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Friday, December 31, 2010

Global warming governance models itself after UK royalty, ie Prince Charles, who is to make a fortune off UK offshore wind mills, citizens have no say

The UK monarchy/wind farm racket explains where the global "climate" crowd got the idea they-not the American people-owned our land, sea, and air. And why organized crime got in so early. Americans have never had a monarchy. We don't see ourselves as peasants. We can read and write and we know all about wind turbines. Americans will never submit to global 'superiors.'
"Tory Chancellor George Osborne is granting the Royals a wind farm windfall worth £38million a year.

The Queen's jackpot was slipped into the measures Mr Osborne announced last Wednesday -

  • as he slashed jobs and benefits for millions.

By scrapping the Civil List and instead giving the Royal Family 15% of Crown Estate profits, the Queen

  • will rake in a fortune from the green energy revolution.

The seabed within Britain's territorial waters is owned by the Crown Estate -

  • and offshore wind farms are about to boom.

The Crown Estate has said profits from wind farms in Britain's waters should rise to £100million annually,

  • bringing £15million for the Royal Family.

In fact, experts estimate that offshore wind farms could within a decade bring profits of £250million a year - giving £37.5million for the Royals on top of their share of earnings from the rest of the Crown Estate's £6billion property portfolio.

There are currently 436 turbines in operation around the UK's 7,700-mile coastline but the number is expected to soar

  • to nearly 7,000 within 10 years.

If industry experts are correct the Royals' budget would eventually more than double under the new funding formula.

Prince Charles has in the past called wind farms a "horrendous blot on the landscape" and is opposed to turbines on land. He has refused to have them on his Highgrove home or on the Duchy of Cornwall estate -

  • yet is said to be keen on placing them offshore.
The Royals currently get about £30million a year from the Civil List and other grants, an amount now frozen until 2012 when the new Sovereign Support Grant will begin. This will avoid the scrutiny the current system involves.

Pressure group Republic, which campaigns for a more accountable Royal Family, said: "It is wholly inappropriate that the Palace should have such a

  • direct interest in a subject like wind farms."

Buckingham Palace said: "Nobody yet knows how the Sovereign Support Grant is going to work. Details have not yet been finalised with the Treasury."

The Crown Estate said: "We only expect to see a return on this investment

  • from 2015 onwards when revenue from offshore wind should increase significantly."

Power suppliers pay the Crown Estate a rental fee to run their cables along the seabed from the turbines to the shore.

  • They also hand over a percentage of profits.

Household energy bills are expected to rise to pay for the £75billion expansion of wind farms."

  • (It's not about 'the children' after all, as Prince Charles has lectured as he jets around the globe at taxpayer expense. ed.)
10/24/10, "Risky Windfall: Prince Charles To Profit From His Green Energy Campaign," Mail on Sunday, Delgado and Leake


UK Met Office Chair facilitates human, animal suffering and possibly death, now honored by the Queen

1/1/2011, UK Met Office Chairman awarded Commander of the British Empire (CBE) "For "public service" - Robert Napier is the head of the UK's Met Office, you know, the one that couldn't predict the outcome of a one-horse race, the
It is an organisation so blinded by global warming theology that it now spectacularly fails to do what it is supposed to do: forecast the weather. It's the Meteorological Office after all."...

Some of Napier's appointments:

  • "Chairman of the Green Fiscal Trust,Chairman of the trustees of the World Centre of Monitoring of Conservation, a director of the Carbon Disclosure Project, a director of the Carbon Group
  • Chief executive of the World Wildlife Fund UK

...The Met Office's flawed advice to the government, which as a result failed to prepare adequately for the extreme cold, has resulted in the unnecessary suffering of millions of people in the UK. And on top of all that, he is handed a gong in the New Year's Honours List. Someone is playing a very sick joke on the British public."

(h/t Richard North)" from Australian Climate Madness, "Chairman of UK Met Office awarded CBE"

The trillion dollar 'climate' political and organized crime movement criminalizes Americans to exact billions in reparations from them yearly in perpetuity. It enables a UN 'climate' program that

  • willfully squanders billions of hard earned taxpayer dollars from submissive 'northern hemisphere' citizens. Environment has nothing to do with it.

