temperature since 1960," Curry wrote Sunday. She said she disagreed with Muller's public relations efforts and some public comments from Muller about there no longer being a need for skepticism."...


10/30/11, Daily Mail: "In fact, Prof Curry said, the project’s research data show there has been no increase in world temperatures since the end of the Nineties – a fact confirmed by a new analysis that The Mail on Sunday has obtained.

There is no scientific basis for saying that warming hasn’t stopped,’ she said. ‘To say that there is detracts from the credibility of the data, which is very unfortunate.’"...


Prof. Curry's statements and apparent retraction created an excuse for a second worldwide media blizzard cheering government funded Muller, a longtime believer in man made global warming, that it has caused wars, will cause more, and needs one world government (item at end). AP's headline invites the public to believe this a brand new story rather than a re-blanketing of last week's story (see headline clippings below from 10/21/11 via UK Daily Mail).

10/30/11, "Skeptic finds he now agrees global warming is real," AP, Seth Borenstein


Whatever the topic, the AP will side with the one that advocates a "benevolent world dictatorship of the enlightened elite, and mass transfer of wealth from rich nations to poor nations."...


10/30/11, "He (Muller) said his decision to publish (prior to peer review) was completely unrelated to the forthcoming United Nations climate conference."...

10/30/11, "Scientist who said climate change sceptics had been proved wrong accused of hiding truth by colleague," UK Daily Mail, David Rose

"It was hailed as the scientific study that ended the global warming debate once and for all – the research that, in the words of its director, ‘proved you should not be a sceptic,
  • at least not any longer’.

Professor Richard Muller, of Berkeley University in California, and his colleagues from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures project team (BEST) claimed to have shown that the planet has

  • warmed by almost a degree centigrade since 1950 and is warming continually.

Published last week ahead of a major United Nations climate summit in Durban, South Africa, next month, their work was cited around the world as irrefutable evidence that only the most stringent measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

  • can save civilisation as we know it.

It was cited uncritically by, among others, reporters and commentators from the BBC, The Independent, The Guardian, The Economist and numerous media outlets in America.

The Washington Post said the BEST study had ‘settled the climate change debate’ and showed that anyone who remained a sceptic

  • was committing a ‘cynical fraud’.

But today The Mail on Sunday can reveal that a leading member of Prof Muller’s team has accused him of trying to mislead the public by hiding the fact that BEST’s research

  • shows global warming has stopped.

Prof Judith Curry, who chairs the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at America’s prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, said that Prof Muller’s claim that he has proven global warming sceptics wrong

  • was also a ‘huge mistake’, with no scientific basis.

Prof Curry is a distinguished climate researcher with more than 30 years experience and the second named co-author of the BEST project’s four research papers.

Her comments, in an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, seem certain to ignite a furious academic row. She said this affair had to be

Like the scientists exposed then by leaked emails from East Anglia University’s Climatic Research Unit, her colleagues from the BEST project seem to be trying to ‘hide the decline’ in rates of global warming.

In fact, Prof Curry said, the project’s research data show there has been no increase in world temperatures since the end of the Nineties – a fact confirmed by a new analysis that The Mail on Sunday has obtained.

There is no scientific basis for saying that warming hasn’t stopped,’ she said. ‘To say that there is detracts from the credibility of the data, which is very unfortunate.’

However, Prof Muller denied warming was at a standstill.

‘We see no evidence of it [global warming] having slowed down,’ he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. There was, he added, ‘no levelling off’.

A graph issued by the BEST project also suggests a continuing steep increase.

But a report to be published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation includes a graph of world average temperatures over the past ten years,

  • drawn from the BEST project’s data and revealed on its website.

This graph shows that the trend of the last decade is absolutely flat, with no increase at all –

  • though the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have carried on rising relentlessly.

This is nowhere near what the climate models were predicting,’ Prof Curry said. ‘Whatever it is that’s going on here,

  • it doesn’t look like it’s being dominated by CO2.’

Prof Muller also wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal. It was here, under the headline ‘The case against global warming scepticism’, that he proclaimed ‘there were good reasons for doubt until now’.

