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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Communist Party USA says Hillary win needed now more than ever-Editorial, 7/26/16

7/26/16, "Landslide in November?" Peoples World, Communist Party USA Editorial

""Winning in a landslide" is needed now more than ever, and that landslide for Clinton could swing control of the Senate to Democrats, and other potential positive effects could be felt on the "down ballot" congressional and state races.

Many things could happen between now and November. Don't count out the American people in seeing with new eyes, what is at stake in November, which is just about everything....

The union movement, communities of color, students, women, progressives and the newborn "political revolution" can help generate voter enthusiasm by talking and tweeting about Clinton and the issues."...



Above, 8/7/16, Communist Party USA urges Anti-Trump action

Above, 3/11/16, "Anti-Trump Crowd Shows Communist Colors In Chicago, Literally," CNN video from You Tube 

Above, 8/6/16, Communist Party USA, "let's defeat Trump"


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