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Sunday, April 10, 2016

7500 rally for Trump in Rochester, New York, Sunday, April 10, 2016-Democrat and Chronicle

Above, 4/10/16, "democratandchronicle Filling up for #trump #campaign2016 #primary2016 #rochester (DandC photo by Max Schulte @schultephoto )"

Above, 4/10/16, "Donald Trump speaks in Rochester Sunday," Democrat and Chronicle

Above, 4/10/16, "Lining up 3 hours early for Donald Trump in Rochester," Brian Sharp twitter, Democrat and Chronicle reporter 

Above, 4/10/16, "Anthony Gravitte of Geneva said, "Donald Trump, he's our saving grace. America's last hope." Democrat and Chronicle, McIntyre-Yee

Above, 4/10/16, Democrat and Chronicle, McIntyre-Yee

4/10/16, "Donald Trump in Rochester: Thousands attend airport rally," Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, NY, staff

"The Republican presidential front-runner promised to bring jobs and prosperity back to Rochester."

"Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump spoke to an overflow crowd in a hangar at JetSmart Aviation Services at the Rochester airport Sunday, promising that if elected he would turn things around for the city and bring back jobs.

“You need somebody fast. I know that,” Trump said as the crowd chanted his name.

“We are going to get it straightened out, folks. It’s not going to be that hard. It’s going to go quickly,” Trump said.

Trump spoke for about an hour in a wide-ranging address that included statistics on Rochester’s economy and knocks on Sentry Safe, which is closing its local plant and moving jobs to Wisconsin and Mexico.

He also went after GOP rival Ted Cruz. Trump said he expected to wrap up the nomination before the Republican convention, but referred to the nomination process as corrupt.

“It’s a crooked system,” Trump said. “They’re taking your vote away. They are disenfranchising people who want to see America great again.”

The Secret Service estimated that 7,500 attended the rally but event organizers say it was closet to 9,000. People were turned away when the venue filled to capacity."

Above, 4/10/16, "They are now opening the hangar for overflowing crowd Democrat and Chronicle, McIntyre-Yee


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