American politicians have done their best to deliver American citizens to what even the Hague acknowledges is organized crime. ed.

via Tom Nelson

Thursday, December 30, 2010

UK Met Office says could have predicted snows with new computer, key global warming journal Nature says last 3 years of cold, snow just 'freak'

With trillions at stake including organized crime, "Nature" says this is a 'freak', UK Met Office says could have been called if only they'd had another multi-million dollar computer. Yet taxpayer funded Met Office has a new supercomputer installed in August 2009 valued at $UK30 million. The article does not mention failed 'barbecue summer' predictions.

12/30/10, "Freak weather could have been predicted, " Nature, by Nicola Jones

"UK Met Office is being held back by a lack of computing power, says its chief scientist Julia Slingo....

Is the UK Met Office playing catch-up with its US counterpart?

Certainly they were ahead of us on space weather. But generally I think we're pretty similar, really. In the United Kingdom we have climate and weather in the same building,

  • using the same models.

That's incredibly powerful and something the United States doesn't have.

What's the biggest obstacle to creating better, hazard-relevant weather forecasts?

Access to supercomputers. The science is well ahead of our ability to implement it. It's quite clear that if we could run our models at a higher resolution we could do a much better job — tomorrow — in terms of our seasonal and decadal predictions.

  • We keep saying we need four times the computing power.

We're talking just 10 or 20 million a year — dollars or pounds —

  • which is tiny compared to the damage done by disasters.

Yet it's a difficult argument to win. You just think:

  • why is this so hard?

Would that really make a practical difference to forecasts?

Yes....Instead of talking about seasonal means, we ought to be saying "There's an x% probability of a heat wave of this magnitude lasting this amount of time." That's more useful. You could use that to mobilize food aid or fire-fighting equipment.

The UK has had big snowstorms both this year and last. Will this kind of weather be more common in future?

We don't know. That's exactly the sort of thing

  • we need more computing power for.

We probably have the models. We'll launch a project in the next few months to look at this question.

What's next for the Met Office?

...I was out at the US Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, last week to form a collaboration with their climate research centre, to bring together their Earth-observation expertise with our modelling expertise. And we're in the process of establishing
  • a serious climate service,
in the same way as the United States. We've actually been doing this for years without calling it climate services,

  • but it's clear
  • we now need a quite focused activity, with a person in place
  • to lead it."
Reference: 1/3/2010, "It has a gigantic supercomputer, 1500 staff, and a $UK170 million budget. So why does the Met Office get it so wrong?" Daily Mail UK, by Richard North

"Spinning a coin could have given the same result - not one you would expect from an organisation that spends nearly £170million a year, has 1,500 staff and a team of scientists operating a £30million supercomputer capable of 1,000 billion calculations every second, with a carbon footprint the size of a small town.

Yet even with this brand-new computer in action since last August, on December 10 the Met Office predicted that it was 'more likely than not that 2010 will be the warmest year in the instrumental record, beating the previous record year which was 1998'. That prediction stands unchanged."...

Aug. 4, 2008, UK Met Office website:

"John Hirst, Met Office Chief Executive said: "In a world where the effect of extreme weather events is becoming more severe and the potential impact of global warming isbecoming ever more apparent, the Met Office plays an increasingly vital role in researching and forecasting these events. The new supercomputer is an important step in delivering our strategic targets."...Defence Minister, Derek Twigg MP, said: "The Met Office provides essential services to the nation, saving lives and protecting property through its weather forecasts and climate advice. I am very pleased to approve the replacement of the Met Office's supercomputer, which will enable it to take advantage of latest technology and thereby deliver enhanced services to the public and both Government and commercial customers." "IBM to provide next Met Office supercomputer"

12/23/10, "There has been snow in the UK every January-February for the last 3 years."

12/22/10, "It was argued that cold winters in the UK were a thing of the past. Then 2008/09 was a cold one, 2009/10 was even colder and now 2010 is breaking records. "...(Observational records).