This, too, went around the world, with The Economist, among many others,

  • stating there was now ‘little room for doubt’.

Such claims left Prof Curry horrified.

Of course this isn’t the end of scepticism,’ she said. ‘To say that is the biggest mistake he [Prof Muller] has made. When I saw he was saying that I just thought, “Oh my God”.’

In fact, she added, in the wake of the unexpected global warming standstill, many climate scientists who had previously rejected sceptics’ arguments

  • were now taking them much more seriously.

They were finally addressing questions such as the influence of clouds, natural temperature cycles and solar radiation – as they should have done, she said, a long time ago.

Yesterday Prof Muller insisted that neither his claims that there has not been a standstill, nor the graph, were misleading because the project had made its raw data available on its website, enabling others to draw their own graphs.

However, he admitted it was true that the BEST data suggested that

  • world temperatures
  • have not risen for about 13 years.

But in his view, this might not be ‘statistically significant’, although, he added, it was equally possible that it was –

  • a statement which
  • left other scientists mystified.

I am baffled as to what he’s trying to do,’ Prof Curry said.

Prof Ross McKittrick, a climate statistics expert from Guelph University in Ontario, added: ‘You don’t look for statistically significant evidence of a standstill.

  • ‘You look for statistically significant evidence of change.’

The BEST project, which has been lavishly funded, brings together experts from different fields from top American universities.

It was set up 18 months ago in an effort to devise a new and more accurate way of computing changes in world temperatures by using readings from some 39,000 weather stations on land,

  • instead of adding sea temperatures as well.

Some scientists, Prof Muller included, believe that this should provide a more accurate indication of how the world is responding to carbon dioxide.

The oceans, they argue, warm more slowly and this is why earlier global measurements which also cover the sea – such as those from the Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University – have found no evidence of warming since the Nineties.

The usual way a high-profile project such as BEST would publish its results would be in a scientific journal, following a rigorous ‘peer review’ by other experts in the field.

The more eminent journals that publish climate research, such as Nature And Science, insist there must be no leaks to the media until this review is complete and if such leaks occur,

  • they will automatically reject the research.

Earlier this year, the project completed four research papers.

As well as trends in world temperatures, they looked at the extent to which temperature readings can be distorted by urban ‘heat islands’ and the influence of long-term temperature cycles in the oceans. The papers were submitted

  • to the Journal of Geophysical Research.

But although Prof Curry is the second named author of all four papers, Prof Muller failed to consult her before deciding to put them on the internet earlier this month, when the peer review process had barely started, and to issue a detailed press release at the same time.

He also briefed selected journalists individually. ‘It is not how I would have played it,’ Prof Curry said. ‘I was informed only when I got a group email. I think they have made errors and

  • I distance myself from what they did.

‘It would have been smart to consult me.’ She said it was unfortunate that although the Journal of Geophysical Research had allowed Prof Muller to issue the papers, the reviewers were, under the journal’s policy,

  • forbidden from public comment.

Prof McKittrick added: ‘The fact is that many of the people who are in a

  • position to provide informed criticism of this work
  • are currently bound by confidentiality agreements.

‘For the Berkeley team to have chosen this particular moment to launch a major international publicity blitz is a

  • highly unethical sabotage of the peer review process.’

In Prof Curry’s view, two of the papers were not ready to be published, in part because they

  • did not properly address the arguments of climate sceptics.

As for the graph disseminated to the media, she said: ‘This is “hide the decline” stuff. Our data show the pause, just as the other sets of data do. Muller is hiding the decline.

‘To say this is the end of scepticism is misleading, as is the statement that warming hasn’t paused. It is also misleading to say, as he has, that the issue of heat islands has been settled.’

Prof Muller said she was ‘out of the loop’. He added: ‘I wasn’t even sent the press release before it was issued.’

Prof Muller defended his behaviour yesterday, saying that all he was doing was ‘returning to traditional peer review’, issuing draft papers to give the whole ‘climate community’ a chance to comment.

