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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Trillions of dollars are at stake for Wall St. class in TPP deal. Little opposition is heard except Bernie and Trump. That's because in late 2013, 'sharp elbows' of remaining independent media were bought out and put 'under the same roof'-sundance, tcth

"The republican party hatred for their own electorate only amplified with the (2014 Eric) Cantor defeat."....Sharp-elbowed independent digital outlets are brought under the same roof (Dec. 2013). "Having full financial control over any oppositional media, and with the wind at their back, the Wall Street financial class moved to their next goal, the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal (TPP)." 
4/9/16, "Tracing The Origin of The Modern Republican Party Agenda…," tcth, sundance 

"The professional DC consultant class are benefiting from the current climate of chaos, and they certainly don’t want anyone to review the consequential and intentional steps it took to get here....

The awakened electorate was just as much a risk to the republican side of the UniParty as it was the Democrat side....

Unfortunately almost all of the predictable outcomes came to fruition. The GOPe were given control, nothing changed, no fiscal restraint was deployed, and the Obama agenda continued unabated by, and in many cases facilitated by, all entities within the UniParty.

An easily referenced example is the lack of a federal budget, and -due to baseline budgeting- the spending and re-spending of the trillion dollar “’09 stimulus” in all of the following fiscal years.

Further evidence in that regard surfaced with the DOJ inspired IRS targeting of the Tea Party.  In reality the elimination of DC opposition was as beneficial to republicans as it was to democrats....

Exiting the mid-term race outcomes of 2010, the lack of control over the electorate became the paramount issue for the DC politburo. The political strategy sessions in 2011, 2012, and throughout 2013 were focused on how to control election outcomes to benefit the republican party in DC and work around the demands of the voter.

By November of 2013 the DC strategy was no longer planning; they had now successfully recruited all the tools needed to position their defenses. After successfully testing out their modified attack approach in the 2012 faux-election, the republican leadership now had a road-map. We began writing about the issues beyond their scheme and looking further downstream at the predictable consequences. – EXAMPLE

Simultaneous to the DC strategy, and entirely because of the new need to control anyone who opposed their intents, there was also a shift in the “conservative media messaging” which was entirely by design. Corporate financial interests began purchasing smaller conservative outlets who were the source of much antagonism and frustration for the DC class.  –EXAMPLE– Again, this was December 2013.

Almost no-one was paying attention to what all of this corporate media purchasing was going to mean in the larger picture later on.

The ‘conservative’ opposition to the DC Beltway was being corrupted by financial interests, what came next was again entirely predictable....

As predicted in June of 2014 John Boehner took up the amnesty legislative construct known as the ‘Gang-of-Eight’ bill which passed the Senate a year earlier. Fortunately, two days before the vote, Eric Cantor was defeated in his primary by challenger David Brat.  The Cantor defeat reverberated instantaneously thought DC and the legislation died.

However, the republican party hatred for their own electorate only amplified with the Cantor defeat. Those who control the money flow would not be deterred.

Summer 2014 […] The Mississippi runoff was a signal moment for the Chamber in what’s quickly becoming the most aggressive political cycle in its 102-year history....the Chamber’s campaign footprint in 2014 represents a huge strategic shift. (more)

There are two parts to the Summer 2014 GOPe Mitch McConnell success story.  PART I and PART II – It was from those victories the presidential road map was spawned.

Having full financial control over any oppositional media, and with the wind at their back, the Wall Street financial class moved to their next goal, the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal (TPP):

[…] Lobbying expenditures by members of a pro-TPP coalition increased to $135 million in the second quarter of 2015, up from $126 million in the first quarter and $118 million in the fourth quarter of 2014....The spending surge occurred among members of the U.S. Business Coalition for TPP, a group that hopes a final TPP deal can be completed by the end of 2015. (more)

There are trillions of dollars at stake for the Wall Street financial class, and the K-Street lobbyists have been enlisted to do everything possible to ensure victory. 

Almost no substantive opposition exists except for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump
Meanwhile the electorate have again been hoodwinked by a three year scheme right out of the previously designed 2013 play-book. Proving once again…

….Sometimes Conspiracies are not Just Theory"


"Sharp elbows" eliminated. Dec. 2013 linked above: "Sharp-elbowed, independent" outlets are "brought under the same roof:"

12/13/2013, "Conservative Media Empire: Hotair, Townhall Owners To Acquire Red State, Others," BuzzFeed, Benny Johnson 

"Salem Communications will now own five major conservative media properties."

"The move marks an accelerating shift in the conservative media world, as a set of boisterous, sharp-elbowed independent digital outlets are brought under the same roof.... “Virtually all” of the upper management will be let go to avoid redundancy."...


Among comments to top article:


"Reemergence and triumph of Bush style neo conservatism in the 2000’s...brings us to today."

"Gadsden says: April 9, 2016 at 9:03 pm
You need to take this further back to the 1960’s when the Romney/Rockefellers tried to crush the grassroots, the neo-cons flipped from Dem to Republican and united with the aforementioned wing of the establishment. The rise of the House of Bush, the 1994 revolution which was crushed by the establishment within 4 years, the reemergence and triumph of Bush style neo conservatism in the 2000’s, which brings us to today."



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