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Friday, August 12, 2016

Trump rally in Sunrise, Florida at Florida Panthers arena "was more diverse than you might expect-reasonable number of Chinese Americans, African Americans, and Hispanics," says BBC reporter-Wed., Aug. 10, 2016

Wed., 8/10/16, "Tonight's rally was more diverse than you might expect. Reasonable no of Chinese Americans, African Americans and Hispanics. Trump rally in Sunrise, Florida, Broward County, at BB and T Arena, the arena of Florida Panthers Ice Hockey team

Above, 8/10/16, Trump rally in Sunrise, Fla. at BB and T arena, "Scenes from a rally. ."

Above, 8/10/16, Trump Socks at Trump rally in Sunrise, Florida, Broward County, BB and T arena, Miami Herald, #7


8/10/16, Above, after Trump speech, BB and T arena in Sunrise, Fla., after Trump speech, BBC, "Donald leaves arena after speech in Florida,


8/10/16, "Trump riffs to rowdy crowd in Broward," Miami Herald,

The Donald Trump who arrived at a rocking Broward County hockey arena Wednesday night wasn’t the politician who read off a TelePrompTer when he accepted the Republican presidential nomination last month, or when he laid out his economic plan in Detroit earlier this week.

No, the Trump who rallied thousands of raucous supporters in Sunrise came to South Florida to riff....

On Clinton, his Democratic rival for the White House: “Hillary Clinton said, ‘I don’t like his tone.’ See, I don’t like her temperament. Her temperament is the temperament of a loser.”

The crowd loved it.

It was Trump’s first time campaigning in Broward, Florida’s most Democratic county, and his first big public appearance in the state’s southern end since October. Back then, long before any Republican primary ballots had been cast, Trump’s rally had felt like a cross between a thumping rock concert and an edgy protest.

For his backers, the thrill isn’t gone.

“Lock her up!” they chanted from the moment they gathered, under an afternoon thunderstorm, outside the Florida Panthers’ arena. 

When Trump blasted the news media, they changed the chant to “Lock them up!”

Look at this. August. Hot. Tremendous bad weather today,” said Trump, who had flown in from an earlier rally in Virginia, another key swing state. “You have a vicious storm — and look at this place!”

At least three groups of protesters interrupted Trump’s hour-long commentary in a span of about three minutes. The second time, a Trump supporter who had helped kick the protesters out came back into the arena holding his arms in a triumphant “V.” The third time, some Trump backers dumped their drinks and threw trash at the hecklers.

“Is there any place better than a Trump rally, or more fun?” Trump interjected once.

Then: “There’s so much love in the room,” he said, without irony. “It’s incredible.”

“Trump is Trump,” gushed Sandra Witte, a Tamarac Republican. We all love him. I love everything about Donald Trump: He is extremely successful. He is a true American. He has a beautiful family.…He wants to take care of America first.”"...


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