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Thursday, August 4, 2016

In past 30 days 1178 people have been killed out of religious duty to Islam and 1809 injured. Since 9/11/01, an average of 5 people per day have been killed in the name of Islam. This isn't to say Muslims are innately dangerous. It's to say Islam is different-The Religion of Peace, 8/4/16

8/4/16, "List of Islamic Terror: Last 30 days," The Religion of Peace

"This is part of the list of Islamic terror attacks maintained by During this time period, there were 142 Islamic attacks in 22 countries, in which 1178 people were killed and 1809 injured. (TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted)."



(images from TROP)


"About the List of Attacks," The Religion of Peace

"This list of terrorist attacks committed by Muslims since 9/11/01 (a rate of about five a day) is incomplete because not all such attacks are picked up by international news sources, even those resulting in multiple loss of life. 

These are not incidents of ordinary crime involving nominal Muslims killing for money or vendetta.  We only include incidents of deadly violence that are reasonably determined to have been committed out of religious duty - as interpreted by the perpetrator.  Islam needs to be a motive, but it need not be the only factor.

We usually list only attacks resulting in loss of life (with a handful of exceptions).  In several cases, the deaths are undercounted because deaths from trauma caused by the Islamists may occur in later days, despite the best efforts of medical personnel to keep the victims alive.

In 2014, the BBC did a thorough analysis of Islamic terror attacks occurring during the month of November.  They found 664 attacks and 5,042 deaths.  Our list has only 284 attacks and 2,515 deaths for that month, meaning that we undercounted the true extent of Islamic terror by a significant margin. 

We usually don't include incidents related to combat, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan, unless it involves particularly heinous terror tactics, such as suicide bombings or attacks on troops sleeping in their barracks or providing medical care to the local population.

We acknowledge that a handful of incidents on our list may not fit the traditional definition of 'terror attack.'  A small portion, for example, are of honor killings - although we usually omit those in which the woman is killed by her husband, since this is often indistinguishable from a crime of passion (barring explicit circumstances). Our stance on honor killings is that the stabbing, shooting or strangling of a woman over "unIslamic" behavior constitutes Islamic terror.

Our counter reflects most of the deadly attacks on our list.  This figure may be a bit more than the number of line items, since multiple incidents are sometimes grouped into the same record.

Honor killings and attacks that result in no loss of life are not included in the counter even if they appear on the list.

Unfortunately, this list of Muslim terrorist attacks barely scratches the surface of atrocities committed in the name of Islam occurring world-wide each day.  For that reason, we don't tally up the dead and dismembered, except on a weekly and monthly basis.

The incidents are collected each day from public news sources.  There is no rumor or word-of-mouth involved.  Although every attempt is made to be accurate and consistent, we are not making the claim that this is a scientific product.

Unlike the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which publishes a tally of alleged "hate crimes" each year without supporting data, we do provide detail of each incident that we claim as a terror attack and make it available for verification.

The point of this list is not to convince anyone that they are in mortal danger or that Muslims are innately dangerous people (they are not, of course). Rather it is to point out that Islam is different. No other religion inspires the sort of terrorism that the "Religion of Peace" produces. It should be acceptable to question and critique the teachings, particularly those that are supremacist in nature.

We also hope that this list offers moral perspective against so-called "Islamophobia" and other complaints from Muslim identity groups that are petty by comparison.  Who knows - perhaps one day these groups will decide to take the sort of action expected of those who truly believe that it is wrong to kill in the name of their religion." 

"Further Reading:

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