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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mr. Trump goes to Washington, July 7, 2016, receives standing ovations from House Republicans

Above, 7/7/16, Trump arrives at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, " arrives in Washington, D.C. Dan Scavino twitter

Above, 7/7/16, Trump speaks to House Republicans, "Chairman Priebus has been terrific- the has been great!" , , , 13h13 hours ago Washington, DC," Dan Scavino twitter

7/7/16, "The Latest: Price: Trump gave 'unifying' speech to House GOP," AP

Price said rank-and-file Republicans were receptive. Trump was meeting with congressional Republicans at Republican headquarters on Capitol Hill."...



"House Speaker Paul Ryan said Trump "did a great job engaging with our members and I think our members appreciated it.".... 

House Republicans who spoke to the media following the meeting had largely positive reviews and were optimistic that Trump can unify the party. 

"What you saw today was Donald trump, the next president of the United States, supercharge the Republican conference one standing ovation after another," said New York Rep. Chris Collins, Trump's first Congressional endorsement.

"What I felt in the room up there is a great sense of unity, us coming together. It appears to me we're on the same page, that members of the Republican conference and Donald Trump…We're all moving in the same direction," said Rep. Bill Shuster, who also has endorsed Trump....

And even members who have been critical of Trump, like New York Rep. Peter King, had positive reviews of the meeting. 

"I would honestly say there was not one negative moment, there was no awkward moment, it was all positive, it was very united," King told reporters. "And we'll see where it goes. But today, if today is the way it's gonna be, it's gonna be an extremely effective campaign.""


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