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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Establishment Republican Nelson Rockefeller didn't lose like a gentleman when he was defeated at the 1964 Republican Convention. Refusing to put country first, he trashed the Republican Party on national television so no one in their right mind would want anything to do with it. When they lose, Establishment Republicans typically sabotage the winning ones-Jeffrey Lord

Video posted at "Governor Nelson Rockefeller addresses the '64 Convention." Announcer: "This is what Governor Rockefeller has been waiting for, all these hours":

New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller at the 1964 Republican Convention speaks after failing to become Republican nominee for president, losing to Senator Barry Goldwater. Rockefeller starts speaking at about 2 minutes, cameras show the lively crowd chanting various things including, "We want Barry." Nelson wasn't having it, his mission was to punish and weaken the Republican Party so no one in their right mind would admit to being a Republican much less vote for one. He said it was being taken over by "radicals" who ignored "a changing world" and were outside the "mainstream." (Partial transcript of Rockefeller 1964 remarks below). The same boilerplate the globalist GOP E spouts to this day. 1964 was moot anyway for Republicans only a year after JKF's assassination. LBJ, JFK's vice president, had assumed the presidency himself on the day of the assassination, and would go on to win in 1964.


Nov. 2013 article includes highlights of Establishment Republican Nelson Rockefeller's hateful remarks to the world about the Republican Party after he lost the 1964 Republican nomination for president: 
Nov. 8, 2013, "The Sabotage Republicans," Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

"Up until now not much has been made of the long, disgraceful trait of Establishment Republicans to demand party unity unless they lose a primary or a convention.
In which case they simply refuse to unite behind the winning conservative. And deliberately, with malice aforethought — actively seek to sabotage that conservative. 

Moderate Republicans not only refuse to pull together. They go out of their way to sabotage the conservative....

Then comes 1964. Barry Goldwater and his conservatives defeat liberal Republican New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller. Like Goldwater the loser four years earlier, Rockefeller the loser this time gets his five minutes to address the delegates and the nation via television.

Unlike the conservative loser Goldwater in 1960, the Establishment loser Rockefeller took a very different approach to losing.

Said Rockefeller, and we will leave in the notations of “Crowd Boos” as they happened in the original, with bold print supplied for emphasis: 
During this year I have criss-crossed this nation fighting–to keep the Republican party the party of all the people and warning of the extremist threat, it’s a danger to the party. 
It’s danger to the party and it’s danger to the nation. The methods of these extremist elements, I have experienced first hand. [Crowd boos.] That’s right. Their tactics have ranged from cancellation by coercion of a speaking engagement before a college to outright threats of personal violence.
This is still a free country ladies and gentlemen. [Crowd boos.] These things, ladies and gentlemen have no place in America, but I can personally testify to their existence. And, so can countless others who have also experienced anonymous mid-night and early morning telephone calls. That’s right. [Crowd boos.] Unsigned and threatening letters. Smear and hate literature, strong-arm goon tactics, bomb threats and bombings. Infiltration and takeover of established political organizations by Communist and Nazi methods! [Crowd boos.]
Some of you don’t like to hear it ladies and gentlemen, but it’s the truth. These extremists feed on fear, hate and terror…There is no place in this Republican party…for such hawkers of hate, such purveyors of prejudice, such fabricators of fear. [Crowd boos.] Whether Communist, Ku Klux Klan or Birchers! [Crowd boos and begins continuous cheer of “We want Barry!] There is no place in this Republican Party for those who would infiltrate its ranks, distort its aims and convert it into a cloak of apparent respectability for a dangerous extremism. And make no mistake about it, the hidden members of the John Birch Society and other like them are out to do just that.
Lovely. Not a word there about the real opponent in 1964 — Lyndon Johnson, the Great Society, the impending deluge of Big Government that would swamp the country and set it on the road to fiscal disaster. No, Rockefeller’s approach was to go after conservatives and trash them. They were Nazis. Klan members. Haters.

Then there was this jewel.

In the closing hours of that 1964 nomination battle, when it was abundantly clear to all that Goldwater had well-more than a majority of the votes, out came this charming missive over the name of Rockefeller’s last minute replacement as the liberal GOP hope to defeat Goldwater. Pennsylvania Governor William Scranton. Tellingly, it was written by Scranton’s staff and not seen by their boss, but it reflected the liberal GOP mindset. The letter was, as presidential campaign chronicler Theodore H. White described it, theoretically a debate challenge. But in fact it read “less like a challenge to debate than an indictment, a summons to Goldwater to stand trial before the Convention delegates.”

The letter read, in part, with bold print added for emphasis:
Your organization…feel they have bought, beaten and compromised enough delegate support to make the result a foregone conclusion. With open contempt for the dignity, integrity and common sense of the convention, your managers say in effect that the delegates are little more than a flock of chickens whose necks will be wrung at will…
You have too often casually prescribed nuclear war as a solution to a troubled world.
You have too often allowed the radical extremists to use you.
You have too often stood for irresponsibility in the serious question of racial holocaust.
You have too often read Taft and Eisenhower and Lincoln out of the Republican Party. In short, Goldwaterism has come to stand for a whole crazy-quilt collection of absurd and dangerous positions that would be soundly repudiated by the American people in November.
Got that? The winner of the GOP nomination was “absurd,his positions “dangerous. When the 1964 convention was over, instead of uniting behind Goldwater as Goldwater had done with Nixon — and asked his supporters to do the same — the Establishment/Rockefeller wing of the GOP took a walk. They sat on their hands — or went out of their way to sabotage Goldwater....

The fact here is that sabotaging conservatives is built into the DNA of the GOP Establishment. Unable to win themselves a considerable bit of the time — and then continuing to move the country left when they do win, just not as fast and so much better managed don’t you know — they have never ever changed....

The GOP Establishment will find a way — quietly or not so quietly — to sabotage the conservative nominee if there is a conservative nominee in 2016. This is what they do....

That is the Republican Party’s real problem. And it’s a big one."


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