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Saturday, April 16, 2016

NY Sun Editor Seth Lipsky who endorsed Ted Cruz says, 'I'm for open borders,' US is 'underpopulated,' will be praying for more Mexican immigrants, desperately needs potential employees .

NY Sun Editor and Founder Seth Lipsky says US desperately needs open borders, that we're underpopulated. Lipsky's NY Sun endorses Ted Cruz in NY GOP primary: "Ted Cruz’s New York Values," Editorial of The New York Sun, April 15, 2016

Lipsky July 2015: "I’m for open borders:"

7/8/2015, "New York City’s illiberal effort to silence Donald Trump," NY Post, Seth Lipsky, opinion

"On a net basis new immigrants generally are less likely to commit crime than native-born Americans.

"Like my old colleagues at The Wall Street Journal editorial page, I’m for free minds and free markets, favoring the  
unfettered movement of trade and capital and, therefore, also of people....
There will come a time and the sooner the better — when we have the kind of economic growth that will leave us praying for more immigrants from Mexico...

Look, I’m about as pro-immigration as they come. I’m for open borders and economic growth. We’re an under-populated country in desperate need of more potential employees."...


Lipsky's "ideal presidential candidate" would  be a neo-con among other things:

June 2010 article:

June 5, 2010, "Handing the Torch of Liberty to a Newspaperman,", by Amanda Gordon and Gary Shapiro 
"Mr. Gigot (editorial page editor of the Wall Street Journal) said that Mr. Lipsky’s ideal presidential candidate would be a Zionist, neoconservative who believes in the gold standard and the flat tax."...



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