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Friday, July 1, 2016

Running for 2008 GOP nomination, Romney said his donations to his campaign meant he wasn't beholden to any group, just to his family who was letting their inheritance 'slip away dollar by dollar'-ABC News

10/10/2007, "Romney Surpasses Steve Forbes' Self-Funding Pace," ABC News, Jake Tapper

"By the end of the third quarter of this year (2007), according to Federal Election Commission reports, Romney had loaned his own campaign $17.4 million in personal funds — not including a donation of a $61,435 Winnebago....

One trend that may bode ill for the pending inheritance of the five Romney brothers-Papa Romney's contributions to his own campaign have increased....

In Long Beach, Calif., last month (Sept. 2007), Romney acknowledged he had "contributed significantly to the campaign," and "I presume I will again." 

He painted his campaign contributions as an indication he was his own man. "I'm not beholden to any particular group for getting me into this race or for getting me elected," he said. "My family, that's the only one I'm really beholden to — they're the ones who let their inheritance slip away, dollar by dollar.""


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