  • Catastrophic weather and climate predictions by UK climate scientists and politicians (often in cooperation with the UN) have been used for years to extract money from American citizens. That is a crime. Climate science is not now and has never been such that enslavement of American citizens has been warranted by it. ed.
P.S. 5/6/10, Macmillan Publishing (parent of journal 'Nature') admitted to making bribery payments, though not in connection with Nature. BBC

via Tom Nelson

James Hansen, employee of US taxpayers, has received at least $900,000. in prize money for climate predictions now proven false

Hansen in 2008 said "recent warm UK winters were clear sign" of global warming.

6/20/10, $550,000 award to Hansen in Tokyo, praised for influencing goverment policy, "Climate scientists awarded prestigious Blue Planet Prize," Environment News Service, T

6/22/10, $100,000, In Norway, received the annual Sophie Prize for helping improve "understanding of human-induced climate change" and its potential threat to the planet.

3/5/2001, $250,000 Heinz Award (aka 'Ketchup Money'), praised for making (alleged) science into a political issue against industry, cites special merit for doing so against George Bush
James Hansen says he owes it all to the NY Times who in 1981 put him on the front page. George Bush (the first) cemented Hansen's fame in 1989 by using the catastrophic 'greenhouse effect' as a sensational topic as he campaigned for US president.
"The recent warm winters that Britain has experienced are a clear sign that the climate is changing, he (Hansen) says. And that "...the global rises in temperature could be approaching the point of becoming irreversible. "...(stated Feb. 2008)

"What marks Hansen out is his success in getting such ideas heard.

“I had written a paper for Science [the renowned academic journal] making predictions about climate change, but I thought it might get ignored.

  • So I sent it to a reporter at The New York Times –

In 1989, "Called before a congressional committee hearing looking at climate change, he sent an

  • advance fax to Al Gore, its chairman,

suggesting some of the questions that he would like to answer.

“What I told them was that the written evidence submitted in my name did not contain my words. It had been rewritten by the president’s own budget office to support their own agenda.”

This time the resulting storm was so great it saw climate change catapulted into the political arena as never before.

  • George Bush Sr (the father of George W Bush), who was then running for president,
Billions of pounds were allocated for research worldwide."...

via Haunting Library, Climate Depot

Obama administration says bowing to CO2 a religious and moral imperative

12/25/10, "EPA Green Priest Jackson: Regulation a ‘Moral Obligation’," Planet Gore, Henry Payne

"From crèches on government property to Christian greetings in the workplace, Americans go to great lengths this religious season to separate Christmas from our public life. Not so the Obama administration
  • and its campaign to tear down the wall separating
  • the Green Church and the state.

In an extraordinary speech before The National Council of Churches in New Orleans this November, Environmental Protection Agency Chief Lisa Jackson — a committed Green and Christian — urged that the U.S. government and religious leaders unite in their “moral obligation” to heal the planet

  • and “build on the

“The question now is, ‘What we can do?’” the High Priestess of Green concluded, adding that the effort was blessed by the

On the Thursday before Christmas, she answered her own question, dictating a controversial cap on industrial emissions that will have

  • profound negative consequences if enacted on jobs and economic growth in Michigan and the Midwest.

The EPA’s creche is in the public square, Mother Earth is in the manger, and Washington’s wise men are

  • bringing gifts of taxpayer money.

We are following through on our commitment to proceed in a measured and careful way to reduce greenhouse gas pollution that threatens the health and welfare of Americans

  • and contributes to climate change,”

said Jackson on Dec. 23 in imposing global warming regulations on power plants and refineries.

  • Read more at The Michigan here."
"Good stewards of our environment?" The CO2 market said to be worth $4.5 trillion by 2020. Evil Americans are said to be criminally liable for sinking islands in distant oceans for which they must pay billions in perpetuity.

via Tom Nelson

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Famine in Fresno, California, the new Zimbabwe. Triumph for 'greens,' hunger & poverty as planned

"A victim of a famine machine that is entirely man-made, not by red communists this time,
  • but by greens."...
12/28/10, "Fresno, Zimbabwe," IBD editorial

"Environmentalism: Fresno, Calif., stands as the de facto capital of California's mighty Central Valley, the breadbasket of America. So why is that city preoccupied with
  • winning a $1 million prize to stave off hunger?

