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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Oregon general election voters give edge to Trump over Hillary, 44-42. Among Oregon Independent voters Trump has massive lead over Hillary, 53-26, May 10-13, 2016 poll-Clout Research

Poll dates, May 10-13, 2016. 657 likely Oregon voters in general election, live interviews on land lines and cell phones, error margin 3.82.

Trump 44
Hillary 42  

Oregon Independent voters:

Trump 53
Hillary 26

May 2016, "Oregon General Election Voters Give Edge to Trump over Hillary; Support for Billion-Dollar Tax Hike Weak," Clout Research, Fritz Wenzel

"Re: Oregon Statewide Survey of General Election voters:" 

"The survey of Oregon voters statewide showed that, in a prospective General Election match-up between presumptive Republican Party nominee Donald Trump and likely Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton, Trump leads by a small margin, 44% to 42%, with 13% yet undecided. 
The Trump lead is statistically insignificant, but shows the Oregon electorate is deeply split about the direction in which the country should move. Both candidates have solidified much of their own political bases, winning about four of every five partisans, but Trump has a massive lead among Oregon independent voters, winning 53% support compared to just 26% support among independents for Clinton. Another 21% of independents said they are yet undecided....

The telephone survey included a sample of 423 landline respondents and 234 respondents in cell phone-only households.


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