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Friday, July 1, 2016

Slave wages in Mexico, minimum wage is 50 cents an hour as of April 2016. Slave wages in Mexico make fat cats happy, guarantee endless flow of cheap labor to the US

Mexico Minimum Daily Wage as of April 2016, per Banco de Mexico: 73.04 pesos per day, US $3.98 per day, 50 cents per hour based on 8 hour day.


5/19/2010, "President Obama gestures at the decorative butterflies hanging from the top of the tent during the entertainment portion of the state dinner for Mexico. Charles Dharapak / AP," via Washington Post

First two images above via: 5/20/2010, "Eva and Michelle step out in matching off-the-shoulder outfits as the Obamas hold lavish state dinner for Mexico's President" Mailonline, by Jessica Satherley and Donna Mcconnell for MailOnline



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