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Friday, April 22, 2016

Indiana Republican delegate hopefuls must pay $2000 to be considered-Politico, 4/9/16

4/9/16, "Trump’s getting trounced in Indiana," Politico, Kyle Cheney

(parag. 11): "Local GOP district leaders have picked slates of favored candidates from among the applicants that will be considered at Saturday’s caucuses-tiny meetings of county leaders that typically ratify the names with which they’re presented. 

Applicants must promise to furnish $2,000 to participate after they’re selected, a requirement that tilts the process away from newcomers and outsiders. Among the delegate applicants who made it on to recommended slates: several district GOP leaders, State Treasurer Kelly Mitchell, Secretary of State Connie Lawson, Congresswoman Susan Brooks, Carmel, Indiana, Mayor James Brainard [co-chair of Kasich campaign in Indiana] and Portage, Indiana, Mayor James Snyder.
“One of my criteria for filtering out folks was whether or not they support Donald Trump,” said one district GOP leader. “I didn’t care whether they supported Ted Cruz or John Kasich.”"...


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