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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Latinos against Hillary Clinton rally in Los Angeles, say NAFTA Free Trade Agreement passed by her husband caused suffering for Mexico, many had to leave their communities to survive, Clinton too capitalist, prefer Bernie-La Opinion, May 5, 2015

"And her husband [President Bill Clinton] started the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and for that reason our people in Mexico, is suffering a lot and have to leave their communities to survive."

5/5/16, "'Get out of East Los Angeles!' Protesters shout Hillary Clinton," La Opinion, by Araceli Martínez Ortega (google translation) 

"Holding protests outside the East Los Angeles Community College against the visit of the Democratic presidential candidate."
Hillary Go home!", "Hillary out of East Los Angeles!", "Depórtenla!", "Hillary listen, we are in the fight!".

  These were just some phrases loudly chanted hundreds of protesters who came to the Community College East Los Angeles where yesterday afternoon presented the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
"You are completely ignorant if I say you believe that Hillary supports Latinos. That is pure propaganda!, she shouted enraged one of which took the microphone during the noisy demonstration in waving Mexican flags alongside US. 
There were students, teachers, parents of families with their children on their shoulders, immigrants born in the country who gathered in the Belvedere park, a few blocks from the school. Blankets, banners and signs of rejection of the view of the former first lady, marched to settle in front of the entrance to the campus.
Many were supporters of the Democratic candidate for the presidency, Bernie Sanders, others were independent. Some were of the Union del Barrio organization, other Mexa group of East Los Angeles and other organizations Community College. Fans in both the Democratic and orderly they made a long line to enter the auditorium of the East Los Angeles Community College. 

"No support Hillary for its record. Its capitalist policies have killed innocent people all over the world. And her husband [President Bill Clinton] started the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and for that reason our people in Mexico, is suffering a lot and have to leave their communities to survive. And also because it supports the Monsanto company that produces the modified seed and we are seeing more cancer in the community , "said Fatima Garcia who came from Santa Maria to protest Clinton's visit.
Jonathan Garza lined up to enter the event with a hand sign of rejection.
"I want to see if they let me ask. I do not support it because I feel it does not tell us the truth , " Garza, a follower of another presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said.
The Mexican immigrant Saul Alejo, Boyle Heights resident for 40 years, teacher and student a career in solar energy, arrived with his son on his shoulders.... 

"...I'm worried because my son is 4 years old and would like to have opportunities. And it very difficult to see a president like Hillary that is very capitalist," he said. 
Another immigrant Concepción Gómez, Boyle Heights resident said he asked one day break from work to attend a demonstration against his visit.
"We are part of the resistance group Immigrants States that do not support Hillary, and Bernie Sanders are with and believe it is the best choice for immigrants, young people and families , " he said.
Except for some minor confrontations between supporters of Hillary and Bernie, until press time, they had not submitted clashes between police and passionate followers of Sanders.
The demonstration was watched by agents on foot, by members of the RCMP and from the sky by a helicopter."
Image caption: "Several people expressed their rejection of the presence of the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, in East Los Angeles. / Aurelia Ventura"


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