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Saturday, July 23, 2016

'Dark' media headline panic after news that 75% of Trump speech watchers viewed it positively, per CNN poll. Rush Limbaugh: At CNN they're thinking, it may be 75 now, but by the time we talk people down on Trump, he'll be lucky to be over 50

Above collage posted on Free Republic website, 7/23/2016, 5:55:58 PM by Voluntaryist  

Comment placed under article about great CNN poll numbers for Trump after his speech, "CNN probably regrets polling viewers after Trump's RNC speech because, well...WOW," BizPac Review ^ | July 22, 2016 | John Binder 
Americans who watched the speech were overwhelmingly positive about it: "Three-quarters of Americans who watched the speech reacted positively to Mr Trump's message, according to a CNN poll."...from UK Daily Telegraph:

"The reception was generally positive from the American people.
Three-quarters of Americans who watched the speech reacted positively to Mr Trump's message, according to a CNN poll.

Now that the Republican convention has come to a close, Mrs Clinton could have her work cut out
at the Democratic National Convention next week in Philadelphia."
Despite positive reviews, UK Daily Telegraph joined its buddies and gave the story the "dark" headline:

7/22/16, "Republican National Convention diary day 4: Donald Trump strikes dark tone in biggest speech of his life, promising to 'restore law and order'," UK Daily Telegraph, Barney Henderson and David Lawler, Cleveland

The Telegraph even quotes 4 delegates (including 3 from Texas) who loved Trump's speech:

5:40AM: "Delegates loved the speech"

"Brittany Divver, 18, a delegate from Texas wearing a cowboy hat, said she suported Texas senator Ted Cruz in the primaries, but now she was for Trump. 

She said: "It was big mistake Ted Cruz made not endorsing Trump, he may have ruined his career in politics. He's not going to be able to come back to the stage at a convention.

"I think Ted Cruz showed his true colours this week. I can't support someone who can't swallow his own pride for the good of the party." 

Leo Vasquez, 50, another Texas delegate, said: "Mr Cruz needs to learn some humility.

Connor Price, 18, a delegate from Dallas, where the mass shooting of police officers happened earlier this month, said: "I loved the speech. I liked the fact that he hammered he was going to lay down the law. He unified the party and he spoke to everyone." 

Jeff Hazelwood, a local police chief from Tennessee, said: "It was perfect. It had everything I wanted to hear and it was delivered perfectly as well. My favourite thing he talked about was safety because that's near and dear to my heart. 

"We have seen an uptick in crime recently. The current administration keeps trying to tie that to gun ownership but that's absurd.""


57 "very positive" plus 18 "somewhat positive"=75% viewed the speech  positively.

Above, 7/21/16, CNN poll results after Trump acceptance speech

7/22/16, "CNN probably regrets polling viewers after Trump’s RNC speech because, well…WOW," BizPacReview, John Binder


Rush Limbaugh: "This is devastating news. They got 75% either positive or somewhat positive, but you know what they're saying at CNN?

It may be 75 now, but wait 'til Monday when we get through with this. By the time we talk people down on this Trump will be lucky to be over 50% after that stupid speech after we destroy him on it. That's what they're working on now."

7/22/16, "CNN Astounded by Trump Speech Poll," Rush Limbaugh


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