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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

In 2016, Mexico's Carlos Slim remains richest person in Latin America. In 2014, Mexico was home to 16 billionaires

As of May 2016: Mexico's Carlos Slim lost 35 percent of his fortune in 2015, but at $50 billion he's still Latin America's richest:

May 2, 2016, "Despite losses, Latin America’s billionaires were better prepared for crisis,"

"Latin America’s billionaires were better prepared for the current economic slowdown in the region. The continuous drop in their fortune since its peak in 2013 is still smaller than the steep fall during the 2008-2009 crisis....

This is not to say that there were no casualties in 2013-2015. In fact there were heavy losses. Recession and economic difficulties led to many losing their status as billionaires (from 100 in 2015 to 69 in 2016). In Brazil there were 22 such cases
, as the country continues to struggle with an impeachment process against President Dilma Rousseff and an investigation in the state oil firm Petrobras, which has unraveled into a wider probe and led to the arrest of politicians and business leaders.

Individually, one of the hardest hit last year was Carlos Slim, who lost 35 percent of his fortune during 2015, going from $77.1 billion to $50 billion, according to Latin Trade’s most recent Top Billionaires ranking. Although he is still well ahead of the ranking’s number two, Jorge Paulo Lemann."...


As of March 2015: Mexico's Carlos Slim remains richest man in all of  Latin America:

3/13/2015, "Latin America's top billionaires,"

"Although the number of billionaires also declined, from 113 in 2014 to 100 in 2015, the number for this year remains well above the 31 registered just five years ago.

While many of the region’s wealthiest have begun to suffer the impact of lackluster business and the US dollar’s strength in their net worth, Mexican telecoms and retail mogul Carlos Slim not only manages to remain Latin America’s richest person, but increased his fortune by 7 percent, to $77.1 billion.

Slim also remains the world’s second richest [as of 2015]."...


As of March 2014: Mexico's telecom magnate Carlos Slim remains the richest person in Latin America. He was one of Mexico's 16 billionaires in 2014:

March 19, 2014, "Meet The Richest Billionaires In Latin America," Forbes, Dan Alexander

"Carlos Slim HelĂș lost his spot atop our world billionaires list this year, but the Mexican telecom magnate is still the richest in Latin America — by $52.3 billion.

There are 114 billionaires in Latin America worth a total of $440 billion. (Mexico) Slim’s $72 billion fortune gives him a secure lead ahead of No. 2 Jorge Paulo Lemann, a Brazilian private equity giant worth $19.7 billion....

Brazil is home to 65 billionaires, more than any other country in the region. The third-richest man in Latin America, Brazilian Joseph Safra, built a $16 billion banking empire that has nearly doubled in value over the last five years....

Mexico has the second-most billionaires in Latin America with 16, and Chile has 11. Chile’s richest person, Iris Fontbona, inherited mining assets from her late husband and now shares a $15.5 billion fortune with the rest of her immediate family, making her the fourth-richest in the region. Her net worth is equivalent to 6% of Chile’s GDP."...


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