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Monday, October 3, 2011

Low-lying Pacific islands not sinking, 80% are same or larger, some dramatically so-BBC

The 'sinking islands' joke is part of highly emotional 'climate refugee' fraud pushed by organized crime. 4/18/11, "UN Embarrassed by Forecast on Climate Refugees, "Feared migration hasn't happened"" Der Spiegel

6/3/2010, "Low-lying Pacific islands 'growing not sinking'," BBC, A new geological study has shown that
  • many low-lying Pacific islands are growing, not sinking.

The islands of Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Federated States of Micronesia are among those which have grown, because of coral debris and sediment.

One of the authors of the study, featured in the magazine the New Scientist, predicts that

  • the islands will still be there in 100 years' time.

However he says it is not clear whether many of them will be inhabitable....

Using historical photographs and satellite imaging, the geologists found that 80% of the islands had either remained the same or got larger -

  • in some cases, dramatically so.

They say it is due to the build-up of coral debris and sediment, and to land reclamation.

Associate Professor Paul Kench of Auckland University, who took part in the study, published in the journal Global and Planetary Change, says the islands are not in immediate danger of extinction.

"That rather gloomy prognosis for these nations is incorrect," he said.

"We have now got the evidence to suggest that the physical foundation of these countries will still be there in 100 years, so they perhaps do not need to flee their country.""...


Refugee claim was basis for which $100 billion was demanded at Copenhagen.

  • UN doubles down in face of flop 'climate refugee' claim: Now predicts 50 million 'climate refugees' by 2020, per Der Spiegel:

4/18/11, "UN Embarrassed by Forecast on Climate Refugees, "Feared migration hasn't happened"" Der Spiegel, Axel Bojanowski

"Meanwhile a new forecast is doing the rounds. At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in February, Cristina Tirado, an environment researcher at the University of California in Los Angeles, warned of 50 million environmental refugees in the future. That figure was a UN projection she said -- for 2020." (last paragraph of article).

United Nations UNEP claim in 2005, "50 million climate refugees by 2010"


4/13/11, "The Climate Refugee Hoax," IBD, Editorial


All we can do is keep throwing people out of office until we get some who aren't into organized crime. Which as someone said is the real definition of "corruption by public officials." ed.


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