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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Zombie is back with lots of photos of Trump Derangement Syndrome, April 29, 2016, in Burlingame, California, at RNC conference. Haters in Burlingame didn't get the publicity they deserved since they were the day after Costa Mesa riots. Get ready for Summer of Hate

4/29/16, Burlingame, Ca.

May 9, 2016, "Inside the Anti-Trump Circus: Here Comes the Summer of Hate," Zombie, PJ Media

"Photo Report on Trump Derangement Syndrome"

"Wherever Donald Trump goes, protests follow. The media is only interested in these protests when violence or riots erupt — "If it bleeds, it leads" remains the guiding principle of the national press. But if a protest passes more or less peacefully, as most do, the media tends to ignore it — which is a tragedy, because this dismissiveness hides the sobering reality that 2016's anti-Trump protests, even when nonviolent, have already escalated into kaleidoscopic circuses of unhinged hysteria.

This report reveals what a typical anti-Trump protest is really like, in all its bizarre end-times glory, for once setting aside who punched whom or which window got smashed.

The protest under analysis here took place on April 29 outside the California Republican Convention where Trump was speaking at a Hyatt Regency in the city of Burlingame. Never heard of it? That's unsurprising: This event was largely overshadowed by an anti-Trump riot the previous night in southern California. No riots erupted in Burlingame, so the national press mostly ignored it — although a couple outlets exaggerated the protest's few minor incidents so they could claim it was "violent" nonetheless.

But that doesn't mean the Burlingame protest was any less important than the previous night's riot — nor are any of the nonviolent Trump protests less significant than the violent ones. Each and every protest is a carnival of narratives, incidents, themes and lessons. Yes, violence is one narrative, but it's not the only one, and not necessarily the most important one. As we are about to learn....

Want to experience the 2016 political season on a personal, visceral level? Read on. I'll be your guide.

Protest Outside Donald Trump's Appearance at the California Republican Convention, April 29, 2016

Scariest Moment:







Above, "This Trump detractor (on the left) lunged at an unsuspecting young Trump supporter (wearing the backpack on the right) and had to be physically restrained. As far as I witnessed, the Trump supporter had neither said a word nor done anything to provoke such an outburst, other than a few minutes earlier silently declare his support for Trump by standing near a small band of pro-Trump protesters. I guess simply being pro-Trump is justification enough to have your safety threatened....













"A close-up reveals that the sign is sprinkled with crudely drawn "fuck you" fingers and erect penises, interspersed with hearts and peace symbols. All of these, in the new moral framework, are equally righteous. It is just as praiseworthy to hate hate as it is to love love. But wait —if you hate hate, then wouldn't you also hate your own hatred of hate? The answer is no, because when you (as a left-winger) hate something, that actually counts as an act of love. By definition. This is not the first time such circular cognitive dissonance has appeared in various societies, but what distinguishes the self-congratulatory moral preening of 2016 is that now, instead of demonstrating its superiority by being high-minded, it is intentionally and brutishly vulgar and juvenile. This is a moral philosophy in which you can scream at your opponents, "Suck my dick! Love wins! Fuck you! Peace and love!" and feel absolutely consistent in your messaging. In fact, the venom embedded within vulgarity is what gives the message its extra power: expressing your hate/love politely or in grown-up terms would be far less effective.

This manner of thinking and communicating is not limited to this sign, of course, which is the whole point: Such attitudes and behavior have now completely consumed modern politics. In the real world, online, in the media -- vein-popping hatred and violence in the name of universal love is now accepted uncritically. And as the 2016 campaign heats up, it's only going to get more intense. If 1967 was the Summer of Love, 2016 will be the Summer of Hate."...




 "Decapitating Trump in effigy."














 "Several members of the paramilitary wing of the Aztlan/Reconquista movement, formerly known as "the Brown Berets" but apparently recently rebranded as "La Causa," patrolled the rally."...

"Any remnant of social decorum or polite debate was long gone — some of the leftists almost immediately snatched the signs away from the young men"...

"Things started to get violent when one of the leftists (the woman with the ponytail) cocked her arm back and took a swing at one of the young men standing silently with the Trump contingent. I heard a "Smack!" but didn't manage to capture the moment of impact. The youth himself just stood there dazed afterwards, remaining silent, but the guy with the beard was outraged: "What the hell is the matter with you?" he yelled at the grinning woman. She was completely unapologetic, and seemed sincerely mystified as to how anyone could criticize her behavior. I couldn't make out her exact words over the hubbub, but the gist of her defense was, "That guy looked smug; he has white privilege; he's a fascist; so naturally I slapped the smug off his face. What's the problem?"...


"My all-time least favorite protest group, "Queers for Palestine," made their first appearance in quite a while."...





Below, "The Trump Economic Boom Has Already Begun"

"Incredibly, by his mere looming presence, Donald Trump is already stimulating the economy, as entrepreneurs rush to capitalize on the intense Trump-hatred sweeping the nation:




"These inspirational young businessmen made HUUUGE profits with their "Throw an Egg at Trump" booth. Notice how they instinctively followed Trump's capitalist philosophy by offering a discount ($5) for large-volume purchases (three eggs)....Will someone set up "Throw an Egg at Trump" franchises at other protests?"...


Added: More great Zombie photos from 4/29/16 Burlingame, Calif., anti-Trump protest at link. Above is a sampling.





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