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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trump has wide lead ahead of New York, California, and Pennsylvania Republican primaries, YouGov CBS News Battleground Tracker polls, April 13-15, 2016. No gender gap, Trump support even across GOP spectrum

NY State:

Trump 54
Cruz 21
Kasich 19


Trump 49
Cruz 31
Kasich 16


Trump 46
Cruz 26
Kasich 23

Poll dates, April 13-15, 2016. Registered Likely Republican Primary Voters. Total for each state, error margins, in charts below. NY State poll....California poll....Pennsylvania poll 

4/17/16, "Clinton, Trump lead in New York and California,", William Jordan

"Former US Senator for New York Hillary Clinton and Queens-born Donald Trump are both poised to claim victory in New York, according to the latest wave of the YouGov/CBS News Battleground Tracker. Likely primary voters in California, who head to the polls on June 7, are also inclined towards Clinton and Trump. In Pennsylvania, where only Republicans were polled, Trump holds a wide lead....

Donald Trump holds a commanding lead in New York. Trump garners the support of 54% of likely voters in New York, where he has been a well-known public figure for decades. Ted Cruz is far behind with 21% support, barely ahead of John Kasich with 19%. Trump’s 33-point lead is little-changed from the 31-point lead he held two weeks ago. New York is worth 95 GOP delegates.

Despite weeks of controversy over Trump’s comments about women and abortion, there is little sign of a major gender gap forming in the Republican primary race. In fact, Trump’s support is fairly even across demographic groups, but the non-Trump vote does vary significantly. For example, while Trump earns around half of the vote regardless of self-identified ideology, Cruz leads Kasich by 34 points among “very conservative” New Yorkers and trails Kasich by 17 among “moderate” voters. Similarly, Cruz beats Kasich among Tea Party supporters and trails among the movement’s opponents (while Trump leads with majority support in both groups).

Donald Trump also holds wide lead in Pennsylvania and California, which offer 243 delegates total. In Pennsylvania, which holds it’s primary on April 26th, Trump has 46% support, with Cruz in second with 26% and Kasich in third with 23%. Trump leads with 49% in California, followed by 31% for Cruz and 16% for Kasich."


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