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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Jersey man beaten with deadly weapon for merely walking down the street wearing a Donald Trump t-shirt. Fortunately the victim survived, but that's not what concerns the 'reporter.' No, she's not on the trail of who the criminal attacker might be who's a danger to all society including herself. Rather, she's hot on the trail to find out "exactly" what the t-shirt said

Image from, Jessica Mazzola, NJ Star Ledger "reporter"

8/10/16, "62-Year-Old Trump Supporter Beaten With Crowbar For Wearing Trump T-Shirt – Media Makes Headline About T-Shirt," tcth, Sundance 

"I doubt you could find a more representative story to exemplify the current state of American journalism than this one.

Summary Version:  A 62-year-old guy in New Jersey was minding his own business – walking down the street, wearing a Donald Trump T-Shirt….

He was attacked by a motorist who stopped his car, got out, and beat the 62-year-old Trump supporter with a crowbar.

The New Jersey news article was written  by a reporter named Jessica Mazolla. Read The Article HERE.  Please notice The headline reads:

"Man's Trump T-shirt sparked crowbar attack, cops say,"

So the Trump T-Shirt caused the guy to get beaten with a crowbar….You getting this?
It’s the “her skirt was too short” argument customarily heard from rape apologists. But, oh, wait, it gets better. The reporter, Jessica Mazzola, gets called out on the ridiculously biased presentation by a few readers in the NJ.COM comment section.

She responds: [Continues to prove emotional inability to perform the job of "reporter."]


Again, focused on what exactly was on the shirt
I guess you never know….

Perhaps the 62-year-old guy was wearing a T-Shirt that says:


Oh yeah, and way down the page you’ll find this little paragraph (emphasis mine):

[…] "Witnesses in the parking lot told police they saw the alleged attack, as well, authorities said. The description of the attacker, however, was vague."

The description of the rage-filled guy wielding a crow bar to brutally attack the victim was “too vague” for a mention…. I mean, surely the “eye witnesses” were lacking some filtered perspective of specificity…. but let’s dig into the T-Shirt angle a bit more shall we.

C’mon, we all know he deserved it right?
Right? Good grief. 

  • Step one – Don’t describe the attacker. Then, if possible
  • Step two – Find a way to blame/shame the victim.  Then, if possible…
  • Step three – Avoid framing the obvious motive against your own political ideology…
  • Step four – If confronted, refer to step one.
Jessica Mazzola's visual aides:



Added: 8/9/16 article posted below (attack was Wed. 8/3):

To Jessica Mazzola: It wasn't the savage criminal who stopped his car, exited the car for the purpose of harassing a man who was merely walking down the street on an afternoon, followed the 62 year old man, shouted profanities at him as the citizen continued to walk away, then grabbed a crowbar from his car and beat the law abiding, defenseless citizen with a deadly weapon. It was that a man has a different view of the world than you do.

Actual sentence from article:

"Police said the man believes  

the T-shirt sparked the initial contact and 

prompted the altercation. Authorities are investigating."

8/9/16, "Man's Trump T-shirt sparked crowbar attack, cops say,", Jessica Mazzola (Star Ledger)

"A 62-year-old man was beaten with a crowbar by a complete stranger who allegedly took issue with the man's Donald Trump T-shirt, police said Tuesday.

The man was walking on West Passaic Avenue at about 5:41 p.m. last Wednesday (8/3) when a man he did not know pulled up in an older gray compact car, Bloomfield police said.

The driver 

questioned the 62-year-old about the Donald Trump shirt he was wearing, and then 

followed him into the parking lot of the Friendly's restaurant on Broad Street, police said.

"The motorist inquired why (the man) was wearing the shirt, directing profanities at him," Bloomfield Police spokesman Ralph Marotti said. "The (victim) continued to walk away as (the) motorist followed him."

The man then got out of his car with a crowbar, and during an altercation, struck the older man several times, authorities said.

The man suffered injuries to his arms, hands, and thighs, police said. He was treated at the scene, police said. The attacker fled the scene before police arrived, officials said.

Witnesses in the parking lot told police they saw the alleged attack, as well, authorities said. The description of the attacker, however, was vague.

Police said the man believes the T-shirt sparked the initial contact and prompted the altercation. Authorities are investigating."
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