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Monday, April 18, 2016

Sign at Buffalo, NY, Trump rally: 'Not one refugee until there are zero homeless vets.' Buffalo, NY is 4th poorest city in US, poor school graduation rates, and US gov. floods Buffalo with foreign refugees making it worse

"Not one refugee until there are zero homeless vets," Trump supporter sign

4/18/16, "I spotted one pro-Trump protester outside the rally in Buffalo...," Jenna Johnson twitter, Washington Post reporter


Buffalo is the 4th most impoverished city in the country. Yet, "Buffalo has become one of the top locations for refugee resettlement in the nation." (July 2015) Burma and Somalia are top countries of origin of refugees placed in Erie County, 2002-2014. Since 2003, US has placed 3600 homeless Somali refugees in  New York State, many in Buffalo. 705 came in 2014. Why? Why send refugees to Buffalo schools which are already dramatically sub-par? Buffalo's poor high school graduation rate is even used to blame low on-time graduation rate of foreign language speakers. (p.2). As to local children, why should they be faced with Somali children who've, for example, been raised to believe in female genital mutilation, sometimes referred to as "female circumcision"? (p. 5) Refugee aid groups function largely on tax dollars. Such aid groups refer to refugees as their "clients." The US government pays aid groups at least $1850 per refugee, as of 2013, item 22. If the US wants to help, it should help create a large safe area in Africa for displaced persons. Africa is a large continent with abundant natural resources. Why move people to a different continent, away from their culture, language, and heritage? Answer: Because it's an easy way to rob defenseless Americans of their own country. "The money the U.S. spends bringing one refugee to the U.S. could have helped 500 individuals overseas in countries where they currently reside."


7/14/15, "Immigrants, Refugees, and Languages Spoken in Buffalo,", and

"Somali Refugees in Buffalo," partnership for the public good, Buffalo, NY. 

"Catholic Charities of Tennessee," Refugee Resettlement


"The money the U.S. spends bringing one refugee to the U.S. could have helped 500 individuals overseas in countries where they currently reside." Item 20, 2013 data, Refugee Resettlement Fact Sheet


Among comments to Jenna Johnson twitter above:

"Should this man be called a protester? He's a pro-Trump guy with a pro-Trump position at a Trump rally. He's a supporter. 32m32 minutes ago. "


Reference: Buffalo 4th poorest city in US:

4/16/16, "In NY, voters adjust to something new: attention," Poughkeepsie Journal, Joseph Spector, Albany Bureau Chief

subhead, "Tale of two cities"  

"Rochester and Buffalo rank third and fourth, respectively, in the U.S. for poverty, a report in 2014 found.

Only Detroit and Cleveland were worse."...


Above, 4/18/16, Thousands rally for Trump in Buffalo, NY, ABC News 


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