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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trump has 5.2 lead in Iowa as of 1/24/16 per Real Clear Politics average of five Jan. 2016 polls

1/24/16, "Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus," Real Clear Politics

Five Iowa polls included in above Real Clear Politics average:

Fox News
CBS News/YouGov
Loras College


43% of Trump Iowa supporters are first time caucus goers. 63% of all first time Iowa caucus goers say they won't change their mind about their choice:

Fox News Iowa Poll, Jan. 18-21, 2016 (Tues.-Thurs.) 

378 Likely Republican Caucus goers, error margin 5%, live telephone interviews

Trump 34
Cruz 23
Rubio 12
Carson 7
Paul 6
Bush 4
Christie 4
Kasich 2
Huckabee 2
Santorum 2


page 8, Fox News Iowa Poll, first time caucus goers:
% of Iowa candidate supporters who are first time caucus goers:

Trump 43%
Cruz 19%
Rubio 14% 

63% of all first time Iowa caucus-goers say they won't change their mind about their choice.


Trump leads in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina:

1/24/16, "Poll: Trump retakes IA lead, keeps big edge in NH and SC," CBS News, Anthony Salvanto, Fred Backus, Jennifer De Pinto, Sarah Dutton

"Just over a week before the first votes are cast in the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump has regained his lead over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the state of Iowa. Trump now holds a 5-point lead over the Texas Republican, with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio lagging far behind in third place.

In New Hampshire, the race remains unchanged at the top, with Trump holding a commanding double-digit lead over his two closest-but-still-distant rivals Cruz and Rubio, who are locked in a tight battle for second place. Further down, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has edged past New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie into fourth place.

Looking ahead to South Carolina, Trump continues to hold a double-digit lead over Cruz, his closest competitor in that state."...


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