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Monday, November 30, 2015

On the way to Macon, Georgia, watching Bret Baier discuss polls-Scavino twitter

2h2 hours ago Watching discuss polls on the way to Georgia." Daniel Scavino twitter


Trump takes the stage at Macon Coliseum, Macon, Georgia, Nov. 30, 2015

11/30/15, " 48m48 minutes ago. takes stage in Macon Coliseum. Senior reporter for the Macon Telegraph



Trump supporters cheer him in Sarasota, Florida, Nov. 28, 2015

11/28/15, "Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump cheer during a campaign rally Saturday, Nov. 28, in Sarasota, Fla. (AP Photo/Steve Nesius)," via Forbes


11/30/15, "The Media Is Obsessed With Donald Trump's Outrageousness. How That Misses The Point." Forbes, John McQuaid


Arctic Sea Ice Extent, higher than 30% ice concentration, November 30, 2015, DMI

11/30/15, "Arctic Sea Ice Extent," Higher than 30% ice concentration, Danish Meteorological Institute

"Current Sea Ice extent"

"Total sea ice extent on the northern hemisphere since 2005. The ice extent values are calculated from the ice type data from the Ocean and Sea Ice, Satellite Application Facility (OSISAF), where areas with ice concentration higher than 30% are classified as ice.

The total area of sea ice is the sum of First Year Ice (FYI), Multi Year Ice (MYI) and the area of ambiguous ice types, from the OSISAF ice type product. However, the total estimated ice area is underestimated due to unclassified coastal regions where mixed land/sea pixels confuse the applied ice type algorithm. The shown sea ice extent values are therefore recommended be used qualitatively in relation to ice extent values from other years shown in the figure....

Please notice, that the sea ice extent in this plot is calculated with the coastal zones masked out. To see the absolute extent, go to this page."...


Sunday, November 29, 2015

George Bush #1 deserves a loud shout out from Paris for creating the imaginary global climate danger cash cow from scratch. Obama is merely following his lead

George Bush #1 deserves a loud shout out in Paris. Obama is merely following his lead:  

The "global climate danger industry" was established in 1990 by George Bush #1. Henceforth, precious US taxpayer dollars that might otherwise help the poor and needy would flow to "climate" cronies. George Bush #1 never gets credit he deserves for financing this imaginary industry. His 1990 Executive mandate, Global Change Research Act (also known as USGCRP) declared general global environmental crises, ordered 13 federal agencies to attend to them, and bound US taxpayers to finance them in perpetuity. Bush #1 actually created today's $2 billion a day imaginary climate danger cash cow from scratch. The US political class knows that continuing success of this cash cow requires permanent demonization and degradation of innocent Americans. This fits the definition of genocide.

"Global Change Research Act of 1990"

3/6/15, "Causes and consequences of the climate science boom," William Butos and Thomas McQuade

"Funding appears to be driving the science rather than the other way around."

"2. By any standards, what we have documented here is a massive funding drive, highlighting the patterns of climate science Rand D as funded and directed only by the Executive Branch and the various agencies that fall within its purview."...

More from the paper:

"1. The Government’s Role in Climate Science Funding...[is] embedded in scores of agencies and programs scattered throughout the Executive Branch of the US government. While such agency activities related to climate science have received funding for many years as components of their mission statements, the pursuit of an integrated national agenda to study climate change and implement policy initiatives took a critical step with passage of the Global Change Research Act of 1990. This Act established institutional structures operating out of the White House to develop and oversee the implementation of a National Global Change Research Plan and created the US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) to coordinate the climate change research activities of Executive Departments and agencies.[33] As of 2014, the coordination of climate change-related activities resides largely in the President’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, which houses several separate offices, including the offices of Environment and Energy, Polar Sciences, Ocean Sciences, Clean Energy and Materials R&D, Climate Adaptation and Ecosystems, National Climate Assessment, and others. The Office of the President also maintains the National Science and Technology Council, which oversees the Committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Sustainability and its Subcommittee on Climate Change Research. The Subcommittee is charged with the responsibility of planning and coordinating with the interagency USGCRP. Also, the Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy is housed within the President’s Domestic Policy Council. While Congress authorizes Executive branch budgets, the priorities these departments and agencies follow are set by the White House. As expressed in various agency and Executive Branch strategic plans, these efforts have been recently organized around four components comprising (1) climate change research and education, (2) emissions reduction through “clean” energy technologies and investments, (3) adaptation to climate change, and (4) international climate change leadership.[36]....By any of these measures, the scale of climate science R&D has increased substantially since 2001. Perhaps, though, the largest funding increases have occurred in developing new technologies and tax subsidies. As can be seen from Table 1, federal dollars to develop and implement “clean energy technologies” have increased from $1.7 billion in 2001 to $5.8 billion in 2013, while energy tax subsidies have increased from zero in 2001 and 2002 to $13 billion in 2013, with the largest increases happening since 2010. The impact on scientific research of government funding is not just a matter of the amounts but also of the concentration of research monies that arises from the focus a single source can bring to bear on particular kinds of scientific research. Government is that single source and has Big Player effects because it has access to a deep pool of taxpayer (and, indeed, borrowed and created) funds combined with regulatory and enforcement powers which necessarily place it on a different footing from other players and institutions. Notwithstanding the interplay of rival interests within the government and the separation of powers among the different branches, there is an important sense in which government’s inherent need to act produces a particular set of decisions that fall within a relatively narrow corridor of ends to which it can concentrate substantial resources.

2. By any standards, what we have documented here is a massive funding drive, highlighting the patterns of climate science RandD as funded and directed only by the Executive Branch and the various agencies that fall within its purview.[40] To put its magnitude into some context, the $9.3 billion funding requested for climate science R&D in 2013 is about one-third of the total amount appropriated for all 27 National Institutes of Health in the same year,[41] yet it is more than enough to sustain a science boom. Its directional characteristic, concentrated as it has been on R&D premised on the controversial issue of the actual sensitivity of climate to human-caused emissions, has gone hand in hand with the IPCC’s expressions of increasing confidence in the AGW hypothesis and increasingly shrill claims of impending disaster.

3. The recent pattern of federal climate science funding, moving toward emphasis on the development of technologies and their subsidization through the tax system, suggests that climate change funding has become more tightly connected to agencies like the Department of Energy, NASA, the Department of Commerce (NOAA), EPA, and cross-cutting projects and programs involving multiple agencies under integrating and coordinating agencies, like the USGCRP, lodged within the Executive branch. The allocations of budgets within these agencies are more directly determined and implemented by Administration priorities and policies. We note that the traditional role of NSF in supporting basic science based on a system of merit awards provided (despite some clear imperfections) certain advantages with regard to generating impartial science. In contrast, even a casual perusal of current agency documents, such as The National Science and Technology Council’s The National Global Change Research Plan 2012-2021, shows that those driving this movement make no pretense as to their premises and starting points.[39]

4. To be sure, the very opaqueness of these allocations and their actual use only provides for “ball park” estimates. However, we believe that the results presented in Table 3 come closer to a useful accounting than what previously has been provided. We have combined data from Leggett et al. (2013) and the AAAS Reports for Fiscal Years 2012 and 2013 (the only years for which the AAAS provides detailed budgetary data for climate science R&D and climate-related funding). This constrains Table 3 to including data only from 2010 through 2013. We have adjusted budgetary data and categorized it in light of discussion points 1-5 above. Note that the estimated aggregate expenditures for climate science and climate-related funding (excluding tax subsidies) from 2010-2013 in Table 3 are about twice that of the Leggett findings.

5.5 Funds administered by the Treasury Department in Table 2 are credit lines and loans channeled through the World Bank earmarked for international organizations to finance clean technologies and sustainable practices; consequently such funds would also more accurately be considered as climate-related sustainability and adaptation....

8. This summary and the detail in Table 1, however, do not capture the full scale of federal funding for climate science R&D. Two complications must be considered to capture a more accurate estimate. First, the entries in the first row of Table 1 for climate science only refer to monies administered by the Executive branch via the office of the USGCRP and does not include all climate-related R&D in the federal budget. For example, the entry in Table 1 for the USGCRP in 2011 is just under $2.5 billion; yet the actual budget expenditures for climate science-related R&D as calculated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) total about $16.1 billion.[38] In addition, since USGCRP funding is comprised of monies contributed from the authorized budgets of the 13 participating departments and agencies, a more accurate estimate of climate-related R&D requires deducting USGCRP funding from the aggregated budgets of those 13, most of which are included in Table 2.

