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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wall in Mexico City separates rich from poor. Slums littered with plastic, covered with corrugated scrap. 46% of Mexicans live in poverty, subject to flooding with raw sewage if they even have plumbing-July 2014 aerial photo

7/17/2014, "Photos From Above That Show The Insane Divide Between Rich And Poor,", Sydney Brownstone

"It took two helicopter trips to do it, but the results were unmistakable. Photographer Oscar Ruiz's aerial images revealed two Mexico Cities: One a bright postcard full of satellite dishes and manicured lawns, and the other a set of slums, littered with plastic and covered by corrugated scrap. Sometimes, only a high, thin wall separated the two. 
Nearly 46% of Mexico's population lives in poverty, and the country has one of the highest income inequality rates in the world. In Mexico City, the poorest of the megacity's 20 million people don't have plumbing, and their homes are subject to flooding with raw sewage. But you might not be able to tell, judging by the luxury condos just next door. Both conditions were unavoidable when Ruiz shot them from above in Mexico City's Santa Fé district for ad agency Publicis."...


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