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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hagerstown, Maryland, rallies for Trump. Sun., April 24, 2016

Immigration was among many concerns of rally attenders, including 13-year-old Rhett Carter, who said the topic was Chapter 3 in one of Trump's books.
The Williamsport resident stood in line and held a copy of the book he hoped to get signed. He said this is the first presidential election to which he's paid attention because of “the situation we're in.”
Shane Smith, of Buckeystown, attended Sunday's rally, sporting a campaign sticker on his shirt. It was a small show of support compared with the supporters nearby decked out from head to toe in Trump gear. “I'm kinda sitting on the fence,” Smith said. “I want to hear what he has to say. He puts it out there, whether you like it or not.”
He favors Trump or Kasich as the Republican nominee.
Trump was leading in the opinions of likely Republican voters in Maryland last week with 43 percent support in a sampling from Public Policy Polling. Among voters who consider themselves Western Marylanders, 60 percent of Republicans support him. Kasich is polling second both statewide and in Western Maryland, with Cruz polling third, according to the organization.
With presidential races still undecided late in the primary election season, Marylanders’ votes in Tuesday's primary might affect the dynamic of the race.
All three Republican candidates are trying to reach voters in the region in person before then. Cruz was in Frederick on Thursday, Trump was in Washington County and Kasich will host a town hall meeting on Monday in Rockville.
Barbara Thompson and her 18-year-old son, Brendan, from Essex, were near the front of the line early Sunday morning. They got to the airport around 9 a.m. for Trump's 4 p.m. appearance.

The Thompsons stayed overnight in nearby Hagerstown so they could arrive early Sunday morning. They tried to attend Trump's rally on the Eastern Shore earlier this week but didn't make it in.

Barbara Thompson said she's always registered as a Democrat, but changed her party affiliation to vote for Trump in this year's presidential primary.
“I agree with pretty much everything he says,” Thompson said.I like the fact that he's not owned by the Koch Brothers, the corporations and the lobbyists.
Matthew Lempke traveled from Richmond, Virginia, to see Trump because he said he wants to see America strong again. Lempke said the large size of the crowd shows how Trump's messages resonate. “Any time you're doing something unconventional, you'll get different reactions,” he said. “Every once in a while, a shake-up's good....I think he can be a uniter.”
Hagerstown resident Brad Grimm, who works in Frederick, said America needs to get jobs back and believes Trump will protect the country.
Brunswick resident Jeff Simons said he looked at all the candidates, and the more he heard about Trump, the more he liked him. One of the most important issues to him is Trump's support of the military because his son, who is in the Air Force, just returned from the Middle East. “It just seems like with the budget cuts, they work for nothing,” he said.
Robert Andrews stood in front of him in line, and added that Trump is not a politician but is running for president because it's something in which he believes.
“He's not a part of the establishment,” he said.
Andrews, a St. Mary's County resident, said this was the second rally he has attended for Trump. He started describing the rally in Delaware then stopped himself.
“I don't want to give away the show,” he said. “It will put goosebumps on you....They all have different appeal but the same excitement.”
Sharpsburg resident Deb Spade said she had never been to a rally before in her life but wanted to come because “it's time for a change.” She said she had liked Ted Cruz at first but has since become a Trump supporter because of his views on immigration and jobs.
“Pretty much everything he said is right on,” he said. The country is going to hell.
Bill Poole, of Adamstown, said he thinks Trump will be a man of his word.
“I've been around for a while, and none of them do what they promised to do,” he said of other politicians.
Several of Frederick County's Republican elected officials planned to trek to the event, including Delegate Barrie Ciliberti, Councilmen Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter, and JoeyLynn Hough, who is campaigning for election as a Republican National Convention delegate for Trump.
Ciliberti said he supports Trump's campaign and appreciates the sense of anger the candidate has tapped into and awakened.
“He approaches this campaign with total disregard for political correctness and contempt for the establishment,” Ciliberti said."...

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