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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hungarian leader, Viktor Orban, says Donald Trump is better for Europe. While not with the Trump campaign, Orban agrees that 'democracy export' doesn't work without stable societies, as US learned in its Libya and Egypt interventions-AP via NY Times

7/23/16, "Hungarian Leader, Viktor Orban, Says Donald Trump Is Better for Europe," AP, via NY  Times. Print ed., July 24, 2016, p. A8 of New York edition with headline: Trump’s Ideas To Fight Terror Find Approval In Hungary."..

"The antiterrorism proposals of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump make him the better option for Europe and for Hungary, said Viktor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, on Saturday.

Mr. Orban, who has ordered border fences built to stop migrants, said that the ideas of the “upstanding American presidential candidate” about the need for the best intelligence services and his opposition to “democracy export” were also applicable in Europe.

“I am not Donald Trump’s campaigner,” Mr. Orban said at an event in Baile Tusnad, Romania, an area with a large Hungarian population. He said he had listened to Mr. Trump’s proposals to stop terrorism, and I myself could not have drawn up better what Europe needs.

Mr. Orban, who returned to power in 2010, has often been criticized by the European Union, the United States and others for his efforts to centralize power, control civic groups and increase his influence over the media.

In 2011, while she was secretary of state, Hillary Clinton visited Hungary, and expressed the United States’ concerns about government corruption there and the independence of Hungary’s courts and its press.

Mr. Orban, whose speech was broadcast on Hungarian state media, blamed the West for what he saw as failed interventions in countries such as Egypt and Libya. He added that Hungary was not “indifferent” to political and human rights in Turkey, but that its stability was most important.

“If I’m asked what is Hungary’s strongest expectation regarding Turkey today, we will put stability first,” Mr. Orban said. “If Turkey becomes unstable, many tens of millions of people from that region will hurtle toward Europe without any sort of filtering, screening or control.”

Mr. Orban was critical of the European Union’s leadership in Brussels, and said that individual countries in Europe should have more authority to make its own decisions on specific issues, such as migration.

“We have to make it clear that our problem is not in Mecca, but in Brussels,” Mr. Orban said. The bureaucrats in Brussels are an obstacle for us, not Islam.”"
"A version of this article appears in print on July 24, 2016, on page A8 of the New York edition with the headline: Trump’s Ideas To Fight Terror Find Approval In Hungary."...


March 2009 article: Soros fined $2.2 million in Hungary for Oct. 2008 stock manipulation, "a significant and strong attack" against Hungarian money and capital markets, causing near default:

March 28, 2009, "Soros fined in Hungary for stock manipulation," Bloomberg via Hurriyet, Budapest

"Billionaire investor George Soros’s Soros Fund Management was fined 489 million forint ($2.2 million) for attempting to manipulate the share price of OTP Bank, Hungary’s largest bank, the country’s financial regulator said.

The Soros fund attempted on Oct. 9 to "send out false or misleading signals about a security’s supply and demand or its share price" and short sold OTP shares, the regulator, known as PSZAF, said in a statement late Thursday. The short selling caused the shares to drop 14 percent in the final 30 minutes of trade, the regulator said.

Short-sellers sell borrowed securities, hoping to profit by repurchasing them later at a lower price and then returning them to the owner. Budapest-based OTP is Hungary’s largest lender.

The plunge in OTP shares was part of a "significant and strong attack" against Hungarian money and capital markets, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said on Oct. 10. The same month, the central bank raised the benchmark interest rate to the European Union’s highest to defend the forint and the country secured an International Monetary Fund-led loan to avert a default as investors sold local assets during the credit crunch.

Soros, chairman and founder of Soros Fund Management, said in a statement he was "sincerely sorry" his company made the trade. The Soros fund has launched an internal investigation, he added."

Added: Hungary PM Viktor Orban says, we all know George Soros runs the US Democratic Party. Of Bill Clinton's uninvited comments Orban says: 'Although the mouth belongs to Clinton, the voice belongs to Soros. We all know that behind the leaders of the Democratic Party, we have to see George Soros."
7/8/16, "How George Soros Singlehandedly Created The European Refugee Crisis - And Why," by David Galland and Stephen McBride, Garret/Galland Research

(scroll to subhead) "Political Discourse"

"The refugee crisis has raised huge concern in European countries like Hungary. In response to 7,000 migrants entering Hungarian territory per day in 2015, the Hungarian government reestablished border control in order to keep the hordes of refugees from entering the country.

Of course this did not go down well with Soros and his close allies, the Clintons.

Bill Clinton has since come out and accused both Poland and Hungary of thinking “democracy is too much trouble” and wanting to have a “Putin-like authoritarian dictatorship.”

Seeing through Clinton’s comments, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán responded by saying

“The remarks made about Hungary and Poland…have a political dimension. These are not accidental slips of the tongue. And these slips or remarks have been multiplying since we are living in the era of the migrant crisis. And we all know that behind the leaders of the Democratic Party, we have to see George Soros.”

He went on to say thatalthough the mouth belongs to Clinton, the voice belongs to Soros.

Soros has since said of Orbán’s policy toward the migrants: “His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle. Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.

It’s hard to imagine that he could be any clearer in his globalist intentions.

So why is Soros going to such lengths to flood Europe with hordes of third-world Muslims?

We can’t be sure, but it has recently come to light that Soros has taken a large series of “bearish derivative positions” against US stocks. Apparently, he thinks that causing chaos in Europe will spread the contagion to the United States, thus sending US markets spiraling downward.