Local newspapers and Fresno County officials are trying to rally Facebook users to vote for Fresno in a corporate contest sponsored by Wal-Mart for $1 million in charity food donations for the hungry. Fresno, a city of 505,000, has taken the national lead because

  • 24.1% of Fresno's families are going hungry.

Civic spirit is good, but something big is wrong here. Fresno is the agricultural capital of America. More food per acre in more variety can be grown in the fertile Central Valley surrounding this community than on any other land in America — perhaps in the world.

Yet far from being a paradise, Fresno is starting to resemble Zimbabwe or 1930s Ukraine, a

  • but by greens.

State and federal officials, driven by the agenda of environmental extremists, have made it extremely difficult for the valley's farms, introducing costly environmental regulations and

  • cutting off critical water supplies to save the Delta smelt, a bait fish.
  • It's all driving the economy to collapse.

In the southwest part of the Central Valley, water allotments as low as 10% of normal have created

  • a visible dust bowl.

The knock-on effect can be seen in cities like Fresno, where November's unemployment among the packers, cannery workers and professional fields that make agriculture productive

  • stands at 16.9%.

Other Central Valley cities such as Hanford-Corcoran, Merced, Modesto, Stockton and Visalia-Porterville have similar jobless numbers, the highest in the country. The Wal-Mart Foundation notes that "24.1% of families in this community (Fresno) cannot afford regular meals

  • compared to a national average of 9.2%."

That's right — a community that supplies a quarter of America's fruit and vegetables is begging for food.

"Even if Fresno doesn't finish first (in WalMart's Facebook contest) the fight against hunger will still come out a winner," the Fresno Bee crowed, citing publicity.

Fresno was ranked dead last at 102 as the worst city in America to do business, according to a 2010 MarketWatch survey.

  • Four other Central Valley cities made the national bottom 10 — Bakersfield, Sacramento, Modesto and Stockton.

If that's not a sign of a distressed region, what is?

  • Fresno shouldn't know the meaning of hunger or poverty,
  • given its natural bounty.

It's high time the greens who did this to the richest farmland in the country be held accountable. Far from bringing greenery,

via Tom Nelson

Climate hoax couldn't have happened without the media. After 20 years of brainwashing, you could accept cats on a menu as well

  • "William M. Gray is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Atmospheric Science at CSU."
12/21/10, "Mainstream media helps to brainwash,", William Gray
  • "I view Swartz and Peterson as representative of a large group of
intelligent and concerned citizens who have been (or allowed themselves to be) brainwashed by what they have heard over and over again for the last 20 years from an uncritical mainstream media.

The mainstream media have not well served the public on this topic. They have yet to dig deep and ask the tough questions.

As guardians of openness and the truth, the mainstream media have let the public down by not presenting the other side of the warming issue. They have primarily echoed the continuous self-serving carbon dioxide climate degradation statements emanating from our country's scientific, environmental, and political elites.

These statements mostly have been unsupported climate speculations, exaggerations and untruths.

Warming groups have a vested interest in the carbon dioxide warming threat.

  • Scientists can garner federal grants.
  • Environmentalists can use global warming to exert greater pressure on corporations.
  • Politicians can use the warming scare to increase their control over our lives, elevate the role of the government and increase their power.
A broad ranging "group think" or "herd mentality" has developed.

If I had not spent 57 years (last 49 at Colorado State University) studying, forecasting and teaching meteorology-climate and only knew about climate from what I've read/heard in the mainstream media and in government pronouncements, I likely would have had similar warming concerns as Swartz and Peterson and millions of other Americans
  • whose climate knowledge has been shaped by mainstream media.
But the knowledge I have accumulated during a long career does not permit me to accept these carbon dioxide induced warming pronouncements as being realistic.

I know of other more plausible nature processes which give more credible explanations of the global climate changes which have occurred during the last 150 years.

