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Friday, January 1, 2016

Donald Trump at 33 leads Missouri poll, Dec. 18-19, 2015, Missouri Likely Republican Presidential Primary voters-Missouri Scout Poll by Remington Research

Trump 33
Cruz 23
Rubio 12
Carson 8
Bush 3
Christie 3
Fiorina 2
Paul 1
Kasich 1
Undecided 14

Above results to question: "If the Republican Primary Election for President of the United States were held today, for whom would you vote?" 

Dec. 18-19, 2015 poll, 1528 Missouri Likely Republican Primary Voters, automated telephone response

Dec. 2015, "Missouri Republican President 2015," Missouri Scout

From Missouri Scout:
"Q: In your opinion, what should be the President of the United States’ top priority?

Terrorism: 33%
Border Security: 14%
Deficit & Spending: 11%
National Security: 11%
Jobs & Economy: 9%
Immigration: 5%
Healthcare: 3%
Taxes: 1%"...

"Q: Which Republican candidate for President of the United States do you trust most on issues relating to national security and terrorism?

Donald Trump: 34%
Ted Cruz: 25%
Marco Rubio: 10%
Ben Carson: 6%
Jeb Bush: 6%
Chris Christie:4%
Carly Fiorina: 2%
Rand Paul: 2%
John Kasich: 1%
Undecided: 10%"...

"Q: Which Republican candidate for President of the United States do you trust most on issues relating to jobs and the economy?

Donald Trump: 49%
Ted Cruz: 14%
Marco Rubio: 8%
Ben Carson: 6%
Jeb Bush: 4%
Chris Christie: 2%
Carly Fiorina: 3%
Rand Paul: 2%
John Kasich: 2%
Undecided: 10%"...

Trump has wide support across the spectrum of Missouri Likely Republican Primary voters on jobs and the economy:

"Q: Which Republican candidate for President of the United States do you trust most on issues relating to jobs and the economy?

"Survey conducted December 18 through December 19, 2015. 1,528 likely Republican Presidential Primary voters participated in the survey. Survey weighted to match expected turnout demographics for the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary Election. Margin of Error is +/-2.6% with a 95% level of confidence. Totals do not always equal 100% due to rounding. Margins of Error within specific demographics (crosstabs) is significantly higher due to smaller sample size. Survey conducted by Remington Research Group on behalf of Missouri Scout."

Charts from Missouri Scout


Remington Research Group Methodology:

"IVR Technology

Remington Research Group conducts automated telephone surveys using Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

In addition to cost and time advantages, IVR technology has enabled us to poll more accurately. Remington Research Group utilizes the registered voter database with additional phone matches to reach likely voters. Calling only registered or likely voters gives us a much more accurate sample of the target demographics for political polling.


Our samples are based on the registered voter database. We find this method to be the most accurate for political purposes than random digit dialing.

Voter registration databases contain information on each individual voter including gender, party affiliation, age, address, precinct, municipality, county, districts, and voter history. In our surveys we can then select voters based on any of the registration criteria.

Remington Research Group confirms all demography and likely voter status during the survey. We take all steps necessary to ensure we are sampling correct to get an accurate portrayal of the election.


For polling to be reliable, the demographics of the sample must match the demographics of the turnout. To incorporate accurate demographic breakdowns Remington Research Group employs demographic weighting in all surveys. Remington Research Group samples more voters than any other firm in the country. Our sample sizes are large enough to execute our weighting strategy where the results are not skewed."


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