The destruction of Europe through flooding it with millions of unassimilated Muslims is a direct plan to cause economic and social chaos on the Continent.

Another example of turmoil equaling profit for George Soros, who seems to have his tentacles in most geopolitical events.

We all understand correlation is not causation. However, given Soros’s extraordinary wealth, political connections, and his long track record of seeing and profiting from chaos, he is almost certainly a catalyst for much of the geopolitical turmoil now occurring.

He is intent on destroying national borders and creating a global governance structure with unlimited powers. From his comments directed toward Viktor Orbán, we can see he clearly views national leaders as his juniors, expecting them to become puppets that sell his narrative to the ignorant masses.

Soros sees himself as a missionary carrying out the globalist agenda taught to him by his early mentors. He uses his vast political connections to influence government policy and create crises, both economic and social, to further this agenda.

By all appearances, Soros is conspiring against humanity and is hell-bent on the destruction of Western democracies.

To any rational thinker, some global events just don’t make sense.

Why, for example, would Western democracies take in millions of people whose values are completely incompatible with their own?

When we look closely at the agenda being actively promoted by the leading globalist puppet master, George Soros, things become a little clearer....

What I find most interesting about Soros is that he is so obvious in his intentions and persistent in their pursuit. Given the consequences of his actions, it is also clear he’s a believer in moral relativism and that the ends justify the means.

That he turns a nice buck in his crusade for what certainly rhymes with a one-world government is a Soros hallmark.

“It allows me the money needed to fund my philanthropies” he might answer to the charges he is profiting from blood in the streets he was instrumental in spilling.

Going forward when something big is happening geopolitically, I am going to start my analysis by checking under rocks for signs of Soros....

Nothing comes close to the Get Out of Jail card handed by the clowns at the FBI to Hillary over her private email servers. This despite pretty much no one disputes she broke any number of federal laws of the sort which would have landed a lesser clown in jail.

To quote FBI Director James Comey, “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

There is nuance in that statement. For starters, that there is evidence of violations. But also the stark political reality that no “reasonable prosecutor” would enforce the laws, considering who the perp is: the standard bearer for the Democrats going into this election.

Besides, going after Clinton means crossing swords with Soros and no “reasonable prosecutor” would want to do that."...


Added: Since Soros runs the US government, he has no problem thinking he can boss Hungary around. The Hungarian government seeks to protect its citizens from refugee invasions it can't afford. Billionaire Soros says European taxpayers should pay $16,800 per year more to each asylum seeker for 2 yrs-CNBC 

Oct. 2015 article
10/14/2015, "Billionaire Soros comes under fire in homeland," CNBC,

"Hedge fund mogul George Soros has come under fire in his native Hungary, where politicians have accused him of supporting illegal migration amidst a refugee crisis that's brought the right-wing government under pressure.
Government representatives including Prime Minister Viktor Orban have slammed Soros in recent weeks for promoting liberal migrant policies and backing a variety of organizations through his pro-democracy charity that have criticized the way Orban's government has dealt with the crisis. In opinion pieces published by the Financial Times and Project Syndicate, Soros has said frontline states like Hungary were shirking their asylum obligations, and controversially suggested that a comprehensive European refugee plan should provide each asylum seeker with $16,800 annually for two years to help cover housing, health care and education costs.

"[Soros] keeps bombarding the international public with his earth-shattering plans, quite obviously, in the name of true selflessness which he has manifested in so many ways in the countries where his activities have resulted in sovereign default in the past 30 years," Hungarian Minister János Lázár, who currently heads the Prime Minister's Office, said at a press conference earlier this month.
Orban's regime itself has been lambasted by fellow EU leaders for its tough stance on migration, following the construction of a four-meter high fence along sections of its border with Serbia to block further border crossings. The prime minister has also made controversial claims, including those which suggest Hungarians "do not want a multicultural society."

Soros, who is best known for his namesake Soros Fund Management firm, is also the founder of a charity network under the Open Society Foundations (OSF) umbrella, which runs many of its programs out of the Hungarian capital of Budapest. 

In a September statement on the migrant crisis in Hungary, OSF warned officials to scale back their attacks on migrants.

"We urge caution in the language used to debate the refugee crisis by public officers. The rhetoric of fear and repression may contribute to discriminatory and even violent attitudes towards refugees," OSF said in a September statement.

"The Hungarian crisis demonstrates the dangers radical populist regimes pose not only to the hundreds of thousands of refugees, but also to the values of Europe and to the humanity of the local populations," the release went on to say.

During an interview with Hungarian channel TV2, Orban said many civil society organizations supported by Soros have "launched themselves into action. They all demand that the Government leave the border open."  
However, Orban denied media interpretations of a previous speech that suggested charitable organizations were conspiring to serve foreign interests. Instead, he called for transparency: "I ask civil society organizations active in Hungary to reveal who their supporters are and what amounts they receive from them." 
It's not the first time OSF and Soros have hit a sore spot in eastern Europe. OSF came into trouble with the Russian government in July, which nearly banned the foundations alongside a number of pro-democracy organizations accused of launching "soft aggression" in the country.
An OSF spokesperson told CNBC the organization is determined to continue supporting Russians who seek its assistance, as long as it is within the network's mandate and remains in legal limits. OSF went on to highlight its 30-year track record in charitable work in Hungary."...

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