Thousands of our country's older and more experienced meteorologists have similar opinions as mine. There has yet to be a broad, open and honest scientific debate of the likely influence on climate by rising levels of carbon dioxide
  • by our country's most knowledgeable specialists.

I am not saying that a doubling carbon dioxide, by the end of the 21st century will have an influence on our global climate, however. Doubling carbon dioxide should cause an increase in the globe's hydrologic cycle (precipitation) of 3 percent to 4 percent.

But we should experience little global warming. Certainly not the 2 to 5 degrees Celsius warming

  • projected by the global models whose handling of the globe's hydrologic cycle is greatly flawed and causes them
  • to simulate grossly unrealistic high warming numbers.
The climate changes induced by carbon dioxide are likely to be more beneficial
  • than detrimental for humankind at least for the next 50 to 100 years."

via Tom Nelson

UN Climate Exec suggests Siemens pressure governments, but Siemens is already guilty of bribes in the 'global energy' area

1/6/09, Siemens bribery judgment a "wake up call for the "global energy industry."..

"Success at climate-change talks in Mexico may depend on companies such as Siemens AG and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. prodding governments into action,

Companies should lobby governments to recognize the business opportunities that arise from curbing global warming, Figueres today told a group that tracks carbon emissions by the world’s largest companies. Helping developing countries deliver more energy with fewer warming gases represents

  • a “huge opportunity,” she said at a conference in New York.

Figueres will lead UN climate talks in Cancun that begin in November to advance negotiations that stalled last year in Copenhagen. The U.S. Senate this year failed to act on House- passed legislation to slow the growth of carbon dioxide emissions, casting doubt on prospects for the Cancun meetings.

Business needs to make the government representatives understand that this could be to their advantage,” Figueres said.

  • “Government will be bolder if they are told that they can do so by investors and businesses.”

Figueres spoke at the presentation of a report from the Carbon Disclosure Project, a group backed by 534 institutional investors with more than $64 trillion in assets under management that tracks emissions by companies. In an annual survey of 500 of the world’s largest public companies,

almost 90 percent of those responding identified “significant opportunities” from climate change,

SIEMENS bribery judgment:
  • Siemens plead guilty to massive bribery and kickbacks and paid a fine of at least $1.6 billion. Perhaps Siemens thought by hooking up with the "green" or "climate" industry, people would forget they were crooks.
1/6/2009, Siemens bribery judgment a "wake up call for the "global energy industry."...
develop national identity cards in Argentina and medical devices in Vietnam, China and Russia. Siemens ripped off poor and vulnerable populations. The 'climate' movement is based on the notion that Americans have exploited poor nations and must pay billions in reparations. A joke, especially for accusers like Siemens.
Reference: Al Gore trained UN Climate Change Exec Figueres
  • SIEMENS is also mentioned in ClimateGate emails:
Date, Oct. 5, 2009, a ClimateGate emailer expresses hope a company like Siemens will not see information disputing ClimateGaters' views on CO2.
  • A day later, Oct. 6, an emailer says he's in talks with Siemens about money for CO2 research. (Phil Jones blames "right wing web sites" for their troubles):
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 15:50:38 +0100
Subject: Co2 Data
From: Martin Lutyens
To: Andrew Manning

Dear Andrew,

I just came across an article in The Week, called "The case of the vanishing data". It
writes in a rather wry and sceptical way about your UEA colleagues Phil Jones and Tom
Wigley , saying that only their "homogenised" or "adjusted" historical data is
available, and the original, raw data has gone missing. Apparently some other
environmental gurus now want to look at the original data and were "fobbed off".
According to the article,
  • the adjusted data forms the basis for much of the climate change debate and , because others now want to look at the source data,
  • it is "at the centre of an academic spat that could have major implications for the climate change debate".
The author of the original article is Patrick Michaels in The National Review,
who may just be stirring it.
The article concludes

"In short, the data invoked to verify the most significant
forecasts about the world's future,
  • have simply vanished."
Could you comment on this please, as someone (eg Siemens Corp.) may pick this up and I think we should all be forearmed by knowing what really happened and
  • what to say if asked.
Many thanks, Martin

Martin Lutyens
+44 (0) 207 938 2387
+44 (0) 796 646 2661

Prof. Phil Jones
Climatic Research Unit Telephone +44 (0) 1603 592090
School of Environmental Sciences Fax +44 (0) 1603 507784
University of East Anglia"

Date, Oct. 6, 2009, (Phil Jones getting fed up with allegations and blames "right wing websites." Emailer Andrew says he's in talks with Siemens):

"From: Phil Jones
To: Andrew Manning
Subject: Re: Fwd: Co2 Data
Date: Tue Oct 6 08:38:04 2009

Getting a bit fed up with these baseless allegations....

