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Monday, April 25, 2016

Trump at 61 in Rhode Island, 59 in Connecticut, and 51 in Pennsylvania, PPP poll, April 22-24, 2016. Trump has highest favorability in all 3 states, wins head to head matchups v Cruz and Kasich in all 3. Cruz unpopular, 'way under water' w. GOP primary voters in all 3 states. Mitch McConnell so despised in all 3 states, could drag on elections of Senate GOP-PPP

PPP, 4/22-24, 2016

Poll dates: April 22-24, 2016. Likely Republican primary voters in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Sample sizes at end of this post. Automated voice on landlines, online interviews for cellphone only respondents.

4/25/16, "Clinton, Sanders close in CT/PA/RI; Trump Headed for Big Wins," Public Policy Polling, Tom Jensen

"New Public Policy Polling surveys in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island conducted on behalf of VoteVets.Org Action Fund find the Democratic race for President in those states competitive, while on the Republican side Donald Trump is headed for blowout victories across the board....

Things aren’t nearly so competitive on the Republican side, with Donald Trump getting a majority of voters in each state. He’s strongest in 

Rhode Island where he gets 61% to 23% for John Kasich, and 13% for Ted Cruz. The numbers are very similar in 

Connecticut with Trump getting 59% to 25% for Kasich, and 13% for Cruz. Things are a little bit different in 

Pennsylvania where Trump’s share of the vote isn’t as high (51%) and Cruz edges out Kasich 25/22 for second place. None of these states are particularly amenable to the ‘Never Trump’ movement. Trump has the highest favorability rating of the GOP candidates in each state, and also handily wins head to head match ups with Cruz and Kasich in all three states

One thing that comes across in all these places is how unpopular Cruz is-he’s way under water
even with Republican primary voters....

Finally we find that voters in all three of these states want the Supreme Court seat filled this year- and despise Mitch McConnell, whose unpopularity we continue to find could be a big drag on Senate Republicans seeking reelection this fall. McConnell has a 10% approval or less in each state. At the same time, voters in all three places support filling the Supreme Court vacancy this year by a double digit margin."...

Poll details here

April 22-24, 2016


Likely primary voters interviewed via blended methodology: automated voice response to landline telephones, and online interviews of cellphone only respondents.

Rhode Island, 511 Republicans, error margin 4.3
CT, 512 Republicans, error margin 4.3
Penna., 826 Republicans, error margin 3.4 

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