As for the press release, he claimed he was ‘not seeking publicity’, adding: ‘This is simply a way of

  • getting the media to report this more accurately.’

He said his decision to publish was completely unrelated to the forthcoming United Nations climate conference.

This, he said, was ‘irrelevant’, insisting that nothing could have been further from his mind than trying to influence it."


7/19/1996: Muller: "And yes, if we had a global government and everybody loved everybody else and people were happy to migrate across national boundaries and could do so freely....

  • But I fear that
  • changes in climate have been a major-
  • if not the major-
Climate change is potentially the biggest disaster that could occur. And
  • if humans have taken over and are now
  • the dominant driving force for climate-
which I think might be the case-
  • than we need to understand how it works." (item at end of piece)
above from: 7/19/1996, "Get out your mittens. Richard Muller thinks he knows what causes the Earth' s ice ages to ebb and flow. But is anybody listening?" East Bay Express, by Robert Hurwitt,


10/29/11, "A unified theory of left-wing causes," Powerline blog, Den Beste

"Isn’t it interesting that no matter what the current global crisis is, according to leftists, the solution is always the same: a benevolent world dictatorship of the enlightened elite, and mass transfer of wealth from rich nations to poor nations.

That’s what they want to do about global warming. It’s what they wanted to do about overpopulation. It’s what they wanted to do about endangered species....

JOHN adds: Bear in mind, too, that the remedy for global cooling, when that was feared during the 1970s, was the same as for global warming, overpopulation, etc.


Above, 10/28/11, ap photo of Prof. Muller and his daughter Elizabeth in their Berkeley, Calif. home, telling what the AP describes as "the same old story" everybody knows about man-caused, catastrophic global warming. (Which can only be cured by one-world government by benevolent, elite dictators and the removal of dollars and economic opportunity from the irritating middle class. Benevolents claim they will transfer this 'wealth' to 'the poor.')

Above, 10/28/11, ap photo in home of Berkeley Prof. Muller and his daughter Elizabeth, looking as terrified as they can.

via Climate Depot

More evidence that floods are not increasing in US, Pakistan, and elsewhere, further refuting UN IPCC claim being used to transform world economy

10/24/11, "Has the magnitude of floods across the USA changed with global CO2 levels?" Hydrological Sciences Journal, Taylor and Francis online

Answer: No. In the US southwest, the evidence showed the reverse.

"In none of the four regions defined in this study is there strong statistical evidence for flood magnitudes increasing with increasing GMCO2. One region, the southwest, showed a statistically significant
  • between GMCO2 and flood magnitudes."...


4/18/11, "A decrease in floods around the world?" Roger Pielke, Jr.

"A new analysis of floods around the world has been called to my attention. The new analysis is contrary to conventional wisdom but consistent with the scientific literature on global trends in peak streamflows. Is it possible that floods are not increasing or even in decline while most people have come to believe the opposite?

Bouziotas et al. presented a paper at the EGU a few weeks ago (PDF) and concluded:
Analysis of trends and of aggregated time series on climatic (30-year) scale does not indicate consistent trends worldwide. Despite common perception, in general, the detected trends are more negative (less intense floods in most recent years) than positive. Similarly, Svensson et al. (2005) and Di Baldassarre et al. (2010) did not find systematical change neither in flood increasing or decreasing numbers nor change in flood magnitudes in their analysis.
This finding is largely consistent with Kundzewicz et al. (2005) who find:
Out of more than a thousand long time series made available by the Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC) in Koblenz, Germany, a worldwide data set consisting of 195 long series of daily mean flow records was selected, based on such criteria as length of series, currency, lack of gaps and missing values, adequate geographical distribution, and priority to smaller catchments. The analysis of annual maximum flows does not support the hypothesis of ubiquitous growth of high flows. Although 27 cases of strong, statistically significant increase were identified by the Mann-Kendall test, there are 31 decreases as well, and most (137) time series do not show any significant changes (at the 10% level). Caution is advised in interpreting these results as flooding is a complex phenomenon, caused by a number of factors that can be associated with local, regional, and hemispheric climatic processes. Moreover, river flow has strong natural variability and exhibits long-term persistence which can confound the results of trend and significance tests.
They conclude (emphasis added):
  • Destructive floods observed in the last decade all over the world have led to record high material damage. The conventional belief is that the increasing cost of floods is associated with increasing human development on flood plains (Pielke & Downton, 2000). However, the question remains as to whether or not the frequency and/or magnitude of flooding is also increasing and, if so, whether it is in response to climate variability and change.
Several scenarios of future climate indicate a likelihood of increased intense precipitation and flood hazard. However, observations to date provide no conclusive and general proof as to how climate change affects flood behaviour.

