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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trump family town hall meeting on CNN was absolute home run. Daughter Ivanka is his best surrogate and should consider running for office herself someday-Washington Post, Cillizza

4/17/16, "With some smart moves, Trump had a pretty good week," Washington Post, Chris Cillizza

(scroll down) "The Trump family town hall meeting on CNN last week was an absolute home run for his candidacy. Trump himself is never going to be warm and fuzzy. His pointy edges are what make his supporters love him. But they are also what make lots and lots of people not like him....His family-especially his daughter Ivanka, who is not only his best surrogate but should consider running for office herself one day (I’ll have more to say on that later in this space)-rounds off some of his sharp edges. You look at his children, and they all seem to be relatively normal, well-adjusted people who love and admire their dad. Which, you think to yourself, must mean that Trump the dad was doing something right. The more that Trump’s family is in the picture, the better for him."...

Image of Ivanka Trump on CNN from Washington Post


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