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Thursday, May 5, 2016

To this country's great embarrassment, donor class Speaker Paul Ryan has placed his imprimatur on a full decade with no federal budget. GOP pal Obama has never had a single day in office with a fed. budget. Globalists need a guy with no conscience and Ryan filled the bill with his wimpy performance on the global stage in 2012 supposedly running for US VP

5/5/16, "Tripwire Alert – Arrogant Speaker Paul Ryan Refuses To Support Donald Trump," tcth, sundance

"Thanks to Paul Ryan"

"Thanks entirely to the UniParty President Obama has never had a single day in office with a federal budget. The last federal budget was signed into law in September of 2007 by George W Bush. Speaker Ryan passed the most recent Omnibus spending bill to avoid the concern with a federal budget, and recently announced he would not attempt to organize a fiscal year 2017 budget. That's an entire decade without a federal budget....

Paul Ryan, like speaker Boehner before him, is part of the professional UniParty agenda. Together with minority democrats Ryan has advanced, and funded, every aspect of President Obama’s overall agenda. Ultimately, this synergy between Democrats, Republicans and the White House is what’s called the UniParty in DC. A singular oppositional force entirely against the will of the majority electorate outside of the DC beltway."...



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