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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Secret service protect Bernie Sanders from protesters who rushed toward him in Oakland, California on Mon., May 30-Daily Mail

5/30/16, Bernie Sanders rally

May 30, 2016, "Secret Service rush stage to save Bernie as four animal rights activists jump barricades at Oakland rally," Daily Mail, by Kalhan Rosenblatt
  • "Bernie Sanders is campaigning in California ahead of the June 7 primary
  • During a stop in Oakland, four people rushed the stage Sanders was on
  • An animal rights group claimed responsibility for the demonstration
  • Secret Service stepped in to protect the senator who was unharmed 
  • The animal activists were detained but it is unclear if they were arrested"
"Members of an animal rights group took responsibility for rushing the stage at a Bernie Sanders rally in Oakland on Monday, causing Secret Service to jump in and protect the presidential candidate.

Sanders is campaigning in California ahead of the primary of June 7.

Secret Service hugged a flustered Sanders to get him out of the way of the activists who stormed the stage."...

Image caption: "Secret Service were forced to step in and tackle the protesters while ensuring the Vermont senator's safety," AFP Getty


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