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Friday, January 29, 2016

Trump takes 6.2 lead in Iowa, Real Clear Politics average of polls, Jan. 29, 2016, three days before Iowa caucuses

1/29/16, "Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus," Real Clear Politics

Five Jan. 2016 polls included in RCP Iowa poll average:

NBC WSJ Marist, Trump +7

PPP, Trump +8

Monmouth, Trump +7

ARG, Trump +7

Quinnipiac, Trump +2


Added re: Rubio: On Jan. 19, 2016, The Des Moines Register endorsed Rubio for the GOP nomination (and Clinton for the democrat). The newspaper hopes it can "move the needle" for Rubio and the entire GOP, noting "the race’s potential to redefine the GOP's future."...

1/23/16, "Marco Rubio 'pleased' with Des Moines Register endorsement," Des Moines Register, Mackenzie Ryan

"Marco Rubio credited his “issues-based, ideas-based, solutions-based” campaign for cinching an endorsement Saturday [1/19] by The Des Moines Register, whose editorial board called him the Republican Party’s “best hope.

Just 10 days before the Feb.1 Iowa caucusesthe editorial called attention to the Florida senator’s policies....

“Sen. Marco Rubio has the potential to chart a new direction for the party, and perhaps the nation....

But it’s unclear if the Register’s nod will move the needle here. Rubio is in third place in Iowa, at 11 percent, behind rivals Donald Trump at nearly 29 percent and Ted Cruz at nearly 27 percent, according to a rolling poll average....

The endorsement could also help Rubio in New Hampshire’s primary on Feb. 9, said Chris Larimer, a political science professor at the University of Northern Iowa.

Rubio is polling fourth in New Hampshire, with 10 percent, behind Trump at 32 percent, John Kasich at 13 percent and Ted Cruz at 11 percent, according to the Real Clear Politics rolling poll average.

The endorsement also focused on the race’s potential to redefine the GOP's future."...  

Added #2: In 2013, the Establishment hoped to make its guy Rubio a star, so selected him to recite the GOP "response" to the 2013 State of the Union. During which Rubio famously took a drink of water:


Added #3: from Real Clear Politics reporter:

1/29/16, "How Demographics Could Affect Iowa GOP Outcome," Real Clear Politics, David Byler 

"Trump looks like the most successful economic-populist/secular-but-socially-conservative candidate in decades. Looking at the areas where Trump does best will help us figure out who his constituents are, where they live and where he might perform best in future contests."...


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