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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump pulls ahead of Hillary in North Carolina, Emerson College poll, August 27-29, 2016. Trump 45, Hillary 43, 800 likely N.C. voters. Trump leads by 11 points among independent voters: Trump 45, Hillary 34

Trump 45
Hillary 43
Johnson 8
Stein 2

Independent voters

Trump 45
Hillary 34
Johnson 14

August 27-29, 2016, 800 likely North Carolina voters, 3.4 error margin, automated voice poll, land lines only. 38.6D, 32.7R, 28.7 Ind. Male 45.4, Female 54.6 (+9.2 female). White 62.7, Black 13.7, Am. Indian 4.7, Hispanic 7.8, other 9.8

8/30/16, "Emerson College Poll: GOP holds slight lead in North Carolina Presidential and Senate Races"

Press release states Trump has a ten point lead, 47-37, among males, Hillary has a five point lead, 49-44 among females.

"Data was weighted by 2012 election results and regional weights." Subsets carry higher margins of error as sample size is reduced.


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