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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kids for Trump among those in line for Trump rally in Bethpage, Long Island, Wed., April 6, 2016

Both images above from Newsday, 4/6/16: Caption: "Front-running Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will address supporters at a Long Island rally on April 6, 2016. Trump supporters are lining up, waiting to get into Grumman Studios in Bethpage for tonight's rally. (Credit: Howard Schnapp)"  

4/6/16, "Live from Bethpage, it's Donald Trump," DAILY POINT, Newsday Editorial Board Daily newsletter about NY politics

"Trump Air"

"It’s not hard to understand why billionaire Donald Trump might appeal to a lot of voters on Long Island. All you have to do is look at where he’s appearing Wednesday night, Grumman Studios in Bethpage, and reflect on when the Grumman name stood for something very different here: a lot of very good jobs in the aerospace manufacturing industry.

In 1980, Grumman Aerospace Corp. had about 25,000 employees on Long Island, mostly in Bethpage and Calverton, and the industry had about 80,000 workers here. In 1994, Northrop Aircraft merged with Grumman. Today, Northrop Grumman employs fewer than 1,000 people on Long Island, and Grumman Studios – where the historic lunar landers were built – is a facility for producing entertainment. A lot of manufacturing jobs have disappeared from the region, and the nation, as automation takes hold. A lot of people have been left unemployed or with much lower salaries and benefits than they once earned, and no pension.

Trump has railed against companies that move jobs overseas and trade deals that he says seem always to benefit other nations over the United States, or American stockholders over American workers. Trump’s loyalists are not all Southern or rural or racist or xenophobic or confused. Many simply want a president they believe can put their family’s finances and futures back on track. Trump has successfully addressed such concerns in speeches, if not in policy proposals.

And Wednesday night in Bethpage, it’s likely that at least 12,000 people will cram into a once-humming factory where more than a few might have worked good jobs.

— Lane Filler"

4/6/16, "Trump on LI: Rally set for Grumman Studios in Bethpage today," Newsday, Emily Ngo

"Front-running Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will address supporters at a Long Island rally Wednesday evening....

The real estate magnate is expected to speak to 12,000 people, according to Nassau County police, at the Grumman Studios in Bethpage."...


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