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Friday, January 22, 2016

'Conservative movement' parasites haven't made us more free while endlessly selling their books or being celebrities. They've been worthless for decades, and the people are better off without them-The Week, Jan. 2016, Dougherty

"What so frightens the conservative movement about Trump's success is that he reveals just how thin the support for their ideas really is. His campaign is a rebuke to their institutions. It says the Republican Party doesn't need all these think tanks, all this supposed policy expertise. It says look at these people calling themselves libertarians and conservatives, the ones in tassel-loafers and bow ties. Have they made you more free? Have their endless policy papers and studies 

and books conserved anything for you?  

These people are worthless.  

They are defunct. 

You don't need them, and 

you're better off without them.... 

The underlying trend has been around for at least 20 years, just waiting for the right man to come along and take advantage." (end of article) 

1/19/16, "How an Obscure Adviser to Pat Buchanan Predicted the Wild Trump Campaign in 1996," The Week, Michael Brendan Dougherty

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(parag. 14): "The huge infrastructure of the conservative movement in Washington D.C. is aghast at Trump, and calls him an economic illiterate for threatening China with tariffs. They can't understand that this is not primarily an economic measure, but a nationalist one. It's a signal to voters that one man is here to fight for them, not to school-marmishly tell them that capitalism is helping them when in fact it manifestly helps others a lot more. Trump has attracted his coalition of supporters among those who are the most-weakly attached to the Republican Party as an institution."...

(parag. 18): "The Trump phenomenon also seems global and inevitable. America's elite class belongs to a truly global class of elites. And everywhere in Europe that global class is being challenged."... 


In 1996 the so-called "Conservative Movement" was recognized as the massive parasite it remains in 2016: 

(5th parag. from end): (Written in 1996): "The hangers-on, direct-mail artists, fund-raising whiz kids, marketing and PR czars, and the rest of the crew that today constitutes the backbone of all that remains of the famous "Conservative Movement,"...never fail to show up on the campaign doorstep to guzzle someone else's liquor and pocket other people's money

"These people are defunct," I told him. "You don't need them, and you're better off without them. Go to New Hampshire and call yourself a patriot, a nationalist an America Firster."...[Chronicles] (from The Week, 5th parag. from end) 

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parag. 10, cites Jan. 2015 Atlantic article about US jobs:

"All the net new jobs created since November 2007 have gone to immigrants. Meanwhile, millions of native-born Americans, especially men, have abandoned the job market altogether. [The Atlantic]"...Jan. 2015, "Does Immigration Harm Working Americans?" The Atlantic, David Frum


2010 Codevilla article: US elites shock millions of Americans:

July-August 2010, "America’s Ruling Class--And the Perils of Revolution," Angelo M. Codevilla, American Spectator 

"The Political Divide"... (first subhead)

"While Europeans are accustomed to being ruled by presumed betters whom they distrust,

the American people's realization of being ruled like Europeans shocked this country into well nigh revolutionary attitudes. 

But only the realization was new. The ruling class had sunk deep roots in America over decades before 2008."...(begins 3rd parag. in subhead).


image from American Spectator

'Conservative Movement' plantation owners exemplified by former top aide to George W. Bush, now Washington Post columnist, Michael Gerson: 

1/18/16,  "For the Sake of the Republican Party, Both Trump and Cruz Must Lose," Washington Post, Michael Gerson, opinion

"For Republicans, the only good outcome of Trump vs. Cruz is for both to lose. The future of the party as the carrier of a humane, inclusive conservatism now depends on some viable choice beyond them....

Cruz represents the arrival of tea party ideology at the presidential level. He espouses a “constitutionalism” that would disqualify much of modern government, and a belief that Republican elites are badly, even mainly, at fault for accommodating cultural and economic liberalism....

A Trump-Clinton contest, however, is beginning to appear more winnable (particularly as Hillary Clinton appears more awkward and inept). “Donors,” one leading Republican figure told me, “are trying hard to get comfortable with Trump.” And Trump, without doubt, has improved his skills as a candidate. But here is the problem. Donors, analysts and media are naturally drawn to the horse-race aspect of politics: establishment vs. anti-establishment, insider vs. outsider. But Trump is proposing a massive ideological and moral revision of the Republican Party....It would be the anti-immigrant party; the party that blows up the global trading order."...  

"Until 2006, Gerson was a top aide to President George W. Bush as assistant to the president for policy and strategic planning. Prior to that appointment, he served in the White House as deputy assistant to the president and director of presidential speechwriting and assistant to the president for speechwriting and policy adviser.


Comment: "Blows up the global trading order?" Pal, it's your headache for converting the Republican Party into lobbyists. Millions of American voters paying your bills for endless wars et al. have more urgent concerns than "the global trading order." Starting with the fact that the US has no southern border and therefore isn't a country. A constantly changing land mass can't legally engage in "global trading agreements." As to the Republican Party, political candidates serious about running for national office must run as either Republican or Democrat. American voters are given the same two choices on election day. (Other than not voting). Concerns of millions of Republican voters should be more than enough to merit full time concern of the Republican business office. "Global trading agreements" are appropriate preoccupations for lobbyists-not for one of only two political parties whose voters are supposed to be its "clients." We are not peasants, nor are we subjects. Without asking if Americans were OK with being conquered, the Bush family, in particular, has for decades treated Americans as if we were Europeans Big mistake. We didn't agree to this. The "massive ideological and moral revision" Gerson's crowd enacted must be reversed. The Republican Plantation must end.



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