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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trump and Hillary in statistical tie in Florida, 4 points apart in Ohio, 10 points apart in Pennsylvania, per Quinnipiac University swing state polls, Sat., July 30-Sun. August 7, 2016 (9 days)


Hillary 46 
Trump 45

Florida including third parties (q. 6)

Trump 43
Hillary 43
Johnson 7
Stein 3



Hillary 49
Trump 45

Ohio including third parties

Hillary 44
Trump 42
Johnson 8
Stein 3



Hillary 52 
Trump 42 

Pennsylvania including third parties

Hillary 48
Trump 39
Johnson 7
Stein 3


Sat., July 30-Sun., August 7, 2016, Nine day poll, Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll, land lines and cell phones.

Florida: 1,056 Florida likely voters, error margin 3%. (No breakout of Hispanic or Latino voter support for candidates, only "white" and "non-white." Overall respondents were 67% white, 14% black, 15% Hispanic, 5% other)

Ohio: 812 Ohio likely voters, error margin 3.4%.

Pennsylvania: 815 Pennsylvania likely voters, error margin 3.4%

Florida Crosstabs 
Ohio Crosstabs  
Pennsylvania Crosstabs
Florida sample and Methodology 
Ohio sample and Methodology 
Pennsylvania sample and Methodology 


Comment: I didn't copy the full headline Quinnipiac gave this poll. If they want to cheer lead for one candidate, in this case Hillary, and by extension for Saudi terrorists, endless wars, and genocide--while pretending to be an unbiased polling company--they're free to do so. I'm free not to help them do it.



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