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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Trump at 48 in latest Florida poll, Jan. 15-18, 2016. Leads Republican field by 32 points-Florida Atlantic University poll

Trump 47.5
Cruz 16.3
Rubio 11.1
Bush 9.5
Carson 3.3
Paul 3.1
Christie 2.6
Huckabee 2.6
Kasich 2.1
Fiorina .5 

1/19/15, "Florida Atlantic University Poll: Trump Surges in Sunshine State, Bernie Cuts into Clintons lead in Dem Primary," Florida Atlantic University

Poll dates Jan. 15-18, 2016. 386 registered Florida voters who are likely Republican primary voters. Error margin 4.9%. Automated IVR phone poll

"A new Florida Atlantic University statewide poll has GOP front runner Donald Trump surging with the support of 48% of likely Republican primary voters and an overall 32 point lead on his closest competitor Ted Cruz (16%.) Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush round out the top tier with 11% and 10% respectively"...

page 3, Trump also has wide lead among Florida Hispanic and Latino voters with 54%, up from 19% in Nov. 2016:

Trump 54
Rubio 15.1
Cruz 10.2
Bush 5.5

page 4, "The Florida Atlantic University poll was conducted from Friday, January 15 at 1pm, through Monday morning January 18. The polling sample was a random selection of registered voters purchased through Aristotle Inc. Likely primary voters were classified through a screening question. For non-completes with a working residential phone line, at least five callbacks were attempted (Friday afternoon, Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening and Monday morning)."...

page 8: Trump beats Hillary Clinton in poll of total Florida registered voters, 47 to 44.3.


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