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Monday, July 18, 2016

Politicians lost interest when they learned Jamiel Shaw Jr.'s killer was an illegal alien from Mexico who targeted Jamiel because he was black. Only Donald Trump called and expressed concern for the grieving father-RNC Convention, Cleveland, 7/18/16

7/18/16, "EMOTIONAL: Father of Jamiel Shaw, Black Man Killed by Illegal Immigrant, Speaks at GOP Convention,"
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Two weeks after the March 2, 2008 murder of Jamiel Shaw's son, it was learned the killer was an illegal alien from Mexico:

7/18/16, Jamiel Shaw: "For two weeks, local politicians supported us, and every black politician in LA did too. They even put up a permanent memorial. Two weeks after that, everything changed. We learned the killer was an illegal alien gang banger from Mexico, released from jail with a deportation hold, three gun charges and an assault and battery on a police officer. And the politicians disappeared. In 2012, we finally had our day in court. The DA proved Jazz was murdered because he was black....It was also proved that the killer's gang targeted black males. You'd think Obama cared and black lives matter. No. And we all know Hillary is Obama's third term. Only Trump called me on the phone one day to see how I was doing. Only Trump will stand against terrorists and illegal immigration. The wall, build the wall. Only Trump mentions Americans killed by illegals. Trump will put America first--not Crooked Hillary. I'll say it again like I said it before, Trump is sent from God. Support Trump-Pence, let's come together, and make America safe and great again. Thank you."


Comment: No one messes with the Cheap Labor Express.


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