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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fact check: It's Donald Trump's Party Now-NY Times Editorial Board, May 3, 2016

Above, headline of NY Times Editorial, posted Tuesday evening May 3, 2016 for Wed., May 4, 2016 print ed 
Even the NY Times Editorial Board was honest enough to admit that the 2016 voters' message "is testimony to how thoroughly they reject the Republican politicians who betrayed them."...Consent of the governed is required if you want to be in charge. 

5/3/16, By The NY Times Editorial Board:

"Republican leaders have for years failed to think about much of anything beyond winning the next election. Year after year, the party’s candidates promised help for middle-class people who lost their homes, jobs and savings to recession, who lost limbs and well-being to war, and then did next to nothing. That Mr. Trump was able to enthrall voters by promising simply to “Make America Great Again” — but offering only xenophobic, isolationist or fantastical ideas — is testimony to how thoroughly they reject the politicians who betrayed them."...


Comment: Fact check: The Republican primaries are over. Trump won and Establishment Republicans lost in a historic landslide. A divorce happened. The side who lost now makes daily headlines saying they've made a big decision not to support Trump. Let's see, the voters kicked you out, now you're out there with no power saying you're kicking us out. These politicians sound mentally unstable and are a danger to the country.


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