It is the right wing web sites doing all this, presumably in the build up to Copenhagen.

At 00:13 06/10/2009, Andrew Manning wrote:

Hi Phil,

Is this another witch hunt (like Mann et al.)? How should I respond to the below?

(I'm in the process of trying to persuade Siemens Corp. (a company with half a million employees in 190 countries!) to donate me a little cash to do some CO2 measurments here in the UK - looking promising, so the last thing I need is news articles

calling into
question (again) observed temperature increases - I thought we'd moved the debate beyond this, but seems that these sceptics are real die-hards!!).
Kind regards,
  • Siemens plead guilty to massive bribery and kickbacks and paid a fine of at least $1.6 billion. Perhaps like BP, Siemens thought by hooking up with the "green" or "climate" industry, people would forget they were crooks.
1/6/2009, Siemens bribery judgment a "wake up call for the "global energy industry."....



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More than 100 new arrests for carbon trading fraud, organized crime long known involved, billions gone, cops can't keep up

"It’s been known since June of last year (2009) that criminal organizations have been using
  • CO2-emissions trading

for defrauding governments of value added tax."...

"Here’s more proof that trading of CO2 emission certificates is fraught with fraud and attracts seedy criminal organizations – all costing the consumers and taxpayers billions.

The Austrian online Kleine Zeitung here reports that Europol have raided an elaborate CO2 emissions scam in Italy and have arrested more than 100 persons.

The Kleine Zeitung writes: “The damage runs in the billions of euros”.

According to Europol, the Italian tax authorities, directed by the Milan Prosecutor’s Office, have raided 150 companies in Italy. The fraud involves evasion of value added tax with CO2 emission certificates. More than 100 have been arrested and

  • are suspected of being involved in organised crime.

The Kleiner Zeitung reports that the Italian Electric Utilities trading markets had earlier halted entire trading with emissions certificates “because a high number of abnormal transactions”. The loss in tax revenue just from VAT (MTIC (Missing Trader IntraCommunity Fraud) alone is estimated to be 500 million euros, the online Kleine Zeitung writes.

The fraud is widespread

According to reports, it’s been known since June of last year that criminal organizations have been using CO2-emissions trading for defrauding governments of value added tax.

This is not the first time that police raids of this scale have taken place. It’s the latest in a series of raids that have been carried out all over Europe this year, all involving the trading of CO2 emission certificates. It seems the authorities just can’t keep up with the multitudes of swindlers out there.

Norway, Switzerland and the EU countries Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Latvia, the Netherlands, Slovak Republic and Portugal are all

a fraud with links to criminal networks operating outside the EU and in other continents, like the Middle East.

2500 investigators – trying to identify. That’s means they haven’t yet. That’s a lot of fraud. The fraud has spread

  • from science to finance. Expect a meltdown – sooner than later.

UPDATE 2: Recall this Danish fraud:


via Tom Nelson

Al Gore trained UN Climate Change Exec

Christiana Figueres, "Executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change," lists one of her qualifications as:
Retrieved from Christiana Figueres' CV, long form, page 5, 12/28/10
5/19/10, "Carbon market welcomes Figueres as head of UNFCCC"

9/16/10, Figueres cites Russian fires and Pakistan floods as proof urgent action needed on funding from the US to 'tackle' global warming. (NOAA has detailed Russian fires have nothing to do with alleged global warming). The Pakistani floods are explained by a combination of organized crime and natural events.

