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Thursday, July 21, 2016

'Trump gives voice to the American subconscious.' Diana West, Aug. 2015. 'Nothing is more terrifying to the elite than Trump's embrace of a tangible American nationalism.' Sept. 2015. Elites faced with massive loss in stature seek to divert attention from themselves by invoking Nixon, an Establishment globalist, and Hitler

Articles from August 2015 and Sept. 2015. Trump offers "permission to conceive of an American interest as a national interest separate from the “international community.”"...."Nothing is more terrifying to the elite than Trump's embrace of a tangible American nationalism." Julius Krein, 9/7/2015

9/7/2015, "Traitor to His Class," Julius Krein, Weekly Standard

"What Trump offers is permission to conceive of an American interest as a national interest separate from the “international community”....

Nothing is more terrifying to the elite than Trump’s embrace of a tangible American nationalism....The critical question, however, is not the source of Trump’s popularity but rather the reason his popularity is so shocking to our political culture....

Trump shows that what is most in not ideological purity but patriotic zeal....

Trump alone appears to understand that politics is more than policy and ideology."...


Added from Diana West:

8/18/2015, "Trump: Giving Voice to the American "Subconscious"," Diana West

"To say the Media-Political Complex has really lost its cool over Donald Trump, also every marble, is barest understatement....

Before Trump, the American "subconscious," circa 2015, would never "originally think" a US border was possible, let alone a wall; immigration restriction was possible, let alone a halt; immigration law enforcement was possible; the deportation of illegal families was possible; restoration of American citizenship as a privilege, not a stolen good, was possible; jobs for Americans were possible; and the rest. Donald Trump, bless him, has changed the American subconscious, giving voice to Americans long conditioned into silence by this same Media-Political Complex. And there is nothing, but nothing, they can do about it now."


Comment: Citizens of all countries should have the same permission Americans now have thanks to Mr. Trump. When national structures aren't in their interest or are corrupt, citizens must be free to say so. Elites want citizens to remain global slaves. But they have no way to convince citizens of this. So instead they attempt to deflect attention from themselves by invoking Hitler and Nixon. Both names exemplify the opposite of Trump. Nixon was an Establishment globalist, perhaps elites hope no one remembers that. 

As to Hitler, he was European and hob nobbed with European royalty. He was a young man obsessed with invading and ruling other countries, killing millions of Jews and others. He defeated France in only six weeks. He planned on defeating the US, per his friend King Edward VIII.
This doesn't remotely describe Donald Trump or any other American for that matter. Or any sane human being.

The media has become accustomed to picking US presidents- along with its Wall St. and other globalist pals. Thus the US has dictators or monarchs. Elections are just decoration. We're supposed to accept that, because, heck, what can we do about it. The dictators obviously don't want to lose the job of picking US presidents. If that were to happen, it would mean a giant revolution had taken place, that a dictatorship had been overthrown. They didn't pick Trump, so they have to come up with something scary about him.

Getting back to Hitler, there was no internet then, no television. Americans at the time had no way of knowing Jews being taken to death camps. The NY Times gave soft treatment to Hitler's rise. It's ridiculous in the extreme--unless you're trying to deliberately mislead--to suggest in 2016 that 70 year old Donald Trump wants to exterminate 6 million Jews and others, conquer Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Central America, Europe, or anywhere else. Or, that he's anything like a European soldier in the 1930s and 1940s who's life work was conquering other countries and killing millions of people. If anything, Trump is the opposite. What the elites don't want is a US president who treats everyone fairly--but puts America first. Horrors! As if it should be any other way. As if citizens of any country should allow their political class to put them last. They're hanging their whole "Hitler" comparison on love of country, nationalism. At this late date, the mere idea of not treating Americans as global whipping posts is shocking:

"Nothing is more terrifying to the elite than Trump’s embrace of a tangible American nationalism....The critical question, however, is not the source of Trump’s popularity but rather the reason his popularity is so shocking to our political culture."...

Saving one's own country from terrible trouble--a big job on its own--is obviously nothing like Hitler seeking global domination.  Trump has made it very clear he doesn't agree with that fact that the US military is involved in so many places in the world today, has said many times he doesn't think the US should be the world's police. Instead of being happy about that, they complain about that, too. He has also correctly pointed out, we can't afford it. We don't have the money. On top of all that, it would take years to build the US military into anything capable of conquering foreign lands. The US can't even defend its own borders. 

Citation for NY Times soft coverage of Hitler's rise:

subhead, near end of page, "Secondary Sources"

"Klein, Gary. “When the News doesn’t Fit: The New York Times and Hitler’s First Two Months in Office, February/March 1933.Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly. April 1, 2001.

This study examines the cover in the New York Times of the period between Hitler’s appointment to chancellor and the end of March
. Klein looked at every article published in that time period to see how Hitler was portrayed. His thesis is that Hitler was portrayed very softly by the paper because the publishers, Sulzberger and Ochs, were both anti-Zionist Jews who were terrified of having the NYT be labeled the nation’s “Jewish newspaper. Furthermore, Klein says that the two Times bureau correspondents stationed in Germany were very wary of being critical of the Nazis for a host of reasons."...

Britain's King Edward VIII was a fan of the Nazis as was the government of Spain for a time. Edward said Hitler would invade the US and would defeat them:

1/29/2003, "Profile: Edward VIII," BBC, Andrew Walker

1937, Windsors and Nazi

"In October 1937, Edward and his wife - by now the Duke and Duchess of Windsor - visited Nazi Germany

They met Hitler, dined with his deputy, Rudolf Hess, and even visited a concentration camp

The camp's guard towers were explained away as meat stores for the inmates. 

At the outbreak of war, the duke served as a military liaison officer in Paris before eventually ending up in Lisbon after the French capitulation. 

Hitler, wishing to bring the duke (Edward VIII) into his camp, made an abortive attempt to coax Edward and his wife to Spain, which was then sympathetic to the Nazi cause. 

But the duke soon moved on to become Governor of the Bahamas from 1940-45. It was while he was there that he is said to have made his views explicit. 

He reputedly told a journalist that "it would be a tragic thing for the world if Hitler was overthrown". 

To an acquaintance on the island, the Duke reportedly said: 

"After the war is over and Hitler will crush the Americans...We'll take over...They (the British) don't want me as their King, but I'll be back as their leader." 

After the war, the duke and duchess returned to France. He died there in 1972, while the Duchess lived on until 1986." Image above from BBC, "The Windsors meet Hitler in 1937"

As Nazis drive into Paris, June 14, 1940:

Image: "France in Defeat, 1940," "Frenchman weeps as German troops  march into Paris, June 14, 1940, "It took only six weeks for France to capitulate to the German invaders. A stunning defeat - particularly since before the war the French army was considered the most powerful in Europe."...Eyewitness to History.  


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