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Thursday, December 30, 2010

James Hansen, employee of US taxpayers, has received at least $900,000. in prize money for climate predictions now proven false

Hansen in 2008 said "recent warm UK winters were clear sign" of global warming.

6/20/10, $550,000 award to Hansen in Tokyo, praised for influencing goverment policy, "Climate scientists awarded prestigious Blue Planet Prize," Environment News Service, T

6/22/10, $100,000, In Norway, received the annual Sophie Prize for helping improve "understanding of human-induced climate change" and its potential threat to the planet.

3/5/2001, $250,000 Heinz Award (aka 'Ketchup Money'), praised for making (alleged) science into a political issue against industry, cites special merit for doing so against George Bush
James Hansen says he owes it all to the NY Times who in 1981 put him on the front page. George Bush (the first) cemented Hansen's fame in 1989 by using the catastrophic 'greenhouse effect' as a sensational topic as he campaigned for US president.
"The recent warm winters that Britain has experienced are a clear sign that the climate is changing, he (Hansen) says. And that "...the global rises in temperature could be approaching the point of becoming irreversible. "...(stated Feb. 2008)

"What marks Hansen out is his success in getting such ideas heard.

“I had written a paper for Science [the renowned academic journal] making predictions about climate change, but I thought it might get ignored.

  • So I sent it to a reporter at The New York Times –

In 1989, "Called before a congressional committee hearing looking at climate change, he sent an

  • advance fax to Al Gore, its chairman,

suggesting some of the questions that he would like to answer.

“What I told them was that the written evidence submitted in my name did not contain my words. It had been rewritten by the president’s own budget office to support their own agenda.”

This time the resulting storm was so great it saw climate change catapulted into the political arena as never before.

  • George Bush Sr (the father of George W Bush), who was then running for president,
Billions of pounds were allocated for research worldwide."...

via Haunting Library, Climate Depot

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