Bouziotas, D., G. Deskos, N. Mastrantonas, D. Tsaknias, G. Vangelidis, S.M. Papalexiou, and D. Koutsoyiannis, Long-term properties of annual maximum daily river discharge worldwide, European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011, Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 13, Vienna, EGU2011-1439, European Geosciences Union, 2011.

Kundzewicz, Z.W., D. Graczyk, T. Maurer, I. Przymusińska, M. Radziejewski, C. Svensson and M. Szwed, 2005(a):Trend detection in river flow time-series: 1. annual maximum flow. Hydrol. Sci. J., 50(5): 797-810."


8/5/10, "Pakistan's floods are not just a natural disaster," UK Guardian, K. Shamsie

"Environmentalists have long warned of the power of the illegal timber mafia and the susceptibility of

  • deforested areas to flooding, landslides and soil erosion."...


Reference: 2/1/11, "Pakistan floods last summer could have been predicted," paper accepted for publication in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union. Funding by National Science Foundation

Reference: 1/25/11, "Rogue storm system caused Pakistan floods that left millions homeless," University of Washington, EurekAlert, a service of AAAS

Reference: 8/18/10, "Illegal logging by Pakistan's timber mafia increased flooding devastation,", Matthew McDermott

Reference: 9/29/10, "
2010 Pakistan Floods: Climate Change Or Natural Variability?” by Madhav L Khandekar, via Roger Pielke, Sr.

Reference: 8/18/10, "Not just a natural disaster," China Dialogue, K. Shamsie, via TreeHugger

Reference: 1/25/11, "Pakistan needs Rs 365bn annually to tackle climate change : Afridi," Daily Times (Pakistan)
  • Pakistan's Minister of Environment says the floods were due to global warming, does not mention his country's role, says others must give him money:
"Pakistan is the most vulnerable country due to climate change that needs 365 billion rupees annually to arrest its affects. He said developed countries should come forward and provide financial and technical assistance to Pakistan for this mission. He said that this planet is created for human being but man-made activities are destroying it. "...


Yale 360 environment advocates admit economic transformation has always been the group's goal. 'Climate' was tacked on in hopes it would aid the cause. Since it's not helping, they say, let's drop the climate bit and focus on our economic goals:

3/29/10, "Green think tank tells environmentalists: leave climate change science behind," The by Ben GemanYale Environment 360 authors advocate dropping climate discussion, that it's interfering with its central goal of changing the world economy, that it put too much pressure on climate scientists to come up with a preordained outcome. "And understood in its proper role, as one of many reasons why we should climate science can even help contribute to the case for taking such action.
  • But so long as environmentalists continue
  • of the global energy economy,
neither the science, nor efforts to address climate change, will be well served."... ---------------
Among comments to post at the Hill:
  • "These gentlemen have recognized the failure of a science-based approach, inasmuch as the facts did not support their arguments. Instead, I believe, they are actually recommending abandoning research-based analysis to sell their agenda
  • without any rational basis." Eminence Grise
  • =================================
"Do you really need any more proof than this? What this says in essence is that trying to use factual climate data to link green initiatives to non-existent global warming is hurting the economic goals of pseudo environmentalis ts.The real goal is not to mitigate adverse climatologicall y consequences
  • but to initiate a global redistribution of wealth using the climate change movement as the catalyst of economic change.
The lights are on and the roaches are beginning to scatter." Paul Magel

via C3, via Tom Nelson, via Roger Pielke, Jr., via

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fred Singer's letter to Washington Post re BEST/Muller climate theories

Update, 12/1/11: The Washington Post told Mr. Singer they would be willing to publish his letter but not his credentials. Apparently they did not want readers to think he knew about climate. Citation below this post via Forbes Magazine, Carrera.