9. Leggett et al. (2013) of the Congressional Research Service provides a recent account of climate change funding based on data provided by the White House Office of Management and Budget (see Table 1, below). Total expenditures for federal funded climate change programs from 2001-2013 were $110.9 billion in current dollars and $120.2 billion in 2012 dollars. “Total budgetary impact” includes various tax provisions and subsidies related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (which are treated as “tax expenditures”) and shows total climate change expenditures from 2001-2013 to be $145.3 billion in current dollars and $155.4 billion in 2012 dollars.[37]

10. The USGCRP operates as a confederacy of the research components of thirteen participating government agencies, each of which independently designates funds in accordance with the objectives of the USGCRP; these monies comprise the program budget of the USGCRP to fund agency cross-cutting climate science R&D.[34] The departments and agencies whose activities comprise the bulk of such funding include independent agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, US Agency for International Development, the quasi-official Smithsonian Institute, and Executive Departments that include Agriculture, Commerce (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology), Energy, Interior (the US Geological Survey and conservation initiatives), State, and Treasury.[35]

11. The past 15 years have seen a sustained program of funding, largely from government or quasi-government entities.[31] The funding efforts are spread across a bewildering array of sources and buried in a labyrinth of programs, agency initiatives, interagency activities, and Presidential Offices, but what they seem to have in common is an adherence to the assumption that human activity is primarily responsible for the warming observed in the latter part of the 20th century. Funding appears to be driving the science rather than the other way around. And the extent of this funding appears not to have been heretofore fully documented.[32]"...


1993 World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef told US officials, 'Next time we'll bring them both down,' closing scene as re-enacted in HBO 1997 docu-drama about 1993 World Trade Center bombing, 'Path to Paradise'

6/14/1997, "Bombing of the Trade Center, Simplified for a TV Audience," NY Times, Ralph Blumenthal

"The terrorists, are shown, accurately, as beneficiaries of some staggering law enforcement bungling. Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, accused of being the main bomb maker and plot mastermind, arrives at Kennedy International Airport without a visa and is allowed into the country on a promise to return for a hearing in three months. 

Later captured and now awaiting trial, he is given the sinister-and presumably apocryphal-last word: ''Next time, we'll bring them both down.''" [end of article]

(Beginning of NY Times article): "More than four years after a car bomb erupted under the World Trade Center, killing 6 people and injuring more than 1,000, the attack that brought the nightmare of terrorism to American soil is getting the full Hollywood treatment on HBO tonight. 

The made-for-television movie, at 8 P.M., follows the investigation through the eyes of a buddy team of F.B.I. investigators as they battle a law enforcement bureaucracy almost as bungle-prone as the terrorists themselves. 
As history, the film, ''Path to Paradise,'' tracks much of the riveting story as it emerged in the investigations and trials that followed the attack on Feb. 26, 1993. It even uses some of the words of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and other conspirators-as they were later proved to be-from secret tape recordings....
''Path to Paradise'' drew controversy this week with complaints by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in Washington that the movie prejudicially portrays Muslims as a menace to American society. The group called every Arab or Muslim character in the movie ''an ugly stereotype'' and said that the film would be given the group's ''Intolerance Award.'' 

HBO defended the film and said it would broadcast a statement that the movie was not intended to reflect the views of most Muslims and Arabs. 

It was unclear who actually wrote the screenplay for the television movie. HBO's publicity material on the film does not mention the writer, and the on-screen credits list Ned Curren, a name that HBO officials said is a pseudonym. No reason was given for the use of the pen name. 

Scenes in the film accurately reflect the disarray of law enforcement officials when it came to tracking potential terrorists. But as the lead F.B.I. agent, John Anticev, played by the actor Peter Gallagher, keeps reminding colleagues and viewers, it is a free country unless you do something illegal. ''Great,'' Agent Anticev says at one point. ''Freedom of religion protects a bunch of murdering fanatics.'' 

