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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trump leads Republican field in Maryland by 12 points, NBC 4 Marist poll April 5-9, 2016

Trump 41
Cruz 29
Kasich 24

Poll dates April 5-9, 2016. 368 Likely Maryland Republican Primary Voters, 5.1 error margin.

4/12/16, "NBC Poll: Trump, Clinton Lead in Maryland,", Carrie Dann

"Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton hold big leads in Maryland two weeks before the state's presidential primary election, according to a new NBC 4/Marist poll released Tuesday night. 

Among likely Republican voters, Trump holds a 12-point lead over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, 41 percent to 29 percent, with Ohio Gov. John Kasich in third at 24 percent....

Among Republicans, Trump enjoys the most enthusiastic block of supporters. Seventy-one percent of his backers say they "strongly" support him, compared to 51 percent for Cruz and 44 percent for Kasich....

Maryland's primary will be held on April 26. Ninety-five pledged delegates are up for grabs for Democrats, with 23 additional "super delegates" from the state also weighing in. A total of thirty-eight delegates are at stake on the GOP side. 

The NBC4/Marist poll was conducted April 5 through April 9, 2016.
The margin of error among 775 likely Democratic primary voters is +/- 3.5 percent.
The margin of error among 368 likely Republican primary voters is +/- 5.1 percent."


Comment: "Strong support" of individual Republican candidates reported above isn't included in linked NBC Marist poll. The provided poll only includes a generic question about candidate support:

Page 3: "Would you say you strongly support, somewhat support (candidate) or do you think you might vote differently on Primary Day?"

Maryland LRPVs:

"Strongly support 58
Somewhat support 33
Might vote differently 7"...

Results for individual candidates aren't listed.

Methodology isn't included, though p.1 of poll mentions "landline frame."


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