10/25/11, "(Fred) Singer’s letter to WaPo on BEST," WUWT

"The scientific finding that does not settle the climate-change debate"

S. Fred Singer Letter to WashPost Oct 25, 2011**

"Before you write off Bachmann, Cain, and Perry as cynical diehards, deniers, idiots, or whatever, [WashPost Oct 24] consider this:

Why are you surprised by the results of the Berkeley Climate Project? They used data from the same weather stations as the Climategate people, but reported that one-third showed cooling — not warming.

They covered the same land area – less than 30% of the Earth’s surface – with recording stations that are poorly distributed, mainly in US and Western Europe. They state that

  • 70% of US stations are badly sited

and don’t meet the standards set by government; the rest of the world is likely worse.

Unlike the land surface, the atmosphere showed no warming trend, either over land or over ocean — according to satellites and independent data from weather balloons. This indicates to me that there is something very wrong with the land surface data. And did you know that the climate models, run on super-computers,

  • all show that the atmosphere must warm faster than the surface. What does this tell you?

And finally, we have non-thermometer temperature data from so-called “proxies”:

  • tree rings, ice cores, ocean sediments, stalagmites.
  • They don’t show any global warming since 1940!

The Berkeley results in no way confirm the scientifically discredited Hockeystick graph, which had been so eagerly adopted by climate alarmists. In fact, the Hockeystick authors

  • have never published their temperature results after 1978.

The reason for hiding them? It’s likely that their proxy data show no warming either.

One last word: In their scientific paper, submitted for peer review, the Berkeley scientists disclaim knowing the cause of the temperature increase reported by their project. However, their research paper comments:

I commend them for their honesty and skepticism.

S. Fred Singer is professor emeritus at the University of Virginia and director of the Science & Environmental Policy Project. He is a Senior Fellow of the Heartland Institute and of the Independent Institute. His specialty is atmospheric and space physics. An expert in remote sensing and satellites, he served as the founding director of the US Weather Satellite Service and, more recently, as vice chair of the US National Advisory Committee on Oceans & Atmosphere. He is co-author of Climate Change Reconsidered [2009 and 2011] and of Unstoppable Global Warming [2007]

**Responding to:"


Update, 12/1/11, "Salvaging The Mythology Of Man-Caused Global Warming," Forbes, Peter Ferrara

"When Singer sent a letter to the editor to the global warming cheerleading Washington Post, pointing out the above anomalies and his conclusion, he reports the peculiar response that “they were willing to publish my letter, but not my credentials as emeritus professor at the University of Virginia and former director of the U.S. Weather Satellite Service.

via Tom Nelson

Coca Cola on the global warming gravy train. The big money today is in faking out Americans on just about any subject

10/25/11, "Six reasons why you should scoff at Coca-Cola's cynical attempts to convince us that they'll save us from "dangerous" carbon dioxide,"


Monday, October 24, 2011

Mini-Tito propaganda act by Richard Muller on global warming, 'scientifically grotesque'-Calder

Nigel Calder compares Tito's WW2 propaganda coup to global warming darling Richard Muller's 'climate' spoof. Muller softened people up and fooled them. ('Taqiyya, also does this, explained below this post.)

10/22/11, "Hoodwinked by Berkeley Earth, Propaganda Tito Style," Calder Updates, Nigel Calder

"My previous post was too polite about Berkeley Earth. I’d not figured out Richard Muller’s game. The mainstream
  • media have have portrayed him as a repentant climate sceptic
who has wonderful new evidence confirming man-made global warming. To see how the story is playing, look for Richard Muller Berkeley on Google News (139 reports and counting).

