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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Iowa Senator Grassley at Trump rally saying he wants to 'make America great again' "underscores how much establishment-aligned Republicans have come to terms with the prospect of Mr. Trump winning Iowa"-NY Times, 1/23/16

Above, 1/23/16, At Trump rally, Iowa "Sen.Grassley says he's excited to be here and "with this candidate,"" Jose A. DelReal twitter, Washington Post reporter 

Above, 1/23/16, "Grassley echoes Trump's slogan, 'make America great again,'" DelReal Twitter 

Above, 1/23/16, "People spot Chuck Grassley at Trump event, start applauding. Here he was walking in. Still unclear if he'll speak." DelReal twitter

Above, 1/23/16, "Senator Charles E. Grassley with Donald J. Trump in Pella, Iowa, on Saturday. Credit Sam Hodgson for The New York Times"

Grassley's presence in Pella, Iowa at a Trump rally "underscores how much establishment-aligned Republicans have come to terms with the prospect of Mr. Trump winning Iowa."...NY Times


Above, 1/23/16, "'MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN': Grassley tiptoed close to endorsing Trump but didn't explicitly step over the line," Daily Mail, Martosko


Above, 1/23/16, "ENDORSEMENT COMING? Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley waved to the audience before the start of a Donald Trump campaign rally in Pella, Iowa on January 23– and then got up and spoke for 10 minutes," Daily Mail, Martosko

"Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley was a surprise speaker at a Donald Trump rally on Saturday, urging his constituents – in The Donald's now-famous words – to 'make America great again.'

'I'm excited to be invited to be here,' he said before the billionaire appeared at a college auditorium in the town of Pella....

Grassley, whose endorsement is sought by every Republican running for president, said pointedly that he was 'happy to be here with such an enthusiastic group, to be here with this candidate.'

'And I want Mr. Trump to know that I appreciate his support for me,' Grassley told hundreds of Trump fans, 'and most importantly for Iowa being "first in the nation" – our all-important Iowa caucus.'"...

1/23/16, "Legendary Iowa senator speaks at Trump rally and urges voters to 'make America great again' as The Donald attacks Megyn Kelly again and says 'maybe she'll drop out' of next GOP debate," Daily Mail, David Martosko, Pella, Iowa


Grassley will attend a town hall with candidate Cruz on Friday and a rally for candidate Rubio on Saturday. But Grassley's presence in Pella, Iowa at a Trump rally "underscores how much establishment-aligned Republicans have come to terms with the prospect of Mr. Trump winning Iowa."...

1/23/16, "In Surprise Showing, Iowa’s Senior Senator Appears at Donald Trump Rally," NY Times, Jonathan Martin, Pella, Iowa

"The 2016 presidential election just keeps surprising. Attendees at a Donald J. Trump rally here Saturday were greeted by a unexpected guest with a familiar face: Senator Charles E. Grassley, Iowa’s senior senator and a member of Congress for over 40 years.

Mr. Grassley did not come to the event to offer an endorsement for Mr. Trump. But by merely appearing behind a podium with a “Trump” sign on it and saying that he wanted to “make America great again,” Mr. Trump’s signature phrase, the pillar of Iowa Republican politics sent a powerful message to potential caucus-goers just over a week before the Feb 1 vote.

Recognizing the energy Mr. Trump has tapped, Mr. Grassley began his remarks by saying, “I’m happy to be here with such an enthusiastic group and this candidate. And I want Mr. Trump to know I appreciate his support for me and most importantly for Iowa being first in the nation and our all-important Iowa caucuses.”

Mr. Trump, who has been leading the Republican presidential candidates in national polls, was not on stage to hear the praise. He was still en route from an earlier rally in northwest Iowa. But a few hundred Iowans in attendance and battery of cameras in the back of the auditorium were there for his appearance.

About a half-hour after Mr. Grassley’s remarks, Mr. Trump took the stage here at Central College and immediately called for the senator to come back out. When Mr. Grassley did, Mr. Trump showered him with praise.

“This is a great guy, this is a great guy,” said Mr. Trump as photographers snapped pictures of the unlikely pairing. “He’s respected by everybody.”

Mr. Grassley smiled, offered a wave to the crowd and left the stage without making any further comments. Mr. Grassley, who was elected to the Senate when Ronald Reagan won the presidency in 1980, rarely intervenes in the state’s caucuses. But his presence here — just days after another mainstay of Iowa politics, six-term Gov. Terry E. Branstad, called for Senator Ted Cruz’s defeat in the caucuses – underscores how much establishment-aligned Republicans have come to terms with the prospect of Mr. Trump winning Iowa....

The Iowa senator is to appear at a town hall with Mr. Cruz on Friday. And as images of Mr. Grassley standing at the “Trump” podium ricocheted across Twitter, an aide to Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign emailed to say: “Senator Grassley will be attending Marco’s rally in Iowa next Saturday and introducing him to caucus-goers.”

Mr. Grassley’s interest in the presidential candidates is not entirely related to his interest in shaping his party’s nominating process. He is up for re-election this fall and surely knows he will need the sort of anti-establishment voters backing Mr. Trump."


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