Figueres: "“The natural anomalies that we have seen again this year - - floods in Pakistan or heat waves and fires in Russia --
Reference: 9/16/10, "UN Climate Chief Figueres Favors `Transformational' Projects as HFCs Ebb," Bloomberg

Reference: 8/13/10 report, "The Russian Heat Wave of 2010," US Dept. of Commerce, Draft report by NOAA CSI

Reference, 9/29/10,"2010 Pakistan Floods: Climate Change Or Natural Variability?” by Madhav L Khandekar

Reference: 10/13/10, "Pakistani timber mafia and climate change caused much of summer's flooding," Treehugger, by Matthew McDermott


Obama says snow must fall and stick above 35 degrees or it's global warming

"President Obama relies on scientists whom he funds to give him the answers he wants. "...For example, Obama says a world skiing event should thrive at above 35 degrees.
"The simplest solution is to look out the window. The British Met Office, the United Kingdom's national weather service, used its new $50 million super computer to predict a mild winter in Britain, 3.4 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than last year. So far, the reality is record-breaking cold, heavy snow and paralyzing ice.
  • But what if the New York Times, President Obama, the National Academy of Sciences, the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Yale University, and The Oregonian all say to be very worried? Perhaps you should question their expertise.
President Obama relies on scientists whom he funds to give him the answers he wants.
He discovered that global warming is far more lucrative than electrical engineering.

The UNIPCC is run by a railroad engineer who writes romance novels. Yale University promoters are really psychologists who want you to believe that they are climate experts when
  • their real expertise is propaganda.
The Oregonian relies on all the above.

The interlocking relationships are highly incestuous, with vast conflicts of interest and/or little scientific expertise. Among scientists, belief in global warming comes down to cold cash.
  • Those who benefit most from government largesse --
  • an estimated $100 billion to date -- are typically true believers,
while independent scientists easily spot the scam.

This creates a split based on age and experience. Young scientists like Juliane Fry of Reed College, who professed her belief in an op-ed in The Oregonian, are eager for fame, funding and tenure,
Older scientists like Richard Lindzen of MIT, perhaps the greatest meteorologist alive today, oppose climate hysteria. They built their fame on an approach now considered quaint: the scientific method.

Among global warming advocates there is occasional candor about their real goals. Christiana Figueres, the new executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, said of the U.N. climate efforts:
  • "This is the greatest societal and economic transformation that the world has ever seen."
Global warming is about politics, not legitimate science. Figueres calls herself a "global climate change analyst." Her formal education in climate science consists of

Al Gore's training program to promote "An Inconvenient Truth."

That should worry everyone."

via Tom Nelson

Monday, December 27, 2010

WWF demands more snow, says global warming endangers skiing-2008

"From the European Alps to the Asian Himalayas, the US Rockies and the Central American Andes, global warming means milder winters and less snowfall”, the petition said. “Ice and snow are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of global warming, and as avid skiers and snowboarders we see our beloved sports endangered.”...

Skiers are first-hand witnesses of the destructive power of climate change, seeing glaciers retreat and snowpack disappear with their own eyes”, says Kim Carstensen, Leader of the WWF Global Climate Initiative. “These massive changes endanger important species and alpine ecosystems and threaten local communities depending on tourism and winter sports.”...

The majority of Himalayan glaciers have also been retreating and thinning over the past 30 years, with accelerated loss in the last and current decade."...

via Tom Nelson, via Steve Goddard

Union of 'Concerned Scientists' says global warming means less snow

2006, "Consequences across the region," Climate Choices, Union of Concerned Scientists

"Across the globe, and here in the Northeast (US), the climate is changing. Records show that spring is arriving earlier, summers are growing hotter, and winters are becoming warmer and less snowy. These changes are consistent with global warming, an urgent phenomenon driven by heat-trapping emissions from human activities. Explore the impacts of climate change on coasts, fisheries, forests, wildlife, water, agriculture, winter recreation and health..."

"Lance Pierce
Director of Climate & Energy Program
Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)"

Ceres is a global warming pressure group which attempts to influence the SEC, business, and government, per its website. Since global warming does not exist, it is counterproductive.

via Tom Nelson, Haunting the Library


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