Normally I try to stick to the science, without being naïve about the politics. Posted earlier on this blog is the text of a talk I gave called “Global Warming is Just Propaganda”, which you’ll find here

It compares the behaviour of the warmists with the tradecraft of propaganda during the Second World War. And the latest bout from Berkeley and the media

  • reminds me, belatedly, of a
  • manipulation of British propaganda in the Balkans in the early 1940s.

For global warming read Stalinism and (at the risk of grossly overstating his importance)

  • for Richard Muller read Tito.

Hoodwinking Churchill: Tito’s Great Confidence Trick, by the TV producer and military historian Peter Batty, was published earlier this year. Helped by a Communist mole filtering messages in the British team in Cairo, Tito fooled the West into thinking that he was the hero of the fight against the Italian and German forces in Yugoslavia.

  • In fact he was subverting other guerrilla bands, doing deals with the Germans,

and keeping his forces safe for a postwar Communist takeover of Yugoslavia. As Batty relates, Tito secured his 35-year dictatorship by butchering the non-Communist guerrillas who had been the real fighters in the occupied Balkans.

When Richard Muller, leader of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures (BEST) project, gave testimony to the US Congress back in March,

  • he called for the creation of an ARPA-like
  • agency for climate issues.

ARPA, more correctly nowadays called DARPA, is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a mighty organization with a $3 billion budget. Climate ARPA (CARPA?) might offer

  • a promising niche for a 67-year-old astrophysicist.

But if that’s the aim, catastrophic man-made global warming must stay high on the political agenda. How better to go about making sure about that than to call yourself a sceptic,

  • just as Tito pretended to be on Winston Churchill’s side.

When the time came to show himself in his true colours Tito was celebrated in the Communist world. Similarly Muller has become an instant hero for the warmists.

Scientifically grotesque was the blurring in the Berkeley press release, as well as in the media, of the meaning of Muller’s main graph, shown in my previous post.

  • Invited to comment by New Scientist, I said:

What do they mean by ‘global warming is real’? The graph of global land temperature changes associated with BEST’s announcement neatly confirms by their independent method that the warming stopped about 15 years ago. The Sun’s recent laziness has apparently cancelled any effect of ever-increasing man-made greenhouse gases.”

  • The interviewer commented:

I take your point about over the last 15 years, but this study is focused on the long-term warming trend which covers a century. How do you account for this long-term warming trend?”

  • My reply (which wasn’t reported by New Scientist) was:

Increased activity of the Sun, of course, from 1950 to the early 1990s as signalled most strikingly by the decline in ionizing cosmic rays at the Earth’s surface. See the red curve (ion chamber) in the attached figure.”

The message about Muller in the media, that “the science is settled (again)”, is completely

  • at odds with the evidence.


Hoodwinking Churchill: Tito’s Great Confidence Trick, by Peter Batty, Shepheard Walwyn (London) 2011."


Taqiyya includes the art of pre-empting one's opponent to prevent issues from being 'debated or discussed'


"Islamic spokesmen commonly use taqiyya as a form of 'outwitting'. The skilled taqiyya-tactician doesn’t want the matter at hand to be debated or discussed; so his opponent must be outwitted or preemptively outflanked by the use of taqiyya. The objective is to divert attention away from the subject through duplicity and obfuscation. "

4/30/07, "Understanding Taqiyya ― Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah," IslamWatch, W. MacKenzie

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who but the GOP would advance the trillion dollar, organized crime infested global warming scam by elevating Berkeley's Muller?

A longtime believer in man made global warming, that it has caused wars, will cause more, and needs one world government to save us (item at end), a UC Berkeley science guy named Richard Muller is now a global warming hero thanks in part to Republicans. In a worldwide media blitz, Muller, who just wants to help out and end alleged confusion, says we can all relax now, the 'earth' is warmer and therefore 'the debate' is officially over. Even though
  • that wasn't the question, since earth's temperatures have always fluctuated.
And even though he doesn't address the key fact that older data was discarded (item 6) and is therefore impossible to reproduce. And even though he made no conclusions about the
  • 6 core issues on which the climate industry pivots:
  • that CO2 causes global warming,
  • that man's industries have created excess CO2,
  • that humanity's survival is threatened and islands are sinking as a result,
  • that the evil US middle class must pay billions in perpetuity to solve the problem they caused
  • that governments must regulate CO2 emissions
  • that the UN and others must administer the world's atmosphere and resources henceforth.
Recently he said global warming was a serious problem but people were turned off to it by inaccurate stories about polar bears and the like. Now it's all over though,
  • everyone can rest easy and believe the earth is warming just like the other studies said. And he's a good guy, he's on your side.
Word games about a deadly issue-- just what we need at this moment in time when it's open season on the American middle class, its own government leading the charge. Muller's good-guy deceptiveness is the kind that's been used to advance the multi-trillion dollar global warming industry since day 1. Politicians are happy to sell the country out to organized crime, climate profiteers, and parasitic UN/world government types. Muller's own passionate interest in world government has already been established.

From the article, 7/19/1996:

"He's (Muller) been serving on international disarmament panels
  • with US and Russian scientists."...(parag. 4)
The main thing he's concerned about is the key matter of understanding how the climate works. "What causes climate? What affects it? To what extent
  • do we affect climate?
To what extent are we disturbing it? These are important issues. I tend to be very passionate about this. When I think about it, I say: What is the effect if the temperature were to drop one or two degrees? The answer that I get is that areas which are good for agriculture will probably shift no more than three hundred miles.
  • But when that has happened
  • in the past, it has led to war.
"When people talk about global warming, we're talking about the great breadbasket
  • becoming a desert,
and perhaps the productive regions shifting north. So yes, it might be nicer if it were a little warmer in Berkeley during the summer,
  • but that's not what we're talking about.
And yes, if we had a global government and everybody loved everybody else and people were happy to migrate across national boundaries and could do so freely....
  • But I fear that
  • changes in climate have been a major-
  • if not the major-
Climate change is potentially the biggest disaster that could occur. And
  • if humans have taken over and are now
  • the dominant driving force for climate-
which I think might be the case-
  • than we need to understand how it works." (item at end of piece)

comment which should replace all the headlines but won't:

bqrq permalink
May 25, 2011 12:37 pm

"“….Muller testified that his preliminary findings confirm what mainstream scientists have been saying all along: Earth is warming in line with the projections of climate models…”

Mr. Muller, myself and others concur on the following:

We may be able to agree that the Earth’s climate is experiencing a warming trend. There is no conclusive proof

  • that carbon dioxide is driving this trend,

nor is there proof that this warming trend is non-natural and unlike previous warm periods.

  • There is no conclusive proof that

government regulation of carbon dioxide emissions

  • would have any effect on this trend."


11/29/09, "Climate change data dumped," TimesOnline UK, by Jonathan Leake (now subscription)

"Scientists at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based.

forced to reveal the loss following requests for the data under Freedom of Information legislation. The data were gathered from weather stations around the world and then adjusted to take account of variables in the way they were collected. The revised figures were kept, but the originals — stored on paper and magnetic tape — The admission follows the leaking of a thousand private emails sent and received by Professor Phil Jones, the CRU’s director. In them he discusses thwarting climate sceptics seeking access to such data. In a statement on its website, the CRU said:
  • “We do not hold the original raw data but only the value-added (quality controlled and homogenised) data.”...
Climate change sceptics have long been keen to examine exactly how its data were compiled.That is now impossible. Roger Pielke, professor of environmental studies at Colorado University, discovered data had been lost when he asked for original records.
  • So much for settling questions and resolving debates with science,” he said.
Jones was not in charge of the CRU when the data were thrown away in the 1980s, a time when climate change was seen as a less pressing issue.
  • The lost material was used to build the databases that have been his life’s work, showing how the world has warmed by 0.8C over the past 157 years. He and his colleagues say this temperature rise is “unequivocally” linked to greenhouse gas emissions generated by humans.
Their findings are one of the main pieces of evidence used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which says global warming is a threat to humanity."


Der Spiegel, 11/19/09, "Stagnating Temperatures: Climatologists baffled by global warming time-out," by Gerald Traufetter


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