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Monday, May 2, 2016

On election eve, large Mexican flag in South Bend, Indiana, greets Trump ralliers in America's former heartland. Bernie Sanders supporter disappointed that fellow protesters used F word so much-Goshen News, 5/2/16. Crowd of 7500 rallied for Trump-South Bend Tribune

5/2/16, Mexican flag in in South Bend, Indiana, for Trump rally: "Protesters line St. Joseph Street in downtown South Bend before Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrived for a rally Monday night," Goshen News, Michael Wanbaugh.

From South Bend Tribune:

Crowd: "During a 48-minute speech before an estimated 7,500 spectators, including two overflow rooms."...

5/2/16, "Trump calls for historic vote in Indiana as he fires up South Bend rally," South Bend Tribune, Jeff Parrott

"Bolstered by recent endorsements from Indiana coaching legends Bobby Knight, Gene Keady, Lou Holtz and Digger Phelps, Trump drew the loudest cheers when he mentioned illegal immigrants and manufacturing job losses to low-wage countries.

At several points during his speech, the crowd started chanting “Build the Wall!”... 

Anti-Trump protesters lined St. Joseph Street, holding signs and hurling words that were often too profane to print....

Kraig Moss, 57, of Oswego, N.Y., was one of the people standing in a line that snaked along St. Joseph Street to the south entrance of the Century Center. He donned a cowboy hat and boots, and he carried a guitar that he used to entertain others in line with his original song, "Gonna Build a Wall."

"Make it tall and stone," he sang. "Make Mexico pay for it all."

Moss' bluesy baritone could be heard above the din of traffic and vendors walking the line to hawk Trump towels, T-shirts, pins and hats proclaiming the candidate's message to "Make America Great Again."

Those in line talked about their reasons for supporting Trump, from his pledges to strengthen the economy and create jobs, to his stance on illegal immigration.

"He's not a politician," one man said when asked why he's voting for Trump....

Trump also hammered on free trade that has cost American jobs. He railed against the North American Free Trade Agreement, signed into law by President Bill Clinton, and said the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership now before Congress will be worse, making “NAFTA look like a baby.”

If elected, he would only negotiate trade deals with one country at a time, and revoke them if they didn’t work out well for the United States, he said....

Trump supporter Kyle Resil, 24, of South Bend, arrived at the Century Center at 2 p.m. with a friend. He came away impressed.

I saw one of the greatest things of America tonight,” Resil said. “I saw our next president.
Asked what he liked, Resil said, “Everything. Everything. Building the wall, everything. I’m speechless.”

The event also drew Steve and Jeanne Mott, a married couple from LaPorte.

“I think he’s got some good deals going on and I like the way he’s handling it,” Jeanne Mott said. “He needs to do something about getting America back on track. It’s disgraceful, of what the government’s doing. There’s no jobs. We need something changed.”"... 


Added: Goshen News

"“I’m thoroughly disgusted with this protest, Barajas said. The fact that there are people out here shouting the F-word makes us look as ignorant as the Trump supporters.”...South Bend resident Aleta Barajas, a Bernie Sanders supporter....decided to roll up her poster board and call it quits before the rally officially began."...

5/2/16, "DECISION 2016: Trump tells South Bend crowd if he wins Indiana, ‘it’s over with’," Goshen News, Julie Crothers Beer   
"Republican presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump led supporters in South Bend Monday night with a similar message, touting his recent endorsements from Hoosier coaches such as Bobby Knight, a new poll that says he’s beating Hillary Clinton in Indiana and his recent landslide wins on the East Coast....

A crowd of several thousand people gathered inside the Century Center, cheering and chanting in support of Trump’s plans to build up the country’s military, take care of veterans, repeal Obamacare and “knock the hell out of ISIS.” Crowd estimates varied from 4,400 to 7,500.

But the loudest cheers from the audience of several thousand came when the billionaire real estate mogul vowed to protect the Second Amendment and to build a wall separating the United States and Mexico....

Trump also launched into a familiar attack of the “dishonest” media and “crooked” politicians before railing against his Republican opponent Ted Cruz.

“Lyin’ Ted does not have the temperament to be doing this. He’s sulking like a dog because he’s losing so badly,” Trump said. “…Lyin’ Ted. He lies like nobody can lie.”

With less than 12 hours remaining until today’s primary election, Trump also took time Monday night to encourage Hoosier voters to hit the polls and show their support during a year when Indiana matters.

“Usually by this time it’s over and this and that, but this time you folks belong where you belong — it’s called importantville,” Trump said....

"And we’re going to win. We’re going to keep winning. We’re going to win so much you’re going to beg me ‘Mr. President, please, please it’s too much winning. We can’t take it’."

Protesters aplenty

Trump’s approximately 45-minute speech came after several hours of protesting outside the venue.

“Vote Hillary!” a protester screamed over the sound of horns honking in agreement and a handful of Trump supporters shouting back in response....

Chants and cheers erupted often during the several hours leading up to Trump’s visit, sometimes turning to obscene language.

The negative message didn’t appeal to South Bend resident Aleta Barajas, a Bernie Sanders supporter, who decided to roll up her poster board and call it quits before the rally officially began.

“I’m thoroughly disgusted with this protest,” Barajas said. 

“The fact that there are people out here shouting the F-word makes us look as ignorant as the Trump supporters.”

Across the street, Alan Domke, of South Bend, aimed his camera phone toward the protest, shaking his head in disgust as the chants continued.

“It’s worrisome,” said Granger resident and Trump supporter Ben Reck as he watched protesters across St. Joseph Street as he waited to enter the Century Center.

There’s a big culture difference from one side to the other,” Reck said, commenting on the mostly silent line of Trump supporters waiting in line in contrast to the shouting from across the street. “But the thing about Trump is you either like him or you don’t.”"


5/2/16, "Photos: Trump rally in South Bend," South Bend Tribune 
Entertainment waiting in line

Indiana Coach Digger Phelps endorses Trump

Signs at Trump rally

Trump addresses rallyers


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