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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Brexit leader Nigel Farage at Trump rally in Jackson, Mississippi brings message of hope and optimism: Ordinary people can 'overcome the big banks and the multinationals.' Global 'experts' said Brexit would lose. David Cameron-now former UK Prime Minister-said it might bring World War III-August 24, 2016 at Trump rally in Jackson, Mississippi

8/24/16, "Nigel Farage at Trump Rally: “America, You’d Better Get Your Walking Boots On” (video)," tcth, sundance  

"Speaking to a boisterous crowd of over 10,000 supporters in Jackson Mississippi, candidate Donald Trump introduced Nigel Farage the leader of the U.K. Independence party– who led a campaign culminating a successful exit of Great Britain from the corruptocrats and corporatist elites within the European Union."...


Mr. Farage comes to us from the United Kingdom "with a message of hope and a message of optimism." (:48) To win Brexit, they had to beat the same people in England we have to beat in the US: big banks and multinationals. If ordinary people are prepared to stand and fight,  

(1:02) "we can overcome the big banks, we can overcome the multinationals...And we did it. We made June the 23rd our Independence Day, when we smashed the Establishment. (crowd cheers) Everybody said we'd lose. And what did we see, we saw "experts" from all over the world...We saw the International Monetary Fund, we saw Moody's, we saw Standard and Poors....(2:14) And David Cameron--THEN our Prime Minister, but no longer told us, we might even get World War III. And we saw the commentariet and we saw the polling industry doing everything they could to demoralize our campaign. On the day of the vote itself, that morning, they put us ten...points...behind. And actually, they were all wrong."...(2:41)


Among tcth comments, a few more quotes from Mr. Farage tonight, 8/24/16, at Trump's rally in Mississippi:


"wyntre says:


“You can beat the pollsters, the commentators and Washington.

We had our own people’s army of ordinary citizens who convinced and inspired people to vote for change.
If you want change you better put your walking boots on.

Anything is possible if enough decent people are willing to stand up against the establishment.”"...

"wyntre says:


“The polls said we (Brexit) would lose, they told us our economy would fall off the cliff, they said we might get WW3.

The proletariat and the polling industry did everything they could to demoralize us.

The polls were wrong. We reached people hurt by globalism. We reached people who had never voted before but they thought they could get back their borders and their pride.

We were visited by One Barack Obama. (Crowd BOOOOOOOS very loudly)

He talked down to us. He talked to us like we were nothing and told us to vote REMAIN.”"..



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