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Monday, July 18, 2016

Donald Trump completes Nationalist Populist takeover of GOP at Republican National Convention-Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

"Trump has done an enormous thing over the past 12 months: Not only has he risen up to win the party’s nomination, he has decimated any and all previously-thought-to-be winning political coalitions. Typically, Republicans since Ronald Reagan—in the years of the Bush clan dynasty—would pander to globalist ideals pushing so-called “free trade” and other open borders policies with regard to immigration, crime policy, economic policy, foreign policy and national security policy. Democrats, meanwhile, no longer represent the strong America policies that John F. Kennedy believed in; their party has veered over the past several decades into hardcore progressivism mixed together with globalist elitism.

This gap was created and expanded during the years of the Bushes and Clintons–and was ripped wide open in the last seven plus years under Barack Obama. Right now, the world is on fire. Cops are being killed by black liberationists, illegal aliens are pouring across the border, and the government is placing “refugees” with tuberculosis in cities and town across America. Radical Islamists are killing as many people as they can in places ranging from a gay nightclub in the shadow of Disney World to the south of France to southern Californian suburbia, with the next attack looming around the corner from their homes. Jobs are hard to come by as the local factory is moving to Mexico, Canada, or China–or Vietnam or India or somewhere else–while the politicians in Washington want to take away Americans’ hard-earned Social Security and Medicare benefits. Veterans who served our country, and put their lives on the line, can’t see a doctor for half a year, while healthcare premiums for those now forced to buy insurance plans they already can’t afford are skyrocketing, all while Democrats want to take away Americans’ guns and make them pay higher taxes–while regulating their businesses into submission making it easier to get a welfare check than to start a company.
The divide—where both political parties forgot about millions of Americans in their quest to consolidate power in Washington, D.C., and around the world in elite circles like Brussels, Davos, London, Hollywood, New York City and particularly Wall Street, among other enclaves of the elite
has left a giant opening. Millions upon millions of Americans feel like the nation’s—and the world’s—elites have left them behind. 

Trump, a blue collar billionaire who’s made his fortune in real estate with many of the same rough and tumble tactics Americans have seen on the campaign trail, feels that anger. While he personally has not been largely affected by the economic travesties the elites have bestowed on the workers of the country with an influx of migrants and “refugees” taking away from the Americans the few jobs that haven’t been shipped overseas thanks to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s NAFTA and other trade deals like the forthcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership, he understands the feelings of most Americans. Part of the reason why he has been able to do that, his newly announced running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said in his speech accepting the nomination, is because he listens.

“Donald Trump understands the frustrations and the hopes of the American people like no leader since Ronald Reagan,” Pence said. “The American people are tired. We’re tired of being told, we’re tired of being told that this is as good as it gets. We’re tired of having politicians in both parties in Washington, D.C. tell us we will get to those problems tomorrow.  And as Ronald Reagan said, we’re tired of being told that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives better for us than we can plan them for ourselves. Donald Trump gets it. And he understands the American people.”

Pence’s state, perhaps worse than most, has been affected by the globalist trade deals that represent a cornerstone of the Washington in both parties. In fact, thanks to NAFTA and the TPP among other deals, Carrier Corporation—currently based in Indianapolis—is planning to move to Mexico in 2017. Hammering that was a centerpiece of Trump’s primary campaign, and a large part of the reason why he ended up winning the Hoosier State over his last vanquished rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in a race Trump was supposed to lose.
Trump has brought up Carrier Corporation time and again throughout the race—and his campaign has started circulating similar examples in many other states like here in Ohio, in Pennsylvania, in New Hampshire, in Florida and more. And as his campaign has done that, Trump’s poll numbers in key states have soared back upwards in those battleground states—seeing him take leads over, or get into statistical ties with, Hillary Clinton in a way that dumbfounds the mainstream media.

Perhaps one of the most interesting anecdotes symbolizing Trump’s rise takeover of the Republican Party is the fact that GOP insiders had prepared to hammer Hillary Clinton for now opposing the TPPwhich she previously, according to CNN, supported 45 times before. They were going to hit her for no longer supporting what they wanted. But now that Trump is the GOP standard-bearer, and current House Speaker Paul Ryan—who is in significant trouble in his own congressional district, facing a serious primary from Paul Nehlen—Republicans are criticizing Hillary Clinton for not being genuine in her opposition to the TPP. It’s a significant difference: The Republican position on trade is now, under the party of Trump, to oppose trade deals like the TPP. Sure, there are some Republicans like Ryan who still back it, but thanks to Trump the party has seen a massive shift—one that will become official here in Cleveland over the next four days.

Republicans seem to have, with Trump at the top of the ticket, found their backbone again as well not just on trade but also on issues like immigration, foreign policy and crime. So-called “criminal justice reform”—efforts by GOP insiders like Ryan and Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) to release criminals from prison—has been all but halted as cops get shot in Baton Rouge and Dallas, and Trump pushes a pro-law and order platform. On immigration, Republicans party-wide are beginning to support Trump’s vision of a wall—and his plan to temporarily bar entry to individuals from nations that export terrorists. And more so than that, on foreign policy, Republicans are starting to question long-held norms about the United States’ vision around the world.