The movie diverges from reality as it glosses over the tangled relationship between the informer, Mr. Salem, and the F.B.I. team of Mr. Anticev and Agent Nancy Floyd, played by Marcia Gay Harden....Also left undetailed is the way Mr. Salem secretly taped Mr. Anticev and Ms. Floyd in backstage law enforcement strategizing that embarrassed the F.B.I. when it became public....

Also coming in for a hit (not totally undeserved) are reporters, who pop up just as the F.B.I. is about to carry out its crucial arrest of Mohammed A. Salameh, the bungler who rented the bomb-carrying van and later returned to the rental office so he could get his money back. 

Later captured and now awaiting trial, he is given the sinister -and presumably apocryphal-last word: ''Next time, we'll bring them both down.''"

"Photos: Ned Eisenberg, left, portrays F.B.I. informer Emad Salem, above, who double-crossed agents by taping their conversations, in the HBO movie ''Path to Paradise.'' (HBO); Andreas Katsulas, plays Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, whose taped words are used in the film. (HBO)" [As of 11/29/15, the photo described doesn't appear with NYT article).


Comment: "Path to Paradise" was released on VHS July 10, 2001. Commenters observe it hasn't been shown on HBO since Sept. 11, 2001, when Islamists easily finished the job they started on 2/26/1993.

"Path to Paradise-The Untold Story of the World Trade Center Bombing," [VHS] Peter Gallagher (Actor), Art Malik (Actor), Larry Williams (Director), Leslie Libman (Director) Rated: R" "VHS release date: July 10, 2001."
As of 11/29/15, the film is available on You Tube.

Text on cover of VHS release of 1997 HBO film: "No one expected a terrorist attack on US soil. Based on the terrifying true story behind the World Trade Center bombing."

Among comments at Amazon: "A wakeup call unheeded"

"10 of 10 people found the following review helpful

Format: VHS Tape Verified Purchase 
"An HBO production, amazing actors, superb dialog. A bomb-making expert from Iraq attempts entry to the U.S. without a visa. He states he's leaving Iraq for political asylum in the U.S. The INS agent questions him a bit, looks over his fishy looking passport. She approaches her superior with the asylum application and urges that "he should be detained". "Jails are full. You want to take him home?" her boss retorts. The film shows just how these terrorists jumped through about any and every loophole in the system under the guise of religious freedom. Bomb-making right in the apartment. Operating right under the nose of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Anti-American propaganda tapes found in an apartment which, truth be told, is not against the law. And of course there was the chilling prophetic line at the end: "Next time we'll bring them both down." Absolutely worth watching again and again." Image above from

Below, closing scenes from 1997 HBO film, Ramzi Yousef in helicopter with US officials saying, "Next time we'll bring them both down."


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Snow continues to blanket Sierras in November 2015

11/25/15, LiveDoppler7HD 

11/25/15, "Snow blankets Sierra in time for Thanksgiving holiday,", Laura Anthony, Truckee, Calif.
11/28/15, "California freeze: Minus-11 degrees in Sierra amid snow and ice," LA Times, Shelby Grad

"A deep freeze in California's Sierra is continuing, with one spot east of Redding recording minus-11 degrees.

According to the National Weather Service, the Bogard Rest Area in the Lassen National Forest recorded that frigid temperature between Friday night and Saturday morning. The rest area is north of Susanville.

A few other mountain areas posted below-zero temperatures overnight.

A series of winter storms have dumped large amounts of snow in the Sierra, with some places receiving more than 20 inches. The NWS said another storm could move in by Thursday. 

A good blanket of snow is now sticking to the ground across the mountain range, according to the weather service. The cold temperatures are good news for ski resorts, which are off to a strong seasonal start after several years of drought conditions.

A freeze warning was in place in the Sacramento Valley for Sunday. Officials warned residents to protect outdoor plants and pipes."

11/10/15, "Ski resorts open early as snow blankets the Sierra," AP, Kristin J. Bender

11/10/15, "Boreal Ski Resort was one of two Lake Tahoe area resorts open this early winter season....Ed Fletcher The Sacramento Bee"



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