As “Never Trump” goes out in a blaze of failure this week after rejection by the party with its losing delegate managers attempting an embarrassing last ditch ploy that will finally destroy their credibility once and for all, Trump will soar into the mantle of being the face of the Republican Party. His critics like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) or former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush—along with pretty much the entire Bush family—will still moan about Trump not because he vanquished them or their friends in the primaries but because his electoral success would mean a complete public rejection of everything they believe in. If Trump wins the general election in November, he will have changed politics forever, too, and the entire GOP will shift his way on pretty much everything—because he will have proved that populist nationalist campaigning wins, and globalist elitism loses."


Added: Trump delegate from Mass 8 understands what's at stake: "What makes a country a country is its sovereignty. A country that has no borders, and whose independence is restricted by internationalist agreements, is no longer a sovereign nation." 

7/18/16, "Why Donald Trump will win," Boston Globe, Lou Murray, opinion ("Lou Murray is a delegate to the Republican National Convention from the Eighth Congressional District.")

"No political leader since Ronald Reagan has created the excitement and buzz that Donald Trump has. He is the first politician since that late, great president to go over the heads of the media and elite ruling class and speak directly to the American people
He is concerned that our country is no longer a country, and that America has sold out its sovereignty to a nondemocratic internationalist order, at the expense of the American worker and of American jobs. He has been criticized by opponents for not having elaborate position papers down to the last detail. Trump, unlike the robotic and dull Mitt Romney, gives no slick PowerPoint presentations. Trump merely says, “We are getting killed." And the people know exactly what he is talking about. 

Trump is an exciting political presence, responsible for drawing new people into the political process. The American people today are frustrated. They feel our whole political process is unresponsive. They continually vote for political reform, sending people to Washington hoping they will do something, and are then betrayed as the newly elected representatives become a saccharine travesty of the reform they clamored for. 

What makes a country a country is its sovereignty. A country that has no borders, and whose independence is restricted by internationalist agreements, is no longer a sovereign nation. The Democrats and, sadly, some Republicans (House Speaker Ryan) would allow noncitizens the right to vote, provide free college tuition for them, and would provide welfare benefits while letting more of them stream over our unprotected borders. 

It must be reiterated that Trump is not against immigration. He advocates legal immigration. His mother was an immigrant, a Gaelic speaker from the isle of Lewis, off Scotland. Trump believes the process must be legal, as it was for the millions of those who came to America’s shores over the past two centuries seeking the American dream of economic betterment, peace, and prosperity. Trump’s popularity is perplexing to the establishment. But it is readily understood by the majority of Americans. 

Trump speaks for the average American worker. He wants prosperity at home and peace abroad. His conservatism is not a dogma. Trump seeks to conserve our best values at home, and not go abroad promoting monolithic internationalism — a monster of many tentacles, as John Quincy Adams warned. 

Trump is not a conservative as defined by George F. Will on one of his Weekly Standard cruises. Will, a former Democrat, is in reality no conservative, but is actually a 19th-century liberal ideologue, of the Manchester school of economics. Trump’s thinking is more akin to the nationalism expressed by Theodore Roosevelt, who believed the government should intervene in the economy to protect all Americans, under what he called the Square Deal. 

I believe Trump has been under political assault by the media and establishment because he is beholden to no one. Trump runs his own operation from the fifth floor of Trump Tower, in a kind of unfinished storage area. It is not from the plush surroundings of marble and gold featured in “The Apprentice.” Yet from here, with his small group of campaign staff, he has let forth a cry to Washington insiders and the corrupt political establishment

You’re fired!” It is a cry like a voice from Mount Olympus that echoes in the hearts of the American people and will put him in the White House by a landslide."

"Lou Murray is a delegate to the Republican National Convention from the Eighth Congressional District."


Donald J. Trump Positions


Added, Ellis Island: Until 1954 the US government considered the health of American citizens its first priority. All foreigners hoping to move to the US were required to stop first at Ellis Island to make sure they weren't carrying diseases. Persons with contagious diseases were kept separate at the Ellis Island hospital. 3000 pieces of laundry were washed and sanitized daily:

"From 1892 to 1954, over 12 million immigrants entered USA through the portal of Ellis Island in New York Harbor"

"Guided 90-minute tours will take you to select areas of the 750-bed Ellis Island Hospital. Visit the Laundry Building, with much of its original equipment still in place, where over 3000 pieces of laundry were washed and sanitized daily, infectious and contagious disease wards, kitchen, staff housing, autopsy room and more. ....The “Hard Hat Tour” is a program developed and administered by Save Ellis Island, Inc. All proceeds from the tour will go to the restoration and preservation of the unrestored historic south side buildings."...

"Ellis Island Immigration Museum is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument and is under the care of the National Park Service. For many, Ellis Island is one of the most meaningful historic sites in New York. Visitors can easily spend hours here learning about America’s immigration history and the varied roles the island has played since the nation’s early years. The Immigration Museum tells the stories of why so many people chose to come to America and what became of them after they arrived. When visiting the monument, be sure to stop at the Information desk in the Immigration Museum to visit with the Save Ellis Island volunteer staff." image from